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New Moon Scorpio Ritual Spell

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


The time between Mabon and Samhain is sometimes called the Void Season, known to be a liminal place between seasons when the veil is especially thin. The quickening of the dark part of the year is when ancestor, underworld and shadow work, faery communion, crone magick and psychic/intuitive abilities are heightened and amplified. As well as mercury retrograde playing his damn games as usual, kicking up suppressed dreams, emotions, and wounds pretty raggedly, especially after that heart wrenchingly intense Pisces full moon last month. Leaving the Aries full moon where we embraced the authoritative embodied vision of The Emperor, the approaching new moon in Scorpio curates an ideal foundation in harnessing the waning moon’s energy to transmute this dynamically challenging season into alchemical medicine. Calling Grandma Nettles as the headmistress of boundaries, we call back all that’s ours’ and give back the rest; sounding for Lady Rose to nourish our hearts with their petals and hips but also protect our dream incubation with their trusty thorns. Finally, the High Priestess Rosemary as the herb of remembrance we petition to call forward our souls’ missions that's hidden in our private dreams, behind our most tender wounds and secret fears.

The New Moon in Scorpio falls on November 4th at 2:14 pm pdt at 12°40'. Begin the process of integrating the themes that the New Moon in Scorpio will bring into your life now and follow the path of synchronicities. To harness the potency of the ritual, start the reflective journey today and let the winds blow you through your subconscious. Start the ritual before the moon begins her new cycle on November 4th at 2:14 pm pdt. The moon will first enter the sign of Scorpio on November 3rd at 5:53 pm pdt. But we recomend performing the ritual at any time up until the New Moon. One thing to remember is that you have all the answers within. If you feel called to work with any other plant, candle, crystal etc. please by all means, let this ritual be just a guide stone if you feel called by your spirit to delve any which way.


  • OIL - Preferred: Clove, sunflower, or clary sage. In a pinch olive: any kitchen oil, lavender, lemon, place clove inside regular cooking oil for makeshift impromptu clove oil

  • 1 CANDLE: Chime, Pillar or Votive. Orange or white

  • NAIL


  • HERBS fresh or dried, 3 pinches of each:

    • Nettles - fire, masculine, Mars, boundary work, nourishment, healing

    • Rose petals / buds – water, feminine, Venus/Moon/Mars, love magick, refinement, protection, hidden things

    • Rosemary - fire/air, feminine, Sun/Venus, magick involving memory, purification, domination, learning, fidelity

  • OFFERING OR LIBATION: Can be the herbs left over from candle dressing, water, wine, tequila, tobacco, something shiny, a homemade snack, etc.

  • OPTIONAL: A single terminated quartz crystal

We are using clove for protection because I think we all can attest to the phenomenon of the BS temptations and tests that come out of the woodwork to make shit hectic the moment we say yes to our dreams. Orange is the color for creative energy of the sacral chakra, womb energy, and the color’s associations with Hod the Kingdom of Splendor within the left pillar of the Sephirah. Thoth (aka Mercury, Hermes Trismegistus) is the Master of Communication and the messenger of the gods whose energy we'll petition for clarity in our personal embodied soul-dream and direct dialogue with our higher selves, our guides and the Universe. A simple and optional way to super charge this spell is to add a single terminated quartz crystal of any size or type, terminated meaning one side having a point while the other is flat, rounded, clustered, or another negative shape. Before we light our candle in the following spell, one could place the base (not the pointy side) of the quartz touching the bottom of the candle or candle holder while facing the terminated pointed side towards an electronic device such as a wifi modem, TV, laptop or phone. A little tech-witch chaos magick hack that speeds up the travel of the quantum information by programming the electronic frequency of the device to carry the spell’s energetic signature into the universe at crystal light speed.



