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Are You Ready for a Soulvolution?

Full Moon Taurus 8° 38’

October 31 at 7:48 am pst

1 November at 1:49 am aest

A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree




Disruption of the status quo

Embracing decay

Happy full moon lovelies! Full moon in Taurus comes in with electrifying energy this year and shocks us out of the mundane routines. Full moons offer us opportunity to let go of stagnant energy and if you have been following the moon’s cycles for a while you have come to appreciate these cycles of birth and death that the moon lays host to. The moon gets most of our attention during the time of a full moon, but we have to consider the Sun’s position also because without the sun we wouldn’t have the beautiful nighttime show that the moon reflects for us. Polarity is one of the universal laws that govern how we perceive ourselves in reality around us and that law of polarity is manifest in the relationship between our sun and moon. By documenting and witnessing how the two dance in the sky with one another, we can find insights into how our human psyche creates a direct reflection of this cosmic flow. The sun as our egoic self, and the moon is our emotional identity have a relationship in and of their own accord. When we don’t feel completely at ease, like something is ‘off’ or we become anxious, it’s because there is an aspect between the egoic self and the emotional self that are not in alignment with one another. The relationship between planets and luminaries can affect how we feel at ease or dis-ease. In astrological speak, this shows up in the astrology charts as a square (90° angle) or an opposition (180° angle) between two planets. During the full moon, the sun and moon are in opposition and we learn to balance between the needs of both the ego and emotional self. The polarity between Scorpio and Taurus is an intense one of letting go, shame, possessions and our relationship to resources. The moon in Taurus reflects the sun’s light in Scorpio, illuminating where we have tendencies of holding on to something long past its expiration date. You know that feeling when you start to accumulate a mass of stuff and it becomes difficult to see or appreciate the valuable items that you own because they’re buried underneath dollar store chochkis from New Year’s Eve 2009? Welcome full moon in Taurus. Time to clean out the cobwebs of not only your bedroom drawers but also your inner psyche of the leftover party favors from the past.

This full moon in Taurus has an unexpected, larger than life guest that maybe weren’t invited but are here none the less. Uranus takes center stage with an exact aspect to the moon and sun, creating unexpected changes and mix ups to the plans we thought we had in place. Uranus works to uproot what has been rooted and not only is this planet completely altering the way in which we navigate full moon energy, it is retrograde in motion so the expression of this planet is felt tenfold internally and can erupt in unexplained emotional abnormalities. For those who work to channel from the ethereal plane, the Uranian influences over this already psychic time can harness this vortex of energy to gain insights and knowledge from deeply uncharted places. Floating through the galactic web of emotions elicit some extraterrestrial moments. Feeling alienated from the self and completely emotionally disconnected can concern the ones who rely on feeling their way through a situation (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). The concern is real but there is a divine purpose to all and considering this, the question then becomes how does one harness this electricity to one’s own benefit? Study what in your life has become dreary and unbearably dull. Look around the house and also look within, where have you been craving more excitement? The moon’s direct connection with Uranus shines the light on where in our lives we are unwilling to conform any longer. Some may even feel a strong instinct to radically change their positions from the family’s tradition or to go back to a family tradition that has been long gone. The need to change appearances and diets is not unheard of during a strong Uranus transit. The tension the moon and sun create through their opposing positions in the sky are showing us what has been latent and dormant within. Be open to the changes that are happening no matter how radical they may be.

