⚡︎ Rose of Jericho 𓊓

Is a magical plant that looks dead and dried up but all it needs is some water and it comes back to life, which is why it is also called Resurrection Plant. 

When used in ritual it is suggested that you first sit with the plant to connect to it energetically. After a few moments of quiet stillness, you place it in a bowl of water and continue to infuse your intentions into it as it slowly comes back to life. Keep the bowl on your altar in your home or business for abundance and prosperity. You can add coins or stones to the bowl of water to amplify the energy of the Rose and then later use the water to bless your space. 


The Rose of Jericho represents the resilience of desert life so beautifully.  When the plant is not near a water source it curls up into a dry ball until it finds hydration. It dries back up and unfurls again and again making it a continual representation of life and it’s ebb and flow cycles. 

Rose of Jericho

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