Carve candle using nail with name, numerical birthday and the words:


Dress with oils and herbs; on a plate altar or one from the kitchen, place a generous amount of oil from the wick of the candle to the base, completely covering it with your chosen oil. Sprinkle the herbs on top of the candle one at a time visualizing it’s properties giving respect and gratitude to their powers. Roll the candle towards you in the herbs covering the candle as much as you can. For Votive candles, anoint the wax directly while twirling the votive clockwise. Place candle on your altar and spread the leftover herbs that didn’t stick to the candle around the base. Set the crystal in the programmed position towards the chosen electronic device if using.


Many methods, techniques and traditions are used to cast a magickal circle. Begin by calling in your guides, highest self or any realm of beings you work with. Ask them for protection and success with the work you are about to begin. Call in the four corners: North, East, South and West. You can also call-in goddesses, animals, plants, planets or zodiacal associations that fit your beliefs as a way of creating an energetic protective barrier. At the end repeat:

The circle is now cast and the work begins


Point your athame in your dominant hand towards the candle while lighting it with your nondominant hand. Circle the athame counterclockwise one time as you speak aloud the next words:

As the season spirals, so does the unraveling of the medicine of my spirit.”

Now circle the athame clockwise several times (at least three) while speaking this prayer.

“Brother Mercury, Lover Thoth, please hear my prayer. Open my soulful mind and the ancient sight of my heart so that I may become a better dreamer, so that I can dream my true heart vision into being. That I may do this in a way that brings my highest possible timeline of joy, peace, love, play, graceful healing and service.”

Stop circling the flame and point downwards above the flame with the athame’s blade tip. Stare with purpose into the flame while either envisioning or chanting the intention that’s been carved into the wax, and tap the candle holder audibly with each name of our magickal herbs used in the following invocation. After the third tap keep the blade above and pointing downwards towards the flame away from you.

*pointing athame above and downward*

“Triple Mothers of the Green Wood; Rose *tap*, Nettle *tap* and Rosemary *tap* then returning to original above and downward position, bless our prayers as you bless our bodies, our minds, and our endeavors with your wise old ways as we set to posture divinely through this dimension in reconciled poise. We honor your beauty as we honor this initiation of communion now.”

With the following closing afformation (reconstructed affirmations using rhetorical questions) point the athame as high as you can above your head while your nondominant hand points towards the ground. You’ll be moving your athame from pointing to the sky, to pointing to your forehead, to touching the ground blade point down. The last phrases are said with athame held in both hands over the heart center.

(*pointed to sky with ndh down to ground*) “I pray this in the name of my higher self (*moving to third eye*) with the Universe as my witness. (*touching the ground*) SO BE IT! (*stand up straight with athame over heart*) It’s done, it’s done, it’s done, in the name of the One. How is it THAT easy to quantum leap to exact spontaneous change through sacred joy and free will? How is it THAT easy?? Cuz it’s already done, It’s. Already. Done.”

4. OFFERING AND LIBATION: Give your offering outside by holding the item/s in your hands with an attitude of reverence, respect, and a smile while explaining to the land who you are, say your name out loud, and communicate to the universe who you REALLY are. Speak from the heart the land doesn’t do well with bull shitters. Say what you’re offering is, why you chose to offer it and your prayers behind it. Thank them for nourishing you and ask if they’d respectfully be willing to receive your offering. Lay the offering/pour the libation gently and with honor. Don’t make promises you aren’t willing to keep. In other words, it’s unnecessary to make any deals or contracts at all when working offerings or libations into our magick, our honesty, transparency of heart and thought behind the offering is enough.

5. CLOSE CIRCLE; Again offer gratitude, love and devotion to the higher powers you work with, thank them for participating in the ritual and say “So Mote it Be.” If you have your own personal form of opening and closing a circle, please do so.

6. ALLOW CANDLE TO BURN DOWN & BURY WAX UNDER TREE; take any remaining wax from the completely burned candle and bury it at the base of a tree preferably at a crossroad closest to your house or workplace.


Temple of Witchcraft series by Chris Penczak is an excellent source for circle casting, tool cleansing and empowerment and other rudimentary skills and techniques of witchcraft.

Great article on the logistics of casting a circle and creating sacred space

Ritual by

Hannah Gleam with astrological insights by Evelyn Zuel


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