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Solar Eclipse in Libra explained + How the Eclipse Will Affect You

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Solar Eclipse in Libra is a powerful one! The Solar Eclipse is at 21° 08’ Libra on October 14th at 10:55 am pdt will be sure to change our relationships in an impactful way. The New Moon in Libra will help to usher in new relationships, see others out the door and create space for new ways of connecting and communicating with the people we have chosen to be in our lives. The main theme around this eclipse is coming to a truce. Becoming aware of the differences between ourselves and another without letting that persuade how we think and behave in our lives and personal relationships. These relationship/s can be of a professional or platonic manner and are not limited to romantic ones. Libra represents how we relate to others period, so all manners of “me and you” are on the table. The value in self-awareness during this Solar Eclipse cannot be under stated. When we become aware of and change the way we relate to ourselves we are also changing the relationship dynamics in our external worlds. It is paramount to first and foremost assess the way that you are showing up for yourself and whether or not you have a positive relationship with you first before projecting the mirror on to others. This is not a time to remain ignorant for its repercussions are huge if you continue to ignore the facts and truth about yourself and how you interpret your relationships.

Libra is a cardinal sign, so this eclipse will inspire everyone to initiate a change of dynamic in our relationships. For each sign, what that thing is exactly will be dependent on where the eclipse ends up in your birth chart. Read the descriptions for each rising sign below to get a better understanding of how this eclipse will show up for you. Mercury will be opposite Chiron, so there is a theme around closure, forgiveness and healing in our communications. The messages are coming through loud and clear, be sure to journal and write everything down that comes up for you throughout the weeks so that you have this information to look back on 6 months from now when the next eclipse cycle portal opens in Aries.

Solar Eclipse Themes

Truce, forgiveness, balancing the karma, justice, relationships, healing communication and negotiation skills.

The Tarot of the Eclipse

The third decan (20° - 29°59') of Libra is highlighted during the eclipse which is associated with the 4 of swords. This card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck depicts a person laying down to rest while 3 swords are pointing towards the person and one sword lay below. Coming from a place of calm, peacefulness we are able to understand the foundations of our intellectual patterns. In order to make the appropriate decisions we have to actively listen to the environment, people, and self with a rational mind. The body must be still, non-reactive in order to make those sound judgement calls. In the Thoth deck, Crowley gave the 4 of swords the keyword “truce” which shows 4 swords all coming at a point in the center of the card. This card symbolizes the need to put down the swords of the irrational, fearful mind in order to come to a clear understanding. Sometimes it’s best to simply agree to disagree, learn from the differences that make us all uniquely us.

Justice is the card delegated to Libra as the Justice card shows a dignified figure sitting on a throne with a sword in one hand and the scales in another. There are two types of justice in this existence, the human made version and the natural law which works on its own timeline and is all knowing, (if you believe in that sort of thing). This card umbrellas the human need of retribution for misdeeds through systematizing karmic rebalancing. The idea that humans can create an all-encompassing system of rules which aims to restore the natural order is cute.

No matter how much a legal system touts its ability for unbiased sight and objectivity, there is an inevitable fallacy built into the human condition: the body’s ability to remember. As we have seen time and time again, through documentaries such as Making a Murderer, Tiger King, OJ Made in America, 13th, humans will always be prone to error in their judgement because the body never forgets and carries with it its biases. Every single emotion that we have had is stored within the cellular makeup of our physical bodies and the Justice card along with the 4 of swords tries to emphasize this transcendence away from the prejudiced that is embedded within the lining of our physical selves. Libra is an air sign which responds to the intellect but is ruled by Venus, which is the planet that is tied to our material and fleshy existence. What Libra really represents beyond love, romance and all the flowery parts of pop astrology is the transcendence from our earthly vessels in order to see the truth. If we let our biases (emotions), past experiences, memories (which can be very skewed and wrong half the time), govern how we view right from wrong we will be in a continual state of disappointment, misguided by ignorance and bigotry.


Solar Eclipse Affirmations

I am open and willing to see myself through my lover’s eyes

I see all parts of the situation with clarity and objectivity

I trust the universe works in tandem with karmic order on my behalf

I forgive myself and all others

I am able and willing to let go of outdated ideas of love

I communicate fairly from a place of compassion


The following predictions are for each of the rising signs roughly. As everyone will have other planetary aspects within their own natal chart, there will be some nuances that you will need to adjust these predictions with regarding your own personal experiences and what you are currently going through right now. But overall I think that it will be made apparent that what the eclipse is bringing up is closure to a certain relationship based off of where the eclipse falls in your birth chart. So when reading these predictions I recommend you read both excerpts for your rising sign first then the sun sign after and take what is relevant and leave the rest.

