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Invocation of Mother Goddess ☿ Ritual

Invocation of Mother Goddess

Virgin Mary Candle

Fixed with Mercury and charged under the Pisces Full Moon

Blessings Mystics!

The last Blessed & Dressed candle ritual we created was dedicated to the New Moon in Virgo that took place on 9/17 of this year at 25° of Virgo. We only made 8 candles and they sold out within one day of posting it on the website! Even though the candles that we infused our intentions into are sold out, you can still utilize the foundations of this ritual for future magick. The ritual themes are: unconditional love, gratitude, devotion and service to the divine. We invite you to take part in this ritual, where you will create your own talismans to be given away whenever one of your intentions manifests. The act of giving a friend or loved one a seed from your altar is an act towards continuing the cycle of gratitude for life and the abundance of our divine Mother, Earth. So Mote it be!


Zodiac: Virgo

Color: White, Silver and Blue 

Herbs: Rose petals, Mugwort, Lavender, Chamomile

Goddess: Vesta, Ceres, Demeter, Astrea

Saint: Mary, Mary Magdalene 

Supplies you’ll need:

Acorn Squash

Virgin Mary Candle

Kitchen Sink

Sharp pointy thing like a paperclip


Incense ~ Cedar, Frankincense and Myrrh

The Virgin Mary candle is a symbol for connecting to the divine feminine that resides within all of us. The virgin mother is represented in many beliefs and practices, she has associations with Vesta, Magdalene, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Maria-Kannon, and many more! She is the archetype of unconditional love and gratitude, devotion and service to the divine. Call upon Mary and her many forms manifest to recharge in your daily spiritual practice, to dig deeper into your own origin story of birth. 

In Virgo we find an ability to dedicate ourselves to the collective consciousness by sacrificing our egoic desires. We learn how to take the wisdom we have obtained, apply it in an intentional way through devotional and disciplined practices. New Moons are a time for setting intentions, and Virgo represents the mutable earth energy of the zodiac that enables us to plan and strategize for our future. 

Below are the 4 feminine asteroid goddesses and their archetypes. You can call to these goddesses when invoking the 4 cardinal directions to enhance the energy of your ritual. 


Goddess of parenthood, mothering, nurturing, food, and harvest, related to the IC in our charts that rules the 4th house.


Goddess of sacred sexuality, the eternal flame, the guardian of the hearth, and symbol of sacred devotion, related to the Ascendant in our charts and the 1st house. 


Goddess of marriage, sacred contracts, partnership, what we need in our relationships and partnerships, related to the Descendant in our charts and the 7th house.

Pallas Athena 

 Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, setting intentions towards goals/ambitions we wish to execute, related to the MC in our charts, and the 10th house. 

Ritual Instructions

Step 1

Cast your circle by calling upon the 4 corners North, South, East and West and ask for your guides, higher self, higher power and all spirits you work with to participate in this ritual. For this New Moon in Virgo you may want to take the time to completely clean your altar, dusting off any of the hard to reach places. After you have cleaned your altar, start placing your crystals, plants, incense, statues, candles, etc all on your sacred space leaving room for the acorn squash and mary candle.

Step 2

Cut the acorn squash in half for your altar. Scoop out the seeds and put in a bowl, you are going to use them later. Carve the Virgo glyph into the left side of the acorn squash, and pick a glyph of one of the goddesses mentioned above, or another goddess you to work with,  to carve into the right half of your squash.   Set up your altar with the Virgin Mary candle in the center and a half of the squash on either side of the altar. 

Light your incense and candle. Meditate on a white light in your atmosphere encompassing your environment and being. Cast your circle in the 4 cardinal directions, East, North, West, and South. 

Step 3

Open your eyes and gaze into the flame of the candle and imagine what intentions you wish to set into this ritual for the evening, then once you have entered a trance like state/gaze, move your attention to the left half of the squash. Think about those intentions manifesting into the material world, imagine everything you desire coming to fruition, once you have done this, move you gaze to the right side of the squash, call upon the goddess you chose to help you, and imagine yourself taking the proper action to make these intentions real.

Step 4

Grab your bowl of seeds, and bring them to your kitchen sink. Each individual seed must be washed in running water. While you are washing your seed, imagine your intentions going into it. Once each seed has been cleansed, with your intentions, place them around the Virgin Mary candle for them to be charged over the night of this New Moon.

Step 5

Close your circle, thank your guides and the goddesses for blessing your ritual. So mote it be! 

Step 6

These seeds are now your magick seeds that must be put in a special place, perhaps a satchel, that you carry with you. As each intention manifests, give one of your seeds to someone you love who you think needs this blessing. 

At the end of your ritual take the time to sit in meditation and envision everything coming to fruition in your life, the world, and the lives of those you love. Send these blessings out and beyond for the days to come. 

Feel free to tag us on social media if you post photos of your ritual, we love seeing your magick at work!


Love and Blessings,

Evelyn and Analisa

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