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is currently in session

The fall season of the Astro Transit Club is now in session and membership is closed. If you would like to join the next season of the Astro Transit Club in January please join the mailing list to be notified of when admission is back open.


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Planet and Moon

Unlock the secrets of the stars at the Astro Transit Club. Learn astrology and how to read charts with professional Astrologer Evelyn Zuel in intimate, biweekly meetings. I will teach you how to interpret the transits of the cosmos in order to improve your daily life and feel more empowered in business, relationships, and general well being. You’ll come away with a newfound understanding of astrology and the tools to use it in your own life.

Please come with the names of the planets, signs, and houses memorized. As long as you can identify the symbols and the glyphs for the planets and the signs then you're in the club!

The Astro Transit Club is an 8 session course. Each meeting we will discuss various astrological topics which are relevant for the transits at the time. The club runs for 3 months at a time, or every astrological season. We're going to have fun while learning with other astro nerds!



FEBRUARY 5th 2024

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