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The mischievous and illustrious realms of the fae worlds surround us on a daily basis. It is our job now more than ever to engage this invisible reality and learn the subtleties of their ways. In this class we will learn about the world of the Devas and Fairies, who they are, their characteristics, why they chose to become elementals, the different Fae Kings and Queens from all over the world, as well as different indigenous people who have blood relations to the fae interwoven into their creation stories. We will learn about their language, their offerings and how to deeply connect and protect. Additionally, we explore the different aspects and guidelines in the making of and assembling a fairy altar.

I am pleased to join as a guide alongside you as we discover and develop more intimacy with Fairy Worlds.

~ VS


Vanessa Santos / Ancient Pocket is a multidimensional artist, weaver of nu healing realities, wise teacher and healing arts channel. Under the project Ancient Pocket, they communicate new visions of sacred earth, downloaded-direct from GAIA. By opening portals, Santos invites us into the strange, the uplifting -- the literal realm of Angels and wild aliens on our side. As an Indigenous disabled artist, Vanessa Santos is an art and nature educator/ keeper of Earth-based and Indigenous teachings.

 Usui Reiki Master, Tonantzín Priestess, Grandmother’s Way herbalist, illustrator, painter, videographer, textiles maker and ceramicist. For more info on Vanessa's work visit their website: https://www.terraheavenecoarts.com

Fairy Worlds Webinar

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