Artist Arthur Taussig has done an amazing job at creating a incredibly unique interpretation of the tarot. 


The deck is large: 5" X 7" 

Comes included in a solid heavy cardboard box with magnetized lid. The book is thorough with 182 pages and full descriptions of each card.

Definitely an impression working deck to add to your collection.


From the author:

My intention in designing a deck was to restore the ancient mystical aspects of the cards, to reinvest them with psychological importance while still honoring the 21st century’s social and political environment. I studied not only the Rider-Waite deck, but other decks of a divinatory, esoteric, and occult nature (including Aleister Crowley’s contributions and the so-called Tarot de Marseille from 15th century Italy). In addition, I consulted many books written on the Tarot ranging from the downright silly to in-depth psychological interpretations by Jungian scholars.

While I based much on the Rider-Waite deck, I have also expanded it, restoring much of the ancient symbolism and extended many of the cards’ meanings to include the Kabbalistic, astrological, and alchemical implications of the cards. My deck also reduces the sexism and racism of many previous decks. My goal was to produce a Tarot deck that would encompass a depth of meaning that would span from times ancient into the 21st century.

Arthur Taussig, 2020

Alchemical Visions Tarot

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