We absolutely love Firme Arte and the magickal products they make! This Spell Lotion bar is one of our faves! 


From the Maker:

This is an anti-anxiety solid lotion bar used to moisturize and bring softness back to the skin especially during times like these when we are constantly washing our hands. Washing our hands too often can cause our skin to dry out and these solid lotion bars are a excellent way to add luxurious moisture back into the skin honoring the body.
The formula within this bar is created to ground and center empathic / sensitive babes. Empaths are often heavily influenced by the energies of others and act like emotional sponges to the spaces & situations around them. This oil is a sacred mix of magical elements & ingredients designed to aid you in finding center and calming the mind as well as protect the spiritual / psychic self. 


Use to when feeling overwhelmed or anxious to calm, ground and center the physical & spiritual self. 


Each batch of these self care companions is mano made in small batches with high quality essential oils, lunar charged crystals, botanical infused spell oils and is crafted with real magical intent during ritual.

* Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, calendula, vitamin E, essential oil blend, chamomile, rose,  lavender, cornflower

Hella Sensitive Lotion Bar

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