Virgin Mary Candle Invocation of the Mother Goddess- Limited Qty's


Zodiac: Virgo

Color: White, Silver, and Blue

Planet: Mercury

Fixed with Mercury and charged under the Pisces Full Moon

Herbs: Rose petals, Mugwort, Lavender, Chamomile

Goddess: Vesta, Ceres, Demeter, Astrea

Saint: Mary, Mary Magdalene 

Glitter: Silver and Blue 



The Virgin Mary candle is a symbol for connecting to the divine feminine that resides within all of us. The virgin mother is represented in many beliefs and practices, she has associations with Vesta, Magdelene, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Maria-Kannon, and many more! She is the archetype of unconditional love and gratitude, devotion and service to the divine. Call upon Mary and her many forms manifest to recharge in your daily spiritual practice, to dig deeper into your own origin story of birth. 


In Virgo we find an ability to dedicate ourselves to the collective consciousness by sacrificing our egoic desires. We learn how to take the wisdom we have obtained and apply that in an intentional way through devotional and disciplined practices. New Moons are a time for setting intentions, and Virgo represents the mutable earth energy of the zodiac that enables us to plan and strategize for our future. 


The Virgin Mary Candle has been charged and infused with healing energy to aid and assist you in manifesting your intentions in the material and spiritual realms. We call to the healing and loving energy of the Goddess's Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno, and the Patron Saint, Mother Mary to aid us and bring us safety and love. 

As a general use candle, this one has been carved with the symbol Mercury and dressed with herbs that pertain specifically to love, healing, and manifestation of good fortune in the material and spiritual realms. 

Charged under the Full Moon in Pisces, this candle will help to release stress and confusion during uncertain times  where we may need more clarity with our spiritual practice. Each candle comes with a written suggested ritual pertaining specifically to the candle and the coming moon phase.

These candles are dressed with the herbs listed, blessed with ritual by Analisa Six and Evelyn Zuel.


Suggested use  

The coming New Moon in Virgo on September 17th is a time when we plant seeds towards constructing plans in regard to our material world and how we can be of service in a useful way to our planet. The sign Virgo represents health, oragnization, daily routine, purity, and being of service to others in ways that are contructive for collective growth and healing. Working with New Moon Virgo energy allows us to bring in clarity regarding all things work related, health related, and establishing new structures and routines in our life that lead to our ultimate success.

The Lavender was grown organically and picked with care from Evelyn's home garden.


Included in the whole Candle kit:


Herbs and essential oils dressed on to the candle

Guided Ritual written out for you by Analisa and Evelyn. (And of course you can always use your own rituall with any of the Blessed & Dressed candles that we provide.) 




Virgin Mary Ritual and Candle

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