Samhain Mugwort Ceremony


In the long distant past, Samhain was celebrated as a love letter to our passed family members, friends and lovers alike. In this ritual we will infuse the traditional ceremony of an All Hallows' eve "dumb dinner" while holding hands with Mama Mugwort as a love note to our ancestors. With mugwort as our offering we can then ask for a dream to be incubated in our sleep time that will give us a symbol from our personal myths of soul expression and sovereignty reclamation.


Dress a grey candle anointed with clary sage or graveyard dirt oil from Madame Phoenix, cast a circle around your home or property where performing this ritual and light the candle. Carry the lit candle into the kitchen as you prepare a mild to medium mugwort infusion 1-2 teaspoons per 6 oz of boiling water allowing to steep for 3-6 minutes. While water is boiling and tea steeping, place some dried mugwort in a dish near the candle and prepare a small snack in silence. This snack offering will be given to your ancestors during the tea ceremony, it adds potency if you know what a passed loved one liked to snack on or are able to research a cultural dish that connects to your ancestors of place. I'm making cornbread in my grandmother's cast iron skillet, served hot with butter. As you first set the table with the lit candle in the center, pour a cup of tea and set a place setting across from you, speaking aloud a polite request for the compassionate ancestors who love you to join you for tea. Anoint your third eye, throat and heart with your chosen oil and now pour yourself a cup of tea placing the teacup in front of you with the handle facing the left

Rotate the cup sitting on a flat surface 9 counterclockwise turns so the handle circles around like the hands of a clock, visualizing the Crone purifying and empowering the tea with your intention for ancestor communion. With the handle back facing the left, pick up the cup and give one long gentle breath to cool the tea down, visualizing this action imbuing the liquid with your intention. Place the cup back down in the same manner, but this time mindfully rotate the cup 3 times clockwise, picking it up again to take a deep inhale of tea's aroma, allowing the steam to fill your lungs. Exhale into the tea with two long soft breaths, continuing to cool it down enough to sip. With each rotation and mindful breath you're creating a portal of intentional communication. Set back down the cup and rotate clockwise a final three times, lifting the cup up to your face for another deep inhalation, and now this time 3 long cooling exhales over the liquid.

Now walk over to the ancestor cup and position yourself as if you'd be standing behind your loved one to help them cool off their tea. Turn cup slowly clockwise three times and give a long gentle cooling breath to the tea. Repeat two more times for a total of 3 rounds of 3 teacup turns interrupted by a single cooling breath. Return to your seat across from the ancestor setting.

Close your eyes and take 3 long sips of tea holding your cup to your throat as you notice any energetic shifts.

Holding your cup near your throat in classic granny sipping tea position, imagine Crone Mugwort hiding from you just out of your peripheral vision behind the corner of the space you’re having ceremony while you drink your tea. She’s trying to hide her grin as she sees your intention to connect with your passed loved ones as well as your uneasiness to look at her quite endearing. Say something along these lines out loud in a whisper or in your mind,

“I’d love to look at you wholly and sit at your sacred hearth to catch up and chat, but you know that I know better. Out of deep respect and reverence for the Crone, the grandma of my soul, if you’d like to come take a seat with my loved ones and I you’re welcome to join us.”

See, sense, listen or feel for an intuitive response for a few moments. Rotate your cup another three times clockwise and take a few more deep sips. She will either come and sit with you and ask you a question/give you a message, OR she’ll stay just out of the corner of your eye in the shadows grinning. Whether you chat with her for sometime over tea or not, clasp your hands together over your heart and ask, “Nana Mugwort, can you help my loving ancestors give me a dream tonight to show me the gifts hidden behind my shadow?” While finishing your tea and rotating it before each drink, you can wait for a response to this question and chat as long as you like, or immediately close the circle. Place the leftover tea leaves outside as an offering and allow the candle to burn down completely.


by Hannah Gleam

As a practicing magician and witch for over 15 years, Hannah Gleam employs a multimodal approach in helping clients exact spiritual sovereignty and manifest timelines of healing and abundance through spellcraft, hermetic alchemy and high ceremonial magick.