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Full Moon in Libra

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Full Moon in Libra at 18° 43’

April 7, at 7:34 pm pdt

The element of air, the gift of foresight, fighting for our worth: this full moon in Libra is bringing up all of the mind games that had been previously played on us as a collective. The great balancer who holds the scales of justice, dear Libra is a fighter herself. Though Libra is often spoken of as being a gentle, sociable and a likable character, there is also a passion for truth and fairness that inspires Libra to initiate change. As an intelligent spear, the weight of this moon is held in the sign of Capricorn. This T square with the sun and the moon initiates a fiery stirring within us to be heard, scratch that, to be seen! Now that we know we have the authority to make critical choices for ourselves and our families based off that internal animal instinct, we can come to trust ourselves and our motives. Our intuition was right after all and so now it is time to build new structures and to trust ourselves while doing it.

The Pluto, Jupiter influence in Capricorn is the trigger point, what is triggering our newfound independence? The rules and authority of the old ways that do not serve humanity and the earth as a whole is being re-balanced. It felt like the scales of justice were heavily tilting to one side of the coin, the illusion of capitalism sits on a mountain made of loose sand. The point of a free market is to let the castle fall so that new businesses and ideas can flourish, evolving humanity with ingenuity and scientific advancements. What would it be like in the world if every person was equipped with all the essential needs so that there was no worry about the lower level energy of survival? Fear is a low energy wave that grips our awareness to the earthly basic needs. Saturn is associated with fear as he is what holds us down via gravity in the earthly realm. What if the system was set up to encourage individuals to thrive? Aries is a fighter, a competitive spirit who uses that animal and sometimes carnal instinct to fulfill all needs. Sometimes the needs of the individual (Aries) outweighs that of the collective so on the full moon, we ask, how does my need for basic survival necessities affect those around me?

The Full moon in Libra draws our attention to how we view ourselves through the reflection of others. Conflict resolution with one on one relationships is not always the easiest since not everyone speaks the same language. Libra likes to talk it out and use words to solve the problem while Aries is wants to show change with actions. Fire cannot live without air so the two become combustible and ignite a larger fire when together. The inner fire of passion is something we all contain and to feel that flame building inside can be a liberating feeling. Balancing the elements of air and fire allows us to become visionaries of our own future.

Friendship is so important to maintaining a well-balanced life, because of the current situation of self-isolation, the longing to connect with our friends is of course becoming an important issue. Without our usual close contacts ineludibly validating our existence, we must now find validation within our own selves. Reconnecting with our own core self is a gift that a lot of us would never accept because there’s often not enough time or not enough money but this very unusual circumstance is proving us wrong. Venus left earthy, value driven Taurus and entered Gemini on April 3rd, the bouncy, quick sign of duality. In esoteric astrology Venus is elevated in Gemini because of its connection to the dual nature in man. The roman numerals for the number 2 is Gemini’s glyph. The internal twin flame connotes that we have all that we need within ourselves to feel complete. Release old patterns that do not serve you regarding any codependency tendencies. What are some activities you never did alone but are now finding more empowerment in doing them by yourself? It is through physical and mental separation from other people that allows us to recalibrate our inner compass. Only after our inner compass has been calibrated can we then merge our being with the other with conviction.

Full Moon Libra Mantras

I am a sacred disruptor

I initiate change in others with grace

I speak truth from the heart

My internal flame is a beacon for others to follow

With Love and Peace Profound

Evelyn Zuel


The Mystic Parlor



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