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Evelyn is a Korean American hoppa (half Asian), daughter to a Korean immigrant mother and Vietnam war veteran father. Living in between two worlds, she searched for answers in the divine, following the light of the stars and guidance from esoteric arts. 

2012 was a pivotal year for many energy workers and that was also the case for Evelyn. During 2012 Evelyn began her 7-year journey of healing her body from debilitating eczema through dietary and lifestyle changes while also becoming more in-tune with her spirituality. This is when she decided to dive deeper into the art of Astrology and magical practices. Experiencing her first past life regression session in 2015, her passion to work with the unconscious mind became activated after experiencing the healing affects that one hypnosis session had on her being. 

With a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, and a previous professional life as a photo retoucher, Evelyn began creating custom astrology birth chart prints in 2014. She still creates them to this day and can be purchased from her Etsy Shop. Evelyn began offering astrology readings in 2015 while she transitioned away from her full-time job at a fashion studio in Pasadena, CA working as their head retoucher, studio assistant and marketing coordinator. In 2016 Evelyn quit her secure, full-time job with benefits to pursue what she endearingly called her “retirement plan”: Astrology. Attending weekly astrology meet ups in a haunted old

Hollywood mansion, owned and operated by the late Caroll Righter who was Ronald Reagan’s personal Astrologer, Evelyn learned techniques and skills from seasoned 40+ year astrology teachers. While living in LA Evelyn also attended every NCGR’s monthly meet up along with the Santa Monica’s monthly meet up religiously for the duration she lived in LA. Evelyn has also taken courses with Penelope Sitter in Joshua Tree, CA. Dr. Craig Martin of Los Angeles, CA.

Evelyn began working professionally in 2017, which is also when she made the move to the beautiful Mojave Desert. Laying witness to the dance between the sun and moon in the unobstructed desert sky Evelyn is able to integrate her Astrological knowledge in a practical way that can't be taught, only experienced. In the winter of 2020, Evelyn became a certified hypnotist through the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) through a 100 hour training course to offer guidance to those who desire to journey through their subconscious and unlock past life secrets. In February of 2023 Evelyn continued her Hypnotherapy studies receiving 80 hours of training through the Hypnotherapy Training Institute and plans to continue with an additional 80 hours in the summer of 2024.

Evelyn is a writer, astrologer, hypnotist, former owner of a mystical shop, and forever seeker of the greater mysteries. 

Evelyn Zuel’s work has been published in: Serpentfire Tarot, Magic of I, Desert Magazine, Refinery 29, Whole Person Magazine.


To learn more about the services Evelyn provides and to book a session click the link below

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