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Start to Heal the Lineage ~ Unlearning ~ Planting Seeds

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer 21’ / New Moon / Summer & Winter Solstice

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June 20th, 2020 at 11:41 pm pst

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“Let go," he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. "No, not of me," he said, smiling. "You can hold on to me as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie. Let go. You need to drift away."It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy, and I retreated from the suffering and uncertainty of this strange place.”  Charlaine Harris, Club Dead

No one ever tells you about the complicated ways of navigating adult life when you’re a kid. There’s a reason for that. The procedure our parents followed was to shelter us from the difficulties and pains of life, to let us be a kid for just a little while longer before we had to deal with “adult issues”. In a sense, it seems like the logical thing to do, allow a child to live in fantasy for as long as possible because as an adult, we revel in the idea of not having to face the world of taxes, rent, 9-5, body aches and having 2 hours less sleep a night. Was Peter Pan on to something? Remaining a child and never growing old sounds like torture to some, of course if childhood brings back old wounds. For some it’s an oft lived fantasy and one that is so easy to partake in with the evolution of technology and the internet. One aspect of having a kid (I imagine) is to assume the role of a wild and free being with no responsibilities for those small instances during play time. I can see why our parents wanted to shelter us, keep us untainted from some of the world’s cruelty, because they knew there would come a day when we couldn’t return to the innocence of not knowing the truth.

"There is beautiful in effable fallibility, imperfect knowing, dual growth both inward and out before we have the imagination trained to succumb to the will of productivity."

Before you learn to know truth there is limitless possibility. There is beautiful in effable fallibility, imperfect knowing, dual growth both inward and out before we have the imagination trained to succumb to the will of productivity. Do you remember the feeling when you were younger, trying to make sense of the world around you and having that profound “ah hah” moment? Something clicked within the conscious mind, connecting the dots to expand the map of your conscious reality was a thrilling process. Jupiter pushes and pulls our mental abilities to the limit, weaving prose with mercurial facts, like a magician waving her wand of creation, a new doorway appears for us to walk through. Seemingly out of thin air this new path beckons and if fear blocks the way forward, the door closes and as time moves on it becomes more and more difficult to reopen that path. Throughout our lives we train ourselves to function in the most practical ways in order to maintained normalcy among the pack. To stand out from the group is to appear weak, this process of learning how to ‘be’ is an engrained learning behavior. If you are someone who has a fear of standing out from the crowd or being pointed out from the group, there could be some inherited familial trauma surrounding that life experience of being outside of the pack.

Building new neuropathways for unlearning. Current research on how the body stores trauma and inherited pain proves that we do pass down trauma from one generation to the next. Whether it is through engrained behavioral patterns that affect our health and well-being or the DNA makeup of our genetics, we are sharing our memories within the family unit on a molecular level that affects how we react to our current reality. A book I recommend for this Cancer season is –

It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle– Mark Wolyn.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice! Phew, what an eventful day of inward, contemplation. This Eclipse is at 0° cancers which is the Solstice, the beginning of the summer season in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the winter season in the southern. We start out this new season with quite a bang and it’s a powerful time to do some active visualization meditations for the sake of manifesting your desired future. That maybe sounds easier said than done, but the irony of manifestation through visualization is that, that’s literally all it takes. Visualization is activating the imagination which is our most powerful tool that aids us to solve problems, create innovative new ideas and connects us with our artistic selves. This tool is also used when we want to transmute old family patterns and like mentioned above, Cancer season is all about the fam. Cancer shows us where we come from, who we are inherently and where our roots are. During this time let’s do some deep digging into where our ancestors came from and how we got to be in the country and location that we are at now.

June 18th Mercury stations retrograde for the 3 weeks. We now have Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus moving backwards through the zodiac. Plans are stalled, we are forced to re-imagine what our mode of action is to come. Mars ingresses into its domain, Aries on June 27th / 28th, with an opposition to the Moon during its ingress, we are feeling quite empowered to speak what has been on our minds for some time. Mars will be making a T square to the nodes before it moves into his new home shifting the direction, we thought we were moving in. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we open ourselves up to being flexible with the universal energies at play. Holding on to the old ways, old thought patterns and systems that we once knew to be true are evolving rapidly. For those born under cardinal signs: Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries, you truly are being tested with how well you can accommodate the shifting tides. It is typical for you to plan ahead and know what to expect or be in control of the master plan but during these times of shift, it can be detrimental to your growth and openness to new opportunities to remain rigid. The eclipses this year beg of us to be curious, expansive and let go of old dogmatic beliefs that were instilled in us at a young age. Our parents did what they could to help guide us through life the best way they knew how but now it’s up to us to raise the bar for how much further we can push the limits of growth. Be open to being wrong. Be open to being called out. Try to embody the Gemini energy this year if you have any wonder for how to handle interpersonal issues. Stay curious and impartial to emotional responses. Question why you have an emotional response to certain information that comes your way.

