Copal is a resin found in tree bark that is used for sacred clearing and cleansing rituals. Copal is sometimes considered to be a premature amber, or a sub-fossil. We searched high and low for an ethically sourced Copal resin and were so pleased to find the Martinez family. These packs of hand rolled White Copal Incense sticks smell  divine and when burned, transports you into a meditative state. 


From the crafters: 

"Native Pueblo, owned by the Martinez Family, consists of artists from various parts of the Southwest. Our family is scattered throughout Arizona and New Mexico and extends South to the border of Mexico. We are third generation arts and crafts vendors and we are very proud to carry on our humble family traditions. Our goal is to keep our traditions alive by providing the best quality pieces to our customers.  Our continuous participation In Native American festivals allow us to do just that.  Every year we travel across the United States to attend the biggest Powwows in the Nation and every year our customers return to the same place, at the same time to see us.  It’s a great energy that keeps us going!.  In most festivals we also get to share our music, our history and sometimes our dances.  Sharing our culture is part of our commitment as Native American Vendors."

Native Pueblo Copal

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