3 Days of Illumination

This lecture series is transformative and illuminating and leads to deep understanding of Self/Cosmos. The ancient wisdom and knowledge have been shrouded in secrecy too long!


Gnostic Bishop & Consecrated Ceremonial Magician Tonelise Rugaas leads us through the 3 pillar rituals of the Tree of Life. This tree is the scaffolding of Cosmos according to Hermetic Magickal traditionand Kabbalah.The rituals, originally conceived by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, is presented in guided meditation formats, and these lectures are interactive. The best way of learning is by doing. The rituals are followed by a comprehensive lecture on the subject. Each lecture in the series takes 3 hours. If you wish to understand the mystical blueprint of All That Is, and your place in it, this will get you there.


Connecting with the Above and Below, finding our sacred center has never been more important. The events of our time require that we are centered within ourselves and balanced without fear or anxiety.




If you are having personal finanical issues at the time but still want to join please reach out, we want this information to be accesible. 

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Pillar, Schmillar?


The Tree of Life consists of 3 pillars, roadmaps for The Initiate to bring Self/Cosmos into harmony. The energy centers of the Middle Pillar reflect balance between Force (The Pillar of Mercy – The Sacred Masculine) and Form (The Pillar of Severity – The Sacred Feminine) and connects Self with Sacred.


Day by day breakdown

Day 1: June 20th ~ Saturday at 10 am - 1pm

The Middle Pillar

This ritual focuses on the central pillar of the Tree of Life and the 5 energy centers located on it. We do the ritual, analyze effects, insights and benefits we can expect from regular practice.

We explore the YHVH-formula and the YHShVH-formula

We explore the alchemical, planetary, and color aspects of the Energy centers. We will understand the chants of the ritual. How can this ritual help us dissolve EGO and present a path to self? How can this ritual help us understand the unity between all that is?



Day 2: June 23rd ~ Tuesday at 10 am - 1 pm

The Pillar of Mercy - Jachin

Ritual: The Pillar of Mercy. This pillar contains 3 energy centers, each associated with Force.This is the active, expansive, masculine side to experience, Yang. We explore the IAO-formula. We explore the deity, alchemical, planetary, and color aspects to understand expansiveness.

What we will learn from this ritual:

What insights and benefits can we expect from understanding our relationship to Force/Divine Masculine? What are the Elohim? How can this ritual help our confidence, decisiveness and wisdom?


Day 3: June 24th ~ Wednesday at 10 am - 1pm

The Pillar of Severity – Boaz

This pillar contains 3 energy centers, each associated with Form, the feminine receptive side to experience, Yin. We explore the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine dualism merging when equal/dual energies unify.We explore the deity, alchemical, planetary, and color aspects of the energy centers to understand receptiveness.

What we will learn from this ritual:

What is Spiritual Alchemy, Solve and Coagula and real freedom?What Is Gnosis?What is Sacred Sexuality?Why were the Gnostics persecuted and what does this have to do with Freemasonry?

Reach out if you have any questions at all. Tonelise will be available if you have questions. She is also a Kundalini Yogini, Coach, Experienced Tarotist and Teacher of the Mysteries with a Philosophy degree. She quit every Secret Order to spread the knowledge freely. 

Embodying the Qabalah Tree of Life

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