Aries Rising / Sun Sign

This eclipse is activating your house of relationships directly. You may be feeling that it is finally time to close the door on either the way you are in the relationship you are currently in or the relationship all together. Let go of focusing on what the other person is or is not doing and adjust your perspective to your own behaviors and how they manifest within the relationships that you are in. It time to confront how your past actions have directly impacted the most important people in your life. You may be feeling tension with bosses and authority figures or getting a sense that your progress is being stifled by other people, which may be true but the way that you act now will create a ripple effect that will greatly impact your life, relationships, reputation, and subsequently your career for the next 6 months which may not be apparent now but will inevitably become clear during the Spring eclipse cycle. You may also be actively investing your time and resources into a promising new venture that will require you to take a big leap of faith / risk, of which you are no stranger to. It may be a little difficult for you right now but know that this is the necessary growing pain that is required of you in order to shed the old ways and become the new version of yourself.

Taurus Rising / Sun Sign

This eclipse is highlighting your work and health sector. The way that you work and the way that you exchange goods and services is going through a rebrand so to speak. You are seeking new ways to connect with and interact with the people that you work with in order to incorporate more balance to restore your mental and emotional well-being. This New Moon is bringing in some wonderful opportunities to attract new opportunities which will help you grow in your career as well as self-esteem. You may learn about some really important ways in which you deal with food and diet during this time as well which helps you to learn more about your coping mechanisms. You are learning to trust yourself more and not compare your healing or work journey with anyone else’s. There may be a situation with a coworker that needs to be adjusted so that there is fairness regarding how much one does to balance out the dynamic between you two.

Gemini Rising / Sun Sign

This Eclipse is helping you to realize what you are and are not interested in any longer when it comes to your personal approach to friendships and relationships. If you are feeling a part of yourself pull away from past interests and hobbies, don’t fret as this is just the part of your evolutionary process to grow towards a new and evolved version of yourself. It’s typically easy for you to go with the flow and accommodate others when it comes to having fun and sharing your gifts but lately you are wanting to nurture those relationships where it might not feel as much like a job or a chore. You are starting to take some of your “hobbies” more seriously and starting to consider what you can do to incorporate more of your talents with your career path. This is a great time to start the prep work required, and analyze the details regarding your own resource availability first before taking the big leap. Plan and organization is the key for now so that by the spring, during the next eclipse cycle, you will be ready to share what you have been working on. There also may be some financial responsibilities within your home life or family life that diverts some of your resources away from your bigger career dreams but know that you are on the path and it is one step at a time.

Cancer Rising / Sun Sign

This is a big time of change for you and there is a lot happening with the family during this eclipse which may have you reevaluating the way you move forward with your career or see yourself in the public light. There are some adjustments that need to be made within your home life whether that be the arrangement with the family work load, what expectations there are on other people within your home. There could be some unexpected expenses or situations that come up where your partner, or family member are seeking support. It may also be that you are noticing some of the ways which you base your emotional security off of the well-being of others within your family and are working on balancing out what belongs to you and what was picked up through family dynamic conditioning, especially when it comes to expectations around the family structure. An opportunity for work may come through a mutual professional connection or sibling (or friend that is as close as a sibling). What is going through the most change is the way that you negotiate with and view romantic partnership and finding ways to work more cohesively with your partner (romantic or business). What may work best is by defining the roles and tasks for each individual person, delegating who will be responsible for what in order to give you more space to work on your dreams and ambitions independent of one another but in tandem.

Leo Rising / Sun Sign

Leo, you are finally getting away unscathed this time around compared to how the eclipse cycle + Pluto + Saturn has been treating you the last couple of years. You will notice the major issues that you have been experiencing with coworkers come to a head and understand what it is that you are saying and doing to contribute to any tensions. The way that you speak and the words that you use are what is coming out of this New Moon Eclipse. This eclipse will show you how to communicate your thoughts in a clear and direct way that is not wishy washy, vague or unclear so that there are no chances for others misrepresenting what you say, or your intentions and this requires that you are completely open to sharing the full truth of your own experiences and emotions. You have a great opportunity for career growth and there may be some new opportunities that come full view but require you to sacrifice your time, energy or resources in some way. For instance you may be expanding in your business but needing to invest or take on some debts in order to see that growth to fruition. If you have siblings in your life you may notice that there is a significant shift / change in the dynamic of that relationship now as well.

Virgo Rising / Sun Sign

Your relationship to money is going through a dynamic shift right now and you are beginning to see how you can initiate the growth of your own income without waiting for anyone else to tell you when you are ready to value yourself. You have been going through a powerful transformation over the last several years where you are beginning to trust in your own ability to create a legacy in the eyes of your own creativity. This eclipse is also illuminating where you have a tendency to compare your financial success with others and base your value as an individual on the status of others. Take note of how or when you let the comparison of your bank account to another takes over your confidence. You are attracting very important teachers into your realm which will show you how to recognize your own tendencies and habits that may have been buried deep within your subconscious especially around your confidence and sense of self-worth. You must see all people that you interact with at this time as a teacher, do not discredit or disregard even the smallest interactions.

