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Evelyn is an extremely gifted and skilled astrologer and hypnosis practicer who has been such an important part of my ancestral healing journey.  She helped me uncover key memories in my lineage and release long held inherited wounding, which was quite a transformational experience! I felt safe to go this deep because Evelyn maintains such a high standard of integrity with her magic and she holds the space with so much care and respect. She is also very knowledgeable about a vast variety of esoteric topics, which helped me better understand and contextualize my experience. I loved everything about my session and will absolutely continue working with her! 

~ S.

Southern CA.


Words can't really explain how much I believe in the good of Evelyn's work. I can not wait to see her again. I left my session feeling insanely good- I now think seeing an astrologer of this caliber is better than therapy. I felt seen and understood in a way that I rarely feel, even with people who have known me for years. Friends noticed a difference in me after I saw her- they said "it seems like you have much more direction now," which is true. Evelyn is so generous with her time and work that I feel extremely lucky to have her close to home. She is definitely extremely knowledgeable, caring, and very real.

~ Abbey S.

   Yucca Valley, CA.

Evelyn is AMAZING. As a counselor I seek self-care in lots of different forms, one of them being Astrology Consultations from Evelyn. Working in the counseling field I did not want to attend traditional psychotherapy or talk therapy, but I did want some sort of consultation which Evelyn was able to provide. Her inviting nature and calmness throughout the sessions helped to keep me grounded and focused on the information she was giving me throughout the session. She is incredibly knowledgeable about astrology and was willing to answer any questions I had throughout the consultation. What I enjoyed most about my most resent session was her "mixed media" approach, not just using astrology, but tying in a tarot and oracle reading to the session as well. I can't wait for future sessions!

~ Sarah H.

   Buffalo, NY

I recently met with Evelyn for my first astrology reading ever, and she was spot on. I wanted to know what my soul lessons are in this lifetime, and the answers deeply resonated with me. She explained my chart in a way that was easy to digest. She even had a notebook with pages filled with notes about me. That signaled she truly cared about delivering the most information she could. I would recommend her with my eyes closed. She was patient, calm, and without judgements. I felt I was sitting with a friend. The reading is recorded, so it is a nice thing to have as well. I'm very pleased and will be meeting her again soon to take my dad for a reading as well.

~ Irina C.

   Los Angeles, CA.

I've been into astrology a bit but have never felt so pulled in than when I had my last reading from Evelyn in early 2020. Never before have I been so blown away by how the stars, and Evelyns reading of them, could tell me so much about my history, my growth, and my future. 
The most mind blowing aspect of my last reading was Evelyn told me about a date nine months in the future that something would change for me and that I should follow that path. I marked that date on my calendar and when it arrived an actual massive shift and possibility opened up for me. I almost couldn't believe it. Evelyn told me that the reading said to "move forward with the opportunity". It was a big risk but since the stars were literally aligned I took the leap and couldn't be happier that I did. 
Thanks so much Evelyn for the assistance and the direction. So powerful! Truly makes me have a deep deep belief in the stars and especially Evelyn's interpretation of them.​


~ Matty S.

Ventura CA.​

What can be said... my birth chart reading with Evelyn was extremely interesting, inspiring, and healing. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable of her craft. I recommend this experience with Evelyn to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

~ Joshua M.

   Medford, MA

Evelyn gave me one of the most powerful astrological chart interpretations. My mouth dropped several times during her reading, which seemed almost clairvoyant at times. She doesn't waste your time explaining complicated aspects in 'astrological speak,' but pulls out those aspects into a narrative to guide you. I had her focus on the changes coming in for next 2-3 months, love/relationships & career. It also explained a lot of what I was going through now.  It's such a beautiful way to give my next few weeks some structure.  I'll definitely be following up with another reading in 3 months.

~ Tiff C.

    Los Angeles, CA.

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