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Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse Gemini 8° 37’

November 30th at 1:29 am pst

1 December at aest

“A Quiver Filled With Arrows”

We near the end of the season with a penumbral eclipse in Gemini at 8° 37’. The mutable signs Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo have static energy that works to assimilate the current cycle with the next. They are signs that indicate we are about to come into a new phase, a new season so during the time when the sun travels through these signs, we work on tidying up what has been left undone. The current full moon in Gemini and coming new moon in Sagittarius are potent moon cycles because they have the added element of the highly impactful energy of the eclipses. Eclipses happen when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the sky from the earth’s perspective in a perfect line. You can identify the eclipses astrologically by charting the distance the sun and moon are during their exact new and full moon phases from the north and south nodes. Because of the sun and moon’s relationship to the nodes, these new and full moons are quite impactful and are very strong times to work through any spiritual, emotional and physical areas of your life that you would like to evolve. Also known as portals, the nodes function as the karmic access points that open up energetic windows to usher in big life changes for many people. The signs in which the nodes are in don’t change for around a year and a half, so we are working through much of the same themes for as long as they transit those signs.

Every single person has been having their own unique personal experiences with the Gemini / Sagittarius polarity since May 5th of 2020 when the nodes entered these two signs. Gemini and Sagittarius both function on the axis of intellect, communication, data, facts and travel so it is no surprise that much of what we have been bombarded with throughout the year entails sifting through such themes. In May when the nodes moved into the Mercury and Jupiter ruled signs, we were forced to stop all travel throughout the world! The way in which we communicated with each other drastically shifted. The information we received from publications was (and still is) scrutinized and believing the information became something many people had a hard time with. Sagittarius also rules media, journalism, publication and higher education. It is the sign that connects us with our ability to have blind faith and believe in a system (or source of power) that is bigger than our own human monkey minds. We started to mix up the concepts of “beliefs” with “facts”, they are now convoluted and apparently up for debate whether your belief structure outweighs the information you receive or vice versa. Gemini is an air sign of pure information with no emotional attachments; it is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger or Prometheus the trickster depending on its relationship to the Sun. We are being given divine intelligence throughout the time that the nodes are opening up gateways and new perspective doorways in Gemini and Sagittarius. It is up to us to make sense of it all and to not be fooled by the flood of information we receive.

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge –

That myth is more potent than history.

I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts –

That hope always triumphs over experience –

That laughter is the only cure for grief.

And I believe that love is stronger than death.

Robert Fulghum, “The Storyteller’s Creed”

This Penumbral Eclipse in Gemini though potent, will not be as massive of a shift as the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius will be on December 14th. This is simply because the sun and moon are a bit far from the orb of nodal influence (just over 10°) but that doesn’t mean we aren’t meant to utilize the portal this full moon brings with it. Just note, this full moon is setting the stage for the next two weeks until we see the culmination of the eclipse energy manifest with the total solar eclipse new moon in Sagittarius. Raven Kaldera calls the Gemini full moon the Story Teller’s Moon because during this moon cycle we must learn to differentiate ”fact, imagination and myth”. Once we are able to decipher the differences between these three things, we use them to understand the human experience in a deeper way, telling the story of our lives and the characters / roles of the people in it. This full moon asks us to see ourselves as characters in our own play in order to shed what needs to be released with a certain level of detachment. What mythological archetypes do you subconsciously play out in your life? What is the story of your play? What roles do your friends play and do you sometimes see others in your life as simply actors with specific titles? Explore the myth of your life. Which god or goddess is living through you? These are great journal prompts and questions to ponder as we move through this portal cycle.

c. 570-560 BCE, depicting the Titans Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders and Prometheus being tormented by an eagle sent by Zeus to eat his liver as punishment for giving mankind the gift of fire.

Since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini it would behoove us to consider its position and how it is affecting our communication and thoughts. Mercury ingressed into Scorpio for the first time this year on September 27th , went retrograde on October 14th, ingressed back into Libra on October 28th and has been in Scorpio November 11th. Once Mercury begins to turn direct it is in the Promethean phase. Mercury in its Prometheus phase is much like Venus in her Lucifer phase wherein they both are beyond the glory of the sun and rise in the morning sky before the sun can shine its light onto the world. They both are in a sense usurping the sun’s morning glory by bringing their own individuated light of knowledge, intellect and love but from their own ideological perspectives. They are both currently in their rebellious phases, going their own way, straying from the order of the universe and creating small pockets of chaos wherever they enact their will. Prometheus is a Greek Titan god of forethought and crafty counsel; it is a trickster figure playing mind games and cunning word play for self-gratifying purposes. Prometheus phase Mercury in Scorpio says things to get a rise out of you, pushes buttons where it knows it shouldn’t push just to see the possibility of a well-guarded wall fall down. Restlessness in the mind activates pure ingenuity and strength of will to manifest desired outcomes with just the focus of the mind. Like the magician, the Promethean phase of Mercury is like a green light from the Universe to enact all the creative forces imaginable. Travel to distant lands with the subconscious, past life regression, dream travel, creative visualization, psychic communication. If your mind is open to the possibility of expanding the perception of reality, it will be done. This is the experimentation phase where we put the ideas we have to the test and push the boundaries of convention with your words, with your mind and your imagination. Mercury will ingress into Sagittarius on December 2nd where the stories really become convoluted, fantastical and sometimes outright unbelievable. Sagittarius has a way of conflating the real story in order to make something sound larger than life. Some call it lying, others call it bedazzling the truth which is the essence of marketing and selling ad space for revenue. But it will always bounce back to what the story is. It’s for the sake of the story that we sometimes embellish a little here and a little there to get a more dramatic response from the crowd. Watch for this tendency within the self and with others. We can sometimes get swept up in the fantasy of the idea because it seems more real than reality itself.

The Story Teller’s moon writing prompt: write out your life story in the form of a fiction. What kind would it be, a love story, a hero’s journey, murder mystery? Rewrite your story into the fan fiction of your heart’s desire. What supporting roles do your friends and family play, antagonist, the confidant, the foil? The Never Ending Story is a tale of a book with empty pages that writes itself as the character continues to live its life. The freedom to change your story is the beauty that Prometheus Mercury brings us. Take advantage of this energetic opening to create your future now! The nodes of the moon offer karmic clearing and we can stray from the wounded stories of our past and family lines, healing our ability to live freely, unshackled by the illusory karmic cycles. Release the old stories that the family held on to that defined their identity in the world. Let go of the old paradigms and archetypes that were placed onto you by culture and society. Break free from the fear to enact your own will in the universe, to pave a new road of shared knowledge and speak up for your own beliefs.

Full Moon Gemini Mantras

I am free to rewrite the story of my life

I am not bound by the old stories of my past

I let go of preconceived judgements

I shed old archetypes that are no longer a part of my identity

I speak with true intent and am unbiased

Evelyn Zuel


Mystic & Astrologer

Book a reading:


eclipse image: Materiel Series #1 Eclipse by Francisco Canton

Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera

Retrograde Planets by Erin Sullivan

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Constance Walsh
Constance Walsh
Nov 30, 2020

Recently a question to my partner -- sincere, curious, and what I would now define as a blurt - sent us both down the rabbit hole. With a stellium in Gemini in the Mid-heaven, a big 'duh!' follows my absorption of this substantial heads-up. The silver lining to a dark cloud reveals an invitation to shed old achetypal identities, one or two in particular. The mantras are great! Thank you, Evelyn, your seeing is brilliant and deep.

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