Accurate AF Tarot is a modern deck created by Australian design studio Prism and Fleur which is owned and operated by artist and mystic Paige. This deck has an incredibly beautiful and light flow to it, feeling incredilby Venusian.


Some of the names of the cards have been changed as follows:


 Strength is Fortidude

Death is Metamorphosis

The Devil is The Shadow


The Pages are Dawn

The Knights are Spirit


The rest of the cards hold their traditional names congruent with the Smith- Waite cards.


This deck is round which enables the reader to have 4 ways to interpert a card depending on how it lands. This  can be divided into the cardinal directions as well as a yin and yang perspective.

This deck does not come with a guidebook, but there is a downloadable guidebook in pdf format on the creators website. 


Deck specifications:

78 circular cards 

10 cm circumference

Gold foil detail

2 piece matte box with gold foil



We absolutely love this deck and feel it is a great addition to any Tarot collection.


Accurate AF Tarot

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