Let the quiet, self-reflecting wisdom of the ancient I-Ching guide you in matters of love, romance, and relationships. The I-Ching of Love is designed to help you focus on understanding yourself, your partner, and the desires that bond one to the other. With this deck, you will find that the world is never static, but always flows and mutates in a dance we call life. These 64 cards represent the 64 combinations of the I-Ching, connecting you to a revered source of wisdom that continues to inspire positive transformation.



I Ching of Love


The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is considered to be one of the oldest and most influential ancient Chinese texts having influenced Chinese culture of the last 3000 years and said to be an early foundation for Taoist and Confucianist philosophy.


“The I Ching is used in a type of divination called cleromancy. Six numbers between 6 and 9 are turned into a hexagram, which can then be looked up in the text, in which hexagrams are arranged in an order known as the King Wen sequence.”

The I Ching has been a guide to those who are seeking to align themselves with a more ethical life. 

In the Oracle deck, the I Ching of Love, each card represents one of the Hexagrams known in the I Ching, and are here to guide you in your journey towards self exploration and wisdom. 


Explore this ancient wisdom of the Chinse in the I Ching of Love oracle deck.



I Ching of Love

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