Surreal Zodiac by Vasko Taskovski

What makes something radical? The first definition of radical via Miriam Webster: “of, relating to, or proceeding from a root”. The way we use the word today relates to extreme changes, what sometimes seems like a big evolutionary step in human thinking is just a repurposing of old root ideas. Meaning that oftentimes we think that we are making radical discoveries only to find that it stems from a fundamental ideology that exists naturally within the core of existence. Here is an example. In our modern society, when the concept of separating what we threw away from what we can recycle came about in the 1960’s it was a radical idea that was meant to change our behavior to waste but in reality, recycling materials is a concept as old as time. There was no need to recycle because the concept wasn’t separate from what people did naturally, which was to preserve the materials they had by repurposing or fixing it. Food waste dissolves and turns into nutrient rich soil. Fabric made of natural materials can be reused by sewing it into a quilt. There was even a way to reuse glass by fixing the cracks. The concept of one-time use didn’t exist in the early 20th century because all materials were precious and meant to be used time and time again until it faded into dust. Where do we need to tighten the bootstraps and preserve energy for the coming months ahead? Taurus teaches us how to hold on to what we value the most by re-evaluating its purpose in our lives. The full moon in Taurus is dubbed the Earth Mother’s Moon by Raven Kaldera and this is because this moon teaches us that earth is all sustaining. The earth provides us with everything we need as long as our needs are in line with what the environment provides. Uranus offers us solutions to any financial, self-sustaining problems we may find ourselves in now. There has been a radical shift in who “owns” the majority of earth’s resources and the grand populace is well aware of this. While we are pushed towards exploring old concepts of recycling materials in the name of resourcefulness, the scrutinizing eye lays rest on the ones who have put us in this predicament.

“Uranus retrograde transits provoke an internal revolution against systems that no longer support holistic survival” – Erin Sullivan, Retrograde Planets, Traversing the Inner Landscape

Sexuality is synonymous with the Scorpio and Taurus axis. The sacral chakra becomes activated through sensuality and touch. Ruled by Venus, Taurus shows us how we either accept or reject acts of sensual pleasure. The wildness of the full moon opens up divine blessings to indulge in what fuels our physical needs. There is power in pleasure and it is no secret that the Scorpio / Taurus axis is the human condition which enlightens us to our animalistic and sometimes hedonistic desires. The need to consume comes out of nowhere and that Uranian disconnect can come as a surprise when we find ourselves knee deep in a vat of cookie dough, deer in the headlights like we just woke up from a coma. How did this ice cream get here? See what happens when there is a detachment to the physical self? We have a hard time realizing when enough is enough with full moon energy. We focus now on how we treat our bodies and its needs. Have you been taking care of your vessel? Have you been giving love to your body? Exploration in tantra, sex rituals and deep shadow work is a positive past time for this particular moon cycle. We can liberate ourselves from the bounding forces of gravity through exploring divine sexuality alone and with another (with consent of course). Our sexuality isn’t just meant for reproduction. It’s a wellspring of power that is often not tapped into. It connects us to our ancestral past through our blood (mars ruled Scorpio), which is where the body’s intelligence is stored. Our bodies contain the memories of our ancestors and when we are disconnected from the physicalness of our being it can cause a sense of disconnect from where we came from. Rituals around honoring the dead, death, decay and grounding during Scorpio season supports a healthy balance between who we are earth side and beyond the veil. There is a reason why during Scorpio season we are prone towards the spooky, the haunted and the paranormal. Many cultures explicitly celebrate the dead and loved ones who have passed during this time because in the norther hemisphere the sun meets with death during its entrance into the constellation Scorpio. In the Southern hemisphere however, the sun is celebrated for being reborn from the “underworld”, or the northern hemisphere.

Uranian visions of a world of free love and pleasure, where all beings’ needs are met by a self-sustaining political system is an Aquarian vision to be fond of. Social structures that aid in maintaining all needs is a utopian dream. Can these ideas come to fruition? With Chiron traveling through the individualistic sign of Aries, the possibility of seeing all humans unified as one working organism is at best a pipe dream for the time being. It is not the way we are meant to experience the human condition but through our disconnection with the collective consciousness, we crave conformity with those who share our worldviews. This creates the need for folks to move to regions that support their way of living socially and politically. If these lockdowns have you re-considering who you share a community with, you’re not alone. Taurus is an earth sign and governs portions of how landmass is utilized, with Uranus in this position for the next 5 years we will continue to see human migration creating new micro-communities.

The evolution of the times we are in should be called The Great Re-volution because we are just reverting back to where we were eons ago. Time is cyclical. Energy never dies, it is repurposed through the process of decay and we are here to harness our wellspring of power through unlocking our true essence with radical self-love.

Full Moon in Taurus Mantras

I love my body

I am permitted to feel pleasure

My ancestors live within me

All of my needs are forever met from now into eternity

I let go of that which no longer serves me

Evelyn Zuel


Co-owner of The Mystic Parlor

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