Libra Rising / Sun Sign

All eyes on you, waiting to see what you will do next! It’s your move and the pressure is on to show how much you have changed over the last few years. It’s time to let go of waiting for another to make the first move and initiate the types of relationships and intimacy you desire. This can be a tough time as the eclipse is forcing you to change your initial instincts and reactions to others as well as your perspective on a situation. A lot of unconscious behaviors are coming to surface and you are beginning to see parts of yourself that everyone else has known about you were blinded to as it was an unconscious reaction built in from childhood. You are seeing how your upbringing has influenced your relationships and it’s time to evolve any shadow traits that are getting in the way of you connecting more deeply on an intimate level with others. There is help and you attracting the right people to help reflect what is needed for you to see yourself more clearly. You may have just started seeking alternative sources for money / income or work or at the very least, considering other potentials. This year you have a lot of investments going out of your accounts for the purpose of procuring higher yields later on, just be careful that you are not taking too huge of risks without any kind of safety net set in place for the optimism can cloud judgements or make one over look small details.

Scorpio Rising / Sun Sign

The origins for the urge to hide makes itself known and the original sense of what drives the subconscious to choose loneliness or isolation is made clear. You are taking direct and clear action towards mending your heart, not for anyone else other than for you and your well-being which will have a ripple effect throughout all of your intimate relationships. You have been working to empower your mind, and to develop stronger coping mechanisms which are showing. Your deep internal analysis of the why and how you say what you do is opening up a new way of relating to your inner landscape and spiritual self. You are relinquishing the shame around speaking up and communicating your truth, no matter how difficult it may be for you to confront and for others to hear. Because at the end of the day, you would rather be alone than be in a false reality living a lie. You are finding solace in the peace and quiet of your inner sanctum and developing a relationship with yourself that you have not yet experienced before. Maybe you have but it has been about 18 years since you have felt this type of contentment within yourself. The Eclipse is helping you to find the balance between your need to analyze your spiritual experiences and to just live them.

Sagittarius Rising / Sun Sign

You have been working on transforming your relationship to money over the last several years and the Eclipse is highlighting the changes that are currently happening for you to live financially independently. The way you are seen by your peers has had an effect on your confidence levels but it has not deterred you from pushing yourself to the limit in an effort to overcome the power that money has on so many of us. There may be one or two friendships that have entered a point of no return and it is time for you to acknowledge where your insecurities have affected their longevity as well as their influence over your confidence for better or worse. You are currently transitioning the groups and types of people you surround yourself with and overcoming shame or guilt around financial insecurities. Wanting to be seen as equal to everyone that you surround yourself with is the main driver for this new evolution of self and also what is being asked for you to adjust. What you are currently seeking is how to move towards your own wants and desires independent of the group’s expectations. It may be hard at first, but know that by remaining true to yourself you will inevitably attract more fun and excitement into your life later on down the road.

Capricorn Rising / Sun Sign

This Eclipse will certainly bring up some old insecurities around your ideals and vision for success and have you questioning previous goals. You may be coming to an end in a long cycle or project that you have been working on for quite some time and now the question remains, what’s next? It’s time to disconnect from an old image of you, an old persona that was needed to push you into a new level that is now just holding you back from progress and enjoying the fruits of your labor. You may be reconsidering contracts, agreements and negotiations at this point for the purpose of seeking out a bigger challenge. If you are feeling the need to rest and take time to reevaluate the direction your life is going in, you will be set by the cosmic energies to do so because come spring, you will be on a whole new path. This Eclipse also brings up topics around what your legacy is and what you intend to leave behind for the future generations to come. If seeking a more sustainable way towards progress is peaking your urges for change, consider investigating a new area of study which is geared towards your more altruistic values.

AquariusRising / Sun Sign

You are on the precipice of one of the most revolutionary times of your life, can you feel it? It’s not so much that the environment around you is changing at an alarming rate rather that you are the one that is viewing your environment with totally different eyes. What you once thought to be completely and utterly true has now become a question of validity. The resources and information that you had gathered and utilized as a map for the foundation of your beliefs is going through a radical change. Your relationship to your own intellect is moving into a more critical phase. How much of what you believe to be true is just something that you had heard along the way? Where did the origin of that information come from? Who were they trying to appease or influence? The dots are forming a bigger picture to reveal where you are working on separating and taking more accountability for where the information you share comes from and what the purpose behind that information stems from. You may also be realizing that your political, religious, and philosophical opinions have been playing a huge role within your relationships lately through information that comes forth from a partner or close friend / family member.

Pisces Rising / Sun Sign

Since you tend to see the world through your unconscious realm, what the eclipse brings up for you shouldn’t be a surprise. The Eclipse is housed in your sector of deep psychological habits and patterns so any addictive patterns around relationships may come up to help you see yourself more clearly through the lens of others. It can be difficult to fully identify yourself separate from another at this point in time but the eclipse is here to help you separate and disconnect from the pain and suffering of others so that you can see where your healing path is. You may find yourself at the helm of the world’s problems or a close friend / lover. It’s time for you to see where your responsibility to them begins and ends. It may also be time for you to cash in on a favor that is owed to you, it is also possible that someone from the past comes in to make things right by you. The New Moon in Libra illuminates what you are still holding on to that affects your ability to move on, practicing forgiveness towards others and also towards yourself is the fastest way to ignite your true powers.


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean / German American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.

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