Scorpio  Fixed Candle 

New Moon in Scorpio 23° 


Yellow and Blue - Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras


Rose  - Love, prosperity

White Sage - Organically grown in Evelyn’s garden, used to help cleanse and purify. Considered the grandfather plant.

Rosemary- Cleansing, purification, protection, warding off evil

Lavender - An herb that will help to bring in the change you need with gentle care.

Chamomile- For protection and purification

Black Charcoal -To purify negative energies 


Glitter: Green and Gold for prospertiy and transmuting energy towards good outcomes

Essential Oil : Cinnamon for purification and to enhance personal empowerment and sexuality 

Planet: Mars & Pluto

Talisman: Evil Eye to ward of negativity

The Scorpio 7 day candle has been blessed and dressed to help you set intentions towards  transmuting any difficult energy into whatever desired outcome you wish to manifest into your life. Scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac that rules the 8th house in the chart. In Scorpio we learn how to transmute energy through spiritual alchemy. Scorpio rules the Death card in the tarot and symbolizes the cycle of life and death. We may be asked to let go or release something in our lives that is no longer working for us during this time, especially on an emotional level. It is important that we recognize our power to transmute energy in our lives. This candle is here to help aid in your meditation and intention setting process towards that.

Scorpio Zodiac Candle Ritual

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