Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Astro Forecast 1/6-1/12

The long dreaded and anticipated second week of January is finally here and the stage has been set globally for some major shifts within government to take place. Just writing about this weeks transits began giving me some tinges of anxiety, so I apologize in advance if this is too much information to handle all at once, I have to say, it is kind of why I have been avoiding writing about it for most of 2019. If you follow lots of other astrologers who are a lot better than me at building their online content (HA) you may have been hearing a lot about the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction hitting in 2020. Well that conjunction is finally here, and happening on the 12th of this week. But before the conjunction hits, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on the 10th, which is adding more intensity to the conjunction on the 12th. It is important for me to note, that we have already been experiencing the energy of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as both planets have been within a 5 degree orb since November. When the orb of influence gets smaller, and the planets are at the exact same degree point, that is when we can expect something major to happen, but at the same time, when planets are within an orb of influence, especially within 5 degrees of each other, we may begin seeing the influence of that conjunction, which I think we have based on what has been happening politically around the world at this time.

Why focus on politics for this conjunction? Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn and represents structures and authorities that are often representative of people in politics, business, and government. Pluto, while associated with transformation, death, and financial systems, is also associated with power, which means that the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction in Capricorn has a large emphasis on the restructuring and dismantling of people or systems of power, especially when it comes to politics, government, business, and financial structures. This can all be relevant to us on a personal level but will have more to do with wherever we have Capricorn in our charts. Saturn also shares a relationship to representing our parental structures, or ancestral karma and so within our own lives, our family structures, home life, and financial situation could change or transform dramatically during this time.

Our Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in Cancer will not only be represented in opposition to the Sun, but also will be in opposition to Mercury, Saturn , and Pluto that day!

Eclipses are intense times for activating major changes that ripple out over the next 2-6 months. With the Moon, Sun and Mercury a part of this Saturn/Pluto energy, we can see a lot of media regarding what is happening in the world during this time. On a personal level we will want to see where we have both Cancer and Capricorn in our birth charts as these are the areas in our lives where the most change will be activated this year, especially over the next 6th months.

I am sure you have also been seeing a lot of talk about how we are in a 4 year, which is the year of The Emperor in the Tarot. I would say, based on astrology that this is the year of The Emperor reversed, as we are dismantling what The Emperor represents in many ways, not just within ourselves, but within our own government and structures around the world. The Emperor is ruled by Aries as well as Saturn. Mars ( Aries ruler) will be in Aries from August - December this year and will amp up a lot of drive, determination, and willpower to achieve what we set out to do over the last half of the year.

Cardinal energy is a big theme this year, activation, initiation, and starting a new cycle.

Announcement! I am moving to Yucca Valley!

For everyone who follows me on Instagram, you all may have seen my announcement that this month is my last month living in Oakland! After over 8 wonderful years living in the Bay Area, I will finally be following my dreams to live in the Mojave Desert and begin planting firm roots into the community of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree.

This move is something I have been trying to manifest into my life over the last 6 or so years. I never wanted to stay in the Bay Area as long as we did and I flip flopped between wanting to move back to Oregon, or forward to Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, or New Orleans. After much discussion over the past 4 years with my husband, we finally started making concrete plans to move to Joshua Tree/ Yucca Valley.

In 2018 we bought 10 acres of land in Joshua Tree that we wish to build our dream home on, and this past December we bought a house in Yucca Valley closer to where both of us will be working. We hope to live in this house over the next decade while we get ourselves in a place where we are able to build on our 10 acres.

I will be reading Tarot / Astrology full time in Yucca Valley, and opening a business with another astrologer. I am not able to announce all of the details of that yet, but keep an eye out for that announcement in the next few weeks or so.

So much change has happened in such a short period in my life since November, that I can attest to the very real effects of these astrological transits hitting during this time. As someone who has been actively studying astrology for what is now my 4th year, I can relate everything I have gone through in my life to astrological transits. This is what inspires me to continue studying and practicing the art of astrology, and I hope it inspires you as well.

Tarot Cards for the week:

Death, The Emperor RX, The Tower, The Devil, The World, 4 of pentacles, The Chariot, 4 of Cups, Knight of Cups, Page of Cups, Ace of Cups, 5 of Swords, 10 of Swords

(All times are Pacific)

Monday 1/6

Moon V/C in Taurus 4:08 AM

Moon enters Gemini 6:11 PM

Moon sextile Chiron in Aries 9:24 PM

Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces 10:21 PM

Moon opposition Mars in Sagittarius 11:05 PM

With the Moon exalted and void of course in Taurus for the first half of the day, we may benefit from finding ways to stay grounded and productive, but not in a way that is fast paced or rushed. We benefit from slowly chipping away at things and staying level headed. It might be easy for us to feel in tune with our goals and dreams today when our Sun makes a nice sextile to Neptune in Pisces. We could feel like the vision we have for who we are aiming to be is coming to light and we are feeling at harmony with our dreams and goals. The Moon in Gemini during the last half of the day, and over the next couple days, can ramp up our thinking process. We may be prone to anxiety over the next couple days if we do not have healthy ways of processing our thoughts. This is not a good time to worry or think about what could go wrong. Try to utilize this mental energy in a positive way by putting it to use, get things done and apply your mind in strategic ways that propel you towards your goals.

