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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 15° 34’

6/5/2020 at 12:13 pm pst

If there is anything I have learned while studying the movement of the planets, it is to never underestimate these giants. The geometric aspects that they make to one another is a story in and of themselves, they play out the human drama in the sky to reflect back to us the story that we are playing out. These ruling bodies within the heavens, these godly beings that affect so much of what our human experiences are, have great knowledge to share. There are often turning points in life when we are faced to meet our lessons head on even if we weren’t ready for them. The Universe flows continuously to adjust itself when imbalance is prevalent. You say you want a revolution, well the revolution will show up when you least expect it, unless of course you are following the stars. This year is no joke, there are huge changes among us, the shadows are being exposed and now we are expected to participate in our own retribution as a species. Every single individual plays a part in the evolution of the collective consciousness. How we utilize Eclipse energy is of course dependent on where the eclipse occurs in the chart, but also how much has been suppressed within the self. Eclipses are like big waves in the sky that draw in the bottom of the ocean to the shores of the beach. Lunar Eclipses especially are like the crashing point of the wave when the full power of the water meets the shores on land. The Solar Eclipse New Moon is the wave receding from the shoreline, flowing into itself to recharge and gain power. It is the great inhale, receiving air, bringing the energy within.

The Sabien Symbol for 15° Gemini: “A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause.”

This Eclipse is special because it marks the first of many Gemini / Sagittarius eclipse experiences. The North and South nodes, which are the imaginary north and south pole points of the Moon, ingressed into a mutable new axis on May 5th. Looking back on the last cycle offers up some 20/20 insights as to how we navigated the last eclipse waves and what to look out for within ourselves for the coming ones. The major eclipse themes for the last year and half were geared around our relationship within the family, lineage, home life, career changes, domesticity and success. The Cancer / Capricorn axis taught us how to find the authority from within, step up to the responsibilities of life and manage where we belong within our governing systems. The Sagittarius / Gemini axis now is all about letting go of any ideologies that we thought we knew in order to make room for honest, curious learning. We are being taught now how to be malleable, changeable and dissolve indoctrinated dogmatic beliefs that we once held on to for safe keeping. Many of us will learn new religious practices, feel so inclined to take courses in topics that we had never really given much thought to and to follow that curious spark into new and exciting spaces.

In esoteric astrology, Venus rules Gemini in her heightened space because of her nature to meld the two separating parts of man. Gemini, the twins represent the two parts to our being which is the light and the dark. Our lungs, the heart chakra, is awakening within this new cycle of human evolution. Venus’s positions now will be of much importance, bringer of light, justice and harmony is the great balancer of all that is.

Venus transitioned into her morning star phase on June 3rd. This rarely talked about point is when Venus usurps the Sun’s royal position of being the bringer of light and becomes the brightest star in the morning sky. This is a deeply powerful time when the divine disruptive energies of the dark feminine ripple through the collective. Venus as Morning Star has many names, some not so savory and in biblical times she was considered evil. The true story of the Venus planetary cycles throughout our galaxy offer up parallels to the Christian’s Eve story. She ate the fruit of knowledge, summoning the fall of man’s grace from God, the beholder of all life on earth and that is when we were cast out of the Garden of Eden. The Snake, traditional symbol with so many intricately woven stories throughout history is the catalyst to the Old Testament. The beginning of the end. Eating the fruit of knowledge pushed us farther down the earthly planes of existence. Ignorance is bliss – so they say. The Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail is symbolic of the continual cycle of life and death. The Karmic wheel of reincarnation is found at the North and South Nodes of the moon. At these points is where the eclipses occur. The snake in the Adam and Eve story is no different, it was offering up the fruit of knowledge which offered humanity the options to choose right from wrong. Before the snake tempted Eve with the apple there was no sense of wrong, they were infallible. After consuming or receiving divine wisdom, they became aware of the wheel of karma, allowing them the choice of getting out of the cycle.

Venus, at 12°18’ Rx is just 2 degrees from the Sun in this Eclipse and will make a huge impact on how we move through the Full Moon. She is sitting with the Sun, rising to her highest most defiant placement in the pantheon. Here, she is Kali, divine protector, Mother of the Universe, foot soldier in the attempts of liberation from oppression. The story of Lucifer in the bible is the story of Venus’s orbit through the zodiac. Astrotheology is a fun form of study because it illuminates how influential the sky was in writing the characters and stories in the bible. In ancient Egypt they openly praised the planets and welcomed them into their mythological stories. Just like Lucifer, Venus tempts us with ultimate pleasure, we can become hypnotized by her beauty in the sky and manifest in human beings. However, she is also kind to the prostitutes and harlots, showing mercy for those who have been cast out of society’s grace, or, those who have experienced their “fall from grace”.

Venus as Morning Star participates in a stressful T square with Mars at 15° 52’. Mars in Pisces, the warrior in the water. Rightful action is action taken with love and honor. Rightful action is considering that whatever sacrifices are made, are sacrifices to the betterment of the whole. Pisces is no stranger to the martyring deeds one takes in order to assimilate within the crowd. This lone ranger, swimmer in the deep dreams of the collective reacts thoughtfully, as if in a trance. Swiftly dancing to the aid of anyone in need, this Mars T square is offering a helping hand. Pisces is generous with an open heart; the sign allows us to see ourselves in others and to blur the lines of division. T squares indicate times when we feel a burning need to take action, do something in order to make a right out of something that’s wrong. This mutable T square is very constructive for finishing and releasing cycles, “tiding up” the old projects we’ve left undone or just completely throwing away what doesn’t work. The Sabien Symbol for 15° Gemini is, I kid you not! “A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause.”

It is the defiant woman (Venus Morning Star) who is tired of living a false life that will come out and bring aid division.

with love,

Evelyn Zuel


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