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Full Moon Pisces ~ Cleanse the Mind of Biases

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Full Moon in Pisces at 10° 12’

September 1st, 2020 at 10:22 pm pst

“An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds”

Oscillating between the wide wide scope of perception to the finite molecular subtleties is the quintessence of the Pisces Full Moon this month. Spirituality in the modern era of technological advancements and post-humanist theoretical nightmares; a Piscean dream sequence. To dissolve or not to dissolve, is just the question and a rather valid one at that. This Full Moon in Pisces features an exact trine and sextile to Uranus, the god of the sky who was both son and husband to Gaia the goddess of the earth. Gaia bore Uranus with Chaos, hence Uranus’ association with rebellion, destruction and randomness. This wild and powerful planet who rules the heavens, because of his bird’s eye view of the earth, is able to show us great cultural shifts. Uranus is a slow-moving planet and is on the outer rings of our solar system so there are sure to be many tight aspects to this sky ruler throughout his reign in Taurus. Currently, Uranus is in its retrograde motion, so the aspects become quicker and more erratic, think thunderstorms and random weather patterns, he is the ruler of the sky after all. I can think of 3 isolated extremely rare environmental weather patterns that have happened within the last month off the top of my head and this is not uncommon when such a torrentially chaotic planet who is associated with the heavens and the sky is found in an earth sign. It’s like the lightening of Uranus is trying to ground itself through our physical beings to enter the earth’s crust. How have your nerves been lately? We’re all feeling a bit tense and on edge and the anxiety of rapidly shifting energy patterns can be felt in our bones. Shrinking within and fading into the subconscious self seems like a safe place to weather the storm, especially during a Pisces Full Moon. But Full Moon energy opens us up to face our fears of being insignificant in the greater patterns of the Universe. We are merging with technology and thus the electricity is finding its way of grounding through our very bodies.

Pisces, the constellation of the twin fishes swimming in two separate directions possesses mystical powers. The ability to see beyond our physical senses and bridge the gap between outer and inner realities peaks while the Moon opposes the Sun during Virgo season. It’s sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees but during the Pisces Full Moon we are granted this luxury. Broadening our scope of what is dream and reality to maybe merge these two contradictory concepts. Have you ever had a lucid dream? Like, a truly lucid dream where you aren’t just merely conscious during the dream, but you enact your own free will within it to manifest your wildest fantasies? The feeling is so real because it is! But you wake up and that chocolate cake that tasted so fluffy and luxurious isn’t anywhere to be found. It dissolves into thin air, or is your experience of the chocolate cake enough to convince you of its efficacy? If your subconscious mind can leave a lasting impression on your body in a way that leaves you less like you were before the experience, then is it not just as real? Let’s bring the internet and technology into the mix with the Uranus aspects showing face for our Full Moon in Pisces. The lines become blurred with what is real and what seems like a dream when we do the infinite scroll online, absorbing all of the information and stories that are happening around us with our fellow human brethren. The emotions well up and we start to really feel the happiness, joys, sadness and sorrow as if it is actually happening to ourselves. Empathy through the screen is high. It’s like we have almost fully reached the next evolutionary step of telepathy. When the moon wanes we begin to wake up from the slumber where the wall of our emotions have no boundaries and the collective’s many faces pours into our brain cells. Having some fun with the psychic fishes by tapping into a close friend’s energy field or sending thoughts of positive and uplifting messages to loved ones can become a great yearly practice for our evolving culture. Getting lost in a song that transports you into the past, present or future is a sure way to flow with the Full Moon tides.

Where have you been seeing the “other” as spiritually inferior?

Reading radical literature from the past, say the 60’s, conjures creative outlets for how to deal with some of our modern-day qualms. Religion is a term that pops into the ethers as we see new and improved ways to connect with our divinity, since the old ways of praying only fit a select few. The south node in Sagittarius offers us insight into the dangers of a radical philosophy left uncheck by way of online chat groups that indoctrinate the lost who search for answers. Uranus is radical and rebellious. It is untimely and unpredictable, but this god of the sky comes into a relationship with the Sun and the Moon in a harmonious way which helps to shed light on where we can de-radicalize our connection to spirit. Where have you been seeing the “other” as spiritually inferior? Where in your own life does judgment on other people’s belief systems create blocks between your own connection to source? These journaling questions aren’t meant to dissuade your progress but to emphasize that there is always more to unlearn and unpack from our upbringing. There are always subtle and nuanced, leftover nuggets of bias that seeps out of the pores. Let the Pisces full moon help to wash away and cleanse the mind of those biases in order to connect with the collective in a larger way.

Venus applying in opposition to Saturn at 25°

Venus is in cancer during the Full Moon making a difficult aspect to Mars. Mars and Venus have generally been comrades during the last few moon cycles, but they now are pulling each other in directions that the other has a hard time understanding. The masculine desires to be seen and can cry out for attention while the feminine also cries out but is feeling suppressed by the saturnian restrictive energies in Capricorn. Action is required to relieve the tension between Venus and Saturn. Surrendering is not an option as this cardinal T square will push the polarities to their breaking points. It can feel like our relationships are taking a lot of energy out of us and the emotional strength to support the self and another person is being fired up. The apex of the T square is in Libra, the way out of a tense situation is compromise. It doesn’t seem obvious of course because the most apparent force can be anger which is a mighty energy to navigate through. On a personal level the Full Moon pushes us to think of creative ways to express our emotions that does not require excessive force. But the need to express is apparent. In the mundane realm, this geometric pattern between Venus, Saturn and Mars is a powerful combination to enact change within the political structures. Mercury offers relief so again, the need for clear, logical communication is really the only way out.

Mercury trine Saturn & Pluto

Potential for deep and provocative conversations that open up a plan of action for change. Mercury rules Virgo and in this sign represents the healing powers of the earth. We can find solutions to some difficult agricultural problems and have constructive discourse on where we leave the most waste. Pluto resurfaces conversations regarding health, diet and addictions and offers solutions on how we go about discussing traditionally taboo subjects in healthy and practical ways. We feel compelled to dispel unhealthy practices to rejuvenate our mind and bodies. The positive thought police come out of the woodwork to remind you that your thoughts create your reality, so you better think about yourself as if you are already healed. This doesn’t work for everyone and can sometimes lead to feelings of invalidation of the difficulties of transformation. Setting up new work routines and diet / exercise practices look like positive outlets to work through any emotional upsets.

Full Moon Mantras

I am healed

I cleanse my mind, body and soul with the healing waters of Pisces

My emotions are valid

My struggles are real but do not dwell on them

I let go of past criticisms

I heal any subconscious biases towards another’s religion

With love,

Evelyn Zuel


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