Tuesday 1/7

Moon in Gemini

Mars in Sagittarius inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 12:13 AM

Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 9:28 AM

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Capricorn 11:49 PM

Lots of tension today around our ability to move things forward the way we want to. We may feel like we are limited by our reality right now, or that changes are taking place too fast for what is comfortable. When Mars and Uranus are in a harsh aspect to each other, this is a warning to be extra careful as we are more prone to accidents or hurting ourselves if we are not careful. This is not a good day to rush anything. Slow down and try to find healthier ways of expelling tense energy.

Wednesday 1/8

Moon in Gemini

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces 5:03 AM

Moon inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn 11:04 AM

Moon inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn 11:40 AM

Moon V/C trine Venus in Aquarius 2:16 PM

Manifestation energy is high today with our Mercury in a harmonious sextile to Neptune. We could find ourselves prone to daydreaming over the next couple days, but because Mercury is in Capricorn, we may be able to stay realistic and practical about our dreams. We still need to be mindful to hold a healthy level of discernment right now and not get too caught up in illusions. We could find ourselves also having some anxiety around our plans, if you find yourself in worry mode, write down things you can do to chip away at what needs to get done by making a list for the coming weeks.

We could also feel like we need to communicate our emotional process with friends or loved ones in the afternoon hours and it may be helpful to get another perspective today.

Thursday 1/9

Moon enters Cancer 12:43 AM

Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus 5:23 AM

Moon inconjunct Mars in Sagittarius 8:09 AM

Moon opposition Jupiter in Capricorn 4 PM

With the Moon dignified in Cancer, we may feel like we are extra in tune to the needs/energies of others. This is a time for self care and mindfulness of our emotional body. We benefit from working in some rest time amidst the chaos of these intense times right now. This is not a time to take on too much or over do. Be mindful with our you are expending energy.

Friday 1/10

Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 5:19 AM

Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn 7:19 AM

Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer 11:21 AM

Moon opposition Mercury in Capricorn 11:33 AM

Moon opposition Saturn in Capricorn 3:43 PM

Moon V/C opposition Pluto in Capricorn 3:58 PM

Uranus stations direct in Taurus 5:49 PM

Moon V/C inconjunct Venus in Aquarius 11:12 PM

Today our Lunar Eclipse in Cancer hits at 20 degrees and makes an Opposition to Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. We also have our Sun and Mercury making a conjunction in Capricorn. This is an intense time for letting go of ancestral karma and emotional baggage we may be holding onto that is related to our family. This is an extremely transitional and powerful time for dismantling old structures and emotional patterns within ourselves. This is a perfect day for ritual. We are focusing on releasing and letting go of emotional baggage that is not benefiting us.

Saturday 1/11

Moon enters Leo 4:16 AM

Moon trine Chiron in Aries 7:20 AM

Moon square Uranus in Taurus 8:43 AM

Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius 1:54 PM

Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 7:43 PM

When the Moon is in Leo, our need for connection, love, and validation is heightened. We may be forced to face parts of ourselves this weekend that are prideful, or insecure. We benefit from facing our ego and being honest with ourselves on what our deepest desires are, and whether we are making positive choices in life, or if we are making our choices from a place of insecurity and need for approval from the outside world. Where do we seek praise and acknowledgement from our peers? What social structures do we buy into? Are we living in line with our values and belief systems?

Sunday 1/12

Moon in Leo

Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 1:51 AM

Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 2:14 AM

Moon inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 7:50 AM

Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 8:59 AM

Moon inconjunct Sun in Capricorn 5:23 PM

Moon inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn 6:12 PM

Moon inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn 6:15 PM

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Capricorn 8:13 PM

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction hits today, with Mercury also in the mix. We can expect some huge transformations within government, political structures, financial structures, and family structures. This will play out in many ways for all of us collectively and personally. With the Moon inconjunct these transits, in Leo, we can expect our pride and self confidence to be at an all time low during this transition. Check yourself before you wreck yourself and make a note of what changes are occuring for you in your life at this time, as you will be feeling the effects of these changes for years to come.

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