The Anatomy of the Aura is a beginner book on aura's written by the amazing Eliza Swann. In this book you will be walked through each of the chakra's, their meaning, color association, and meditations you can do on each one. This book gives a great intro to how to begin identifying and feeling aura's of others and yourself. You also are walked through identifying the aura of plants, animals, and other energy frequencies around you. 


Eliza Swann is a founder of The Golden Dome School.

"The Golden Dome School was founded by Eliza Swann in 2013, as she contemplated the disastrous effects of capitalism on the Earth and its inhabitants, and wondered what art and spiritual practice could do to help. The Golden Dome School has evolved into a non-hierarchical community of artists working together to realize a dream of using art as an inclusive and ecologically aware tool for expanding consciousness. "

Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura, A start here Guide for Beginners

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