Santa Marta Fixed Candle

New Moon Scorpio 23° November 14th



Rosemary- Protection and love

White Sage - Organically grown in Evelyn’s garden, used to help cleanse and purify. Considered the grandfather plant.

Chamomile - Cleansing, purification, protection, warding off psychic attack.

Rose -Bringing in love and personal empowerment

Black Charcoal - Banishing negative energies.

Agrimony- Protection


Glitter: Silver and Red- Glitter sprinkled for protection and personal empowerment

Essential Oil Cinnamon for purification and empowerment in love and sexuality

Planet: Mars

Talisman : Evil eye for protection

The Santa Martha 7 day Candle has been fixed and dressed for intentions set towards personal empowerment and protection in one’s life right now. St. Martha is revered as the Queen of the Cemetery and helps those who are facing challenges in their lives when it comes to relationships with others, setting firm boundaries, and warding off negative energies. She is said to use the Snake totem as her animal and enjoys tobacco as an offering.

This ritual we created using the Santa Martha candle is to help you set intentions towards personal empowerment and protection in your own life.


This candle comes with a ritual written for you by Analisa and Evelyn to do with this candle.

Santa Martha Candle Ritual

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