Dracxiodos Tarot is a brand new deck by korean artist, musician, creative Greg Traw. This deck is large and amazingly beautiful. It will  blow your mind!!


From the artist:

"I long for an open collective understanding and blending of tangible and intangible experiences. My art is about creating imaginative systems of subjective logic that reside somewhere between empiricism, poetry and poker. Each work is an inquiry into any number of ideas I am obsessing about at any given time. It is not my intention to provide a discerning understanding of a singular idea but how a series of ideas interact and correlate with each other in often messy contradiction. I hope to entertain, enlighten and pose honest questions from the revered to the reviled. The possibilities are so infinite. By expressing an amalgam of haphazard ideas through art, my wish is that viewers will begin to deconstruct what we normally perceive in new, creative ways. To visualize and hack into their own realities. Let the opulent, absurd circus sideshow begin…"


Greg was born in Seol, Korea and current resides in Portland, OR. 


We are so grateful to be the first store to carry Greg's amazing deck! A must for any tarot collector or enthusiast.


Deck Specifics:

  • 80-card tarot deck printed on 350 gsm card stock

  • each card 8”x4” in size

  • matte finish and irridescent gilding

  • extra cards: a second Fool card titled 00/Dracxiodos and a Double Back

  • the only titled cards: Key V = The Artist replacing the traditional Hierophant, and 00/Dracxiodos

  • matte finish two-part box, first 500 are hand-signed and hand-numbered




Dracxiodos Tarot - Signed & Numbered

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