Everyone wants to know what the future holds especially during the rocky times we're in. In this webinar we will go over the major transits that awaits us in 2021 so that we can better prepare ourselves energeticically, emotionally and financially. Come prepared with your natal chart and notebook, we wont be going over anyone's specific birth charts but it will be benefitial for you to see where the transits are happening in your own chart as we move through the 2021 transit calendar. 


What we will go over:

- What the Hierophant represents for 2021 / the numerology and tarot of the year

- Major tranists, their degrees and dates

- Eclipses for 2021, and their degrees, dates and themes


This webinar was recorded on:

December 30th at 5pm - 7:30pm pst

Via Zoom


When you purchase the webinar you will be given a .pdf download with the login info to view the video on vimeo. 


About the host

Evelyn Zuel is an astrologer, mystic, certified consulting hypnotist and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries living in the Mojave Desert of southern California. She started her deep dive into the esoteric arts starting in 2012, when she surrendered to the divine for the purpose of healing her body from debilitating eczema. Evelyn started reading astrology charts in Los Angeles in 2015, and hosted weekly astrology meet ups before moving to the desert. She has written astrology columns for Serpent Fire Tarot, Magic of I and Whole Person magazine and now co-owns a metaphysical shop in Yucca Valley called The Mystic Parlor. Dedicated to illuminating other seekers, Evelyn hopes to guide others towards their true calling aiding people through the subconscious realms of their existence.

2021 Astro Weather Webinar

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