Is it an oracle deck? YES! Is it a study tool? YES! For beginners and experienced, this deck is designed to support one's journey with astrology and study of astrology. It can also be used as an oracle, altar display, or as a unique way to visually represent the astrological.


55 Cards (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

  • 11 Planetary Cards
  • 12 Moon Cards
  • 12 Star Sign Cards
  • 12 House Cards
  • 8 Seasonal Cards

- 400 GSM, luxe satin-matte finish card-stock

- Vintage Stardust Gold deck edging

- Gold foil card-back design

- Sturdy, two-piece box, printed with a satin, matte finish and embossed gold foil elements.

- Keyword Booklet


Deck by Patrick J. Fogarty


The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

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