In this webinar Samata Auset will be decoding the symbols of the Divine Feminine through the occult symbolism of currency. By engaging the meanings in financial symbols, words and ancient systems of currency, we will explore the hidden history of money and the magical concepts surrounding its power. We will uncover how money is not a ‘thing’, but rather a unit of magical energy rooted in the Divine Feminine.


This live webinar broadcast was recorded on october 10th and is available for you to download and watch online.

*Once purchased, you will recieve a PDF document with the link and passcode to view the video*


We are so thrilled to have Samata share her deep wisdom surrounding the sacred symbolism of money. In astrology money, value and fincance is ruled by the earth sign Taurus which is in turn ruled by the planet Venus. The earth signs are feminine signs and although patriarchy has adopted the earthly realm as its own to rule over, its true ownership belongs to the Divine Feminine. 


Samata Auset is a mystic and truth seeker dedicated to walking a path of love in honor of the Divine Feminine and the left-handed path of the Magdalene. She is a Priestess Initiate of the Rosa Mystica Mystery School and student at Seven Sisters Mystery School. Sam studies ritual and healing arts, esoteric etymology and occult symbolism. She currently lives in Austin, TX. You can follow her work on instagram: @AmethystEmpress

The Hidden History of $$$

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