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Full Moon Scorpio ~ Release the Shame

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Full Moon in Scorpio 17° 20’

May 7, 2020 at 3:34 am pst

May 7, 2020 at 8:46 pm aest


Has become the year of big changes on so many levels it’s difficult to quantify. If there is anything we can rely on at this point in or lives, it is that the Sun and the Moon will always rise and set with each passing day. Our divine mother and father that light up our skies continually keep us in their daily motion, offering consistency and reassurance. The Sun and Moon move through their rhythms like clockwork. All we can know, from our human perspective is that we are a part of a bigger cycle that doesn’t differentiate between our individual wants and desires. This cycle watches us in the form of the Universe from above as we evolve collectively, it sees us as one hive minded species just waiting for us to realize the same truths. That we are magical beings and that when unified can shift consciousness to great heights. Every year around this time we experience the moon in her fullest expression, situated in the sign Scorpio and it will remain as such for many eons to come. Even as the Earth changes and the mountains move, the Sun will always rise and fall, every day. What does change however is the dynamic relationships between the planets, the gods have their own parties that we’re not always privy to but can feel on a subconscious level. This year’s Scorpio Full Moon brings with it a powerful opportunity to step into our sexual powers without shame and to tie the gap between how we associate pain and pleasure.

Our Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th is helping us to release shame, guilt and discomfort with being vulnerable and to open us up to our sensuality. The Sun has been grounded in Taurus since April 19th and met up with the torrential planet Uranus, this relationship is activating our awareness of how interconnected humans are with the planet earth. For the New Moon in Taurus we talked about planting seeds (literal and figurative) to cultivate self-reliance. Venus and Mars continue to urge us in connecting with one another as much as we can which has been mostly on in the form of intellect for the last month. Venus in communicative Gemini and Mars in radical Aquarius are opening up pathways for us to connect with each other in new and ingenious ways. We quite literally are telepathically in communication almost nonstop. Of course, our phones cannot compare to the physiological responses in our bodies that we get from human to human contact but due to the physical distancing of our bodies, we now see the need for touch and sensual connectivity.

Enter Scorpio

The queen of seduction, tempest and provocative psychic. Those born under the sign Scorpio know what it means to go deep with someone. They crave intense emotional connection because for them if it doesn’t feel real unless it hurts. They live to see transformation within a human soul before their very eyes and thus will poke and prod until they witness any glimmer of change. Moon in Scorpio brings this intensity to how we emote our soul. We are working with energy that is allowing for deep transformations with our emotional selves. The shadow side of Scorpio conjures up feelings of jealousy for those who seemingly have what you don’t. Whether it be a lover, a house, the clothes or personality, there is a very real human emotion that resides within some to possess what others have. Jealousy exists for a reason and if every feeling is valid then we must explore why or where we feel that expression so that we can overcome it and let it go. Put on your detective thinking cap for this cycle and really plunge into the inner crevasses of your psyche.

" This year’s Scorpio Full Moon brings with it a powerful opportunity to step into our sexual powers"

On sensuality

Do you ever dance in front of the mirror in your underwear uninhibitedly? Does the thought of that just make you cringe or are you right there with it? There is no shame in any reaction that you have to the thought but that thought will be brought up for you to ponder for this Full Moon. What sorts of emotional expression make you cringe and is there a reason behind it? Oftentimes we can trace back to the first moments of our experiences when we first felt the emotion and come to some profound realizations. Scorpio Full moon asks you to go to the depths of your being and resurface those first moments we felt ashamed to be in our sensual bodies.

   Nodal Shift

On May 5th-6ththe North and South Nodes of the Moon shifted their focus out of Capricorn and Cancer. This point is particularly important since it means that our general soul evolutionary themes as a collective have switched from feminine practicality to masculine intelligence. Since November 6th-7th, 2018 the collective has been working through a process of becoming more in tune with our emotional needs from family, work and society. The shift is noticeable with how we relate to the term “productivity”. Having a strong work ethic doesn’t mean breaking your back 12 hours a day for the fleeting compliment from the boss. We have been tested with how well we follow our inner compass and choose to look within for answers and self-authorship. Emotional and mental health within the workplace is just as important and even necessary. How ironic that in order to be more productive we must actually rest and recuperate our bodies. Work and home life balance were the big themes and now with the nodal shift into Gemini and Sagittarius, our lessons will be founded upon how well we can communicate what those needs are. This all ties in with the Full Moon in Scorpio since sometimes we can feel embarrassed or ashamed for letting our hard exteriors crack and show our vulnerable underbellies. For the next year and a half, we will be working on letting go of any dogmatic beliefs that locked mental doors where our curious minds quested to wander. The reoccurring phrases we grew up around and stuck into our intellectual minds as being truth will become unveiled as just someone else’s opinion, and everyone has a lot of them.

Mercury and Lilith are parting ways from their conjunction back in early March, in what ways have you healed your relationship to your sacred masculinity as a woman? What this question is really asking is, are you openly embodying your inner essence as an intuitive being? Let’s open ourselves up to the possibility that we are in fact all psychically connected and that the space between us is filled with information and energy waves that we have the ability to tap into whenever we desire, if we so choose to desire those things.

Full Moon Mantras

I am a soul being experiencing life in a sensual body

I crave deep emotional connection

I am not afraid to be vulnerable

I embody both the divine masculine and feminine within me


Evelyn Zuel


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