Between June 18th– June 25th there will be 6 planets in retrograde...

which calls for a massive amount of internal integration, self-reflection and re-assessment of the direction we see ourselves heading within the next year to come. June 25th will be a powerful day to watch out for. We’re starting a new form of structuring our reality, surroundings, livelihoods and all else that regards navigating being a fleshy human meat bag. If you are the type of person that relies on knowing what to expect and having a certain amount of control over your daily life, these transits will test your faith in the universe. Venus reaches her highest point in the sky as the brightest morning star before the Sun. She makes a trine to Juno in Libra and Saturn in Aquarius, these two planets which uphold the rule of law with stern aptitude expect justice and nothing less. Venus in Gemini calls for more female voices in the decision-making process for how justice is to be served. We may be pleasantly surprised in finding that these planetary transits are opening up the minds and hearts to hearing more on how the divine feminine energy can aid in the healing of our corrupt systems. Hearing a woman speak recently on how there is concerted research showing women in the police force have 8 times less violent misconduct complaints is a hopeful sign that the judicial systems are opening themselves up to finding new ways of governing. Women in the police force are also more likely to use communication skills to de-escalate high stress scenarios and are less likely to be offended when someone does not comply with their commands. There is less tendency to want to dominate the other but rather to smooth discord with intellect rather than force.

Mars has been easing up its Square with the Sun, offering release of pressure from responsibilities and fears around not having solid direction. Though we still feel the stirrings of anxiety regarding the future, there is now more room to breathe from the original shock and to begin creating potential solutions for a new normal. Mars squares the nodes exact on June 26that the anaretic degree 29° Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. This will be when we feel the need to take action towards our new directions for the year. There can be sudden impulse for change now that our energy bodies have assimilated what has happened, we figure out the new mode of action. Jupiter & Pluto conjunct in retrograde motion June 30th will be another impactful time for us, the last Jupiter & Pluto conjunction was May 28th– April 5th, which was the same time the huge uprising of protests around George Floyd’s death made headline news around the globe. We may see a second wave of protest in a new form because these planets will be retrograde rather than direct so it will be seen within the political systems as well as the individual self. Saturn Moves back into Capricorn July 2ndto meet up with the volatile Pluto and Jupiter conjunction on July 4th – July 9th~ The Moon, Pallas Athene, Jupiter and Pluto all retrograde conjunct at 23° in Capricorn starts a new wave of progress, but more on that in the next article. We have a lot of retrogrades this year so below are the following dates for each of the planetary retrograde movements.

2020 Retrogrades

Pluto: April 26th– October 5th

Venus: May 13th– June 25th

Saturn: May 11th– September 29th

Jupiter: May 15th– September 13th

Mercury: June 18th – July 12th

Neptune: June 22nd- December 29th

Mars: September 10th– November 14th

What we can learn from the coming Eclipse is that knowing where we came from allows us to know where we are headed. Being aware of our past inherited traits while not allowing them to control or dictate the directives we have for our own lives is a skill that needs to be cultivated. Through active conscious efforts towards dismantling any engrained thought patterns that no longer serve us or the community around us, we are building a more safe and inclusive society for all of humanity. We give thanks to our ancestors for their struggles, back breaking work and foundational strength and we ask them to release any karmic weight that holds them back from moving onward and upward.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer Mantras

I accept my inherited DNA as a part of my bodily expression

I offer gratitude for my ancestors

My body is a time capsule which houses the memories of my ancestors

I accept new ideas because I know they do not define me

I am fallible

“If the Universe came to an end every time there was some uncertainty about what had happened in it, it would never have got beyond the first picosecond. And many of course don't. It's like a human body, you see. A few cuts and bruises here and there don't hurt it. Not even major surgery if it's done properly. Paradoxes are just the scar tissue. Time and space heal themselves up around them and people simply remember a version of events which makes as much sense as they require it to make.”  Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Evelyn Zuel

Image by Diego Molina Ig: ___.d2.___

Edited by Evelyn Zuel


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