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New Moon Cancer ~ Saturn's Suppression & Juno's Obligations to the Oppressor.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

New Moon Cancer at 28°­ 26’

A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins in Golden Scales

pst: July 20th at 10:32 am

The second New Moon of the month in the same sign is rare and when we see the same phase come into our reality again we have to double down on its meaning, it comes back around to say “Let’s start something new out of the old that has been shed”. Capricorn grandfather energy is not letting their story go unheard. This restrictive new moon makes an exact opposition with Saturn and it feels like we are being tested to show our work. The nodes are sextile, the New Moon and Saturn exact, showing that pathways are open for us to unlearn/relearn family historical stories. Reading the book, It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn is opening up a whole new perspective on how to navigate familial trauma. The nodes are karmic access points where spirit manifests lessons and life paths for us to experience. They are shaped like horseshoes that literally look like doorways. Our family history comes in through these doorways in wildly creative ways. Its sometimes so subtle it can be difficult to identify when we are experiencing a parent trauma. Sometimes it is extreme and overt like following the footsteps of the father and picking up their line of work. Other times its unprovoked by being told by your mom that you remind her of her dad, over and over throughout your life. In Mark Wolynn’s book he states that trauma is directly passed down through 3 generations. Because of newfound research conducted on mice by Bruce Lipton we are able to see just how any and all emotions, thoughts and beliefs through multiple generations affects our DNA. The reason it is difficult to identify familial healing when it’s happening is because we don’t always know our family’s full story. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to talk to our grandparents and especially on such an emotional level that we could garner insights into how our own physical bodies are storing their sorrows. Those who are adopted or have adopted parents aren’t able to find out firsthand where and what the DNA is carrying for us to transmute. The book shares research on how offspring of people who experienced traumatic events hold the pain of their parents even when they weren’t present during the tragedy as if they were physically there.

Saturn opposite the new moon brings up emotional responses to being suppressed. The most common emotion that we are taught to suppress, especially women is anger and rage, for men it is often love and affection. If you are satisfied with your ability to express your own emotional needs, maybe take a dig into your family history and see where there are stories of suppression, these are places where you can work to let that anger out of the karmic loop.

Since our last Moon update Mercury has since gone direct in Cancer. It felt like it was more difficult to cry when it was retrograde but now the tears seem to be welled up with every passing feel good comment. Remember the retrogrades are the inhale and the direct motion is the exhale. Let it out and feel what has been stirring in the heart wile Mercury was making its journey back through the water world of Cancerian feels. The winged messenger brings with him stories from the deep blue ocean. The desire to be around water, which is such a cleansing and healing element is a nudge to cleans the mind. Mercury remains in Cancer until August 5thmeeting Saturn in opposition along the way. In order to become the leader, we need to learn how to temper the inner desires to express from an emotional state, which stems from prejudgment of the external. Reactivity can feel so good sometimes, the release of happiness, anger, sadness all the things but when Mercury meets with Saturn around August 3rd,we come to realize how sacred silence can be. Stoicism is the art in which we practice balance of internal and external judgements. It was a founded as a school of Hellenistic philosophy in Athens in the 3rdcentury BC * Stoicism really isn’t for everyone but is a fun thing to try and master. The Mercury Saturn opposition will test our abilities to contain internal balance as we feel the weight of suppression from outside ourselves.

If we’re allowing ourselves to become upset by external things, we must examine the judgments we are placing on those things. The goal of a Stoic is not to be strongly opposed or strongly desire external things, rather, it is to either prefer or disprefer them. Therefore, when we feel ourselves becoming emotional wrapped up in an external situation, we must look inward and determine the reasoning for these strong emotions and examine 1) is this within my control? 2) Is this good, bad, or indifferent? 3) Do I prefer or disprefer this?”* – D.A. DiGerolamo.

If someone cries in front of you it is through a stoic response will you be able to consider all of the potential solutions beyond your own bias and theirs. Some say the point of mastering the mind through meditation is so that we can navigate external extremes while staying balanced within. Other say that’s all BS and to kick and scream if you need to because suppression is what got us in the mess of untangling family trauma to begin with! To each their own, but one thing to remember is that all feelings are valid whether they are your own or someone else’s.

Mars in Aries opposite Juno in Libra at 12°

“An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest”

Juno / Hera is the asteroid goddess of sacred marriage. Juno was one of Zeus’ wives, and there were many, she stayed with him even after his many adulterous sexcapades because of her obligation to uphold her part of a contract. Juno saw marriage as a sacred rite and for her it was within her deep respect for values that kept her with Zeus through all his shenanigans. Juno vowed to get her revenge not towards her contractual counterpart, but through Zeus’s offspring and the goddesses who bore them. Mars is the planet of directed energy and will power and is making an opposition to this asteroid. Libra as we may know by now, can have the characteristic tendency to sacrifice the individual need in order to keep the peace within friendships. Juno in Libra may be offering us opportunities to notice where we tend to bend our will when it comes to keeping the other emotionally content. We begin to see how we no longer need to stay in these restrictive contracts and feel a desire to break away from obligations towards others, relationships, friendships that have not been met with fairness.

Watching for archetypal expressions of these planetary relationships in pop culture is not a new astrological tool. Celebrities are Divas, divinity that resides in all beings symbolized in one canonized physical body. We follow celebrity because we are in awe of divinity manifest as a singular human. Whether or not we have the same reverence for these divas is besides the philosophical point, and one for another topic, however, we recognize themes around us through these characters of human expression. One such diva, Britney Spears represents this Juno Mars opposition to a T. The Free Britney movement has been sweeping the internet and if you haven’t heard of it by now, let me share a bit of this unfolding story. Britney Spears is under what is called a conservatorship which is a legal contract that gives rights to her father over her entire estate. This means she does not have full custody over her children, her bank accounts, her singing career, world tours etc. It all falls under the responsibility of her father under the claim that she is not cognitively aware enough to make decisions over her own daily life – even though directly after the conservatorship she went on a world tour that grossed over 200M. Conservatorships aren’t easy to attain; some have a hard time being granted conservatorship for family members who are incapacitated. Britney Spears is under a legal obligatory contractual agreement with her father wherein he reserves all rights to her estate, and she has a court case coming up July 22ndwhich is just 2 days after the New Moon in Cancer making an opposition to Saturn with the Juno/Mars opposition. Ok so what does this have to do with the Juno opposite Mars aspect? Well Britney is in an obligatory marriage (Juno in Libra) and Mars in Aries is coming into one’s fierceness. It would be reasonable to deduce that because of this energetic doorway, Britney would have. Good chance at breaking free from her contract for more independence and ownership over her own life and family.

Oppositions require that there be some sort of compromise, it isn’t often that we see a perfectly balanced 50/50 agreement with opposing planets. A lot of times its ‘winner takes all’ or indicates something that needs to be broken. Take a look at your own chart and see where this Juno/Mars opposition falls to get an understanding of where in your own life there might need to be some renegotiations between you and the other. Venus in Gemini is Trine to this Juno position having made her exact contact on July 16th, the strength is waning a bit but there is still momentum for sharing appreciation to those who do treat you with kind respect and gratitude. Acknowledge the ones who have shown up for you and who you would show up for through thick or thin. Friendships are conducive to living a fulfilled and happy life and we need to nurture those relationships so much right now. Venus syncs up with the North Node in Gemini before she moves into Cancer on August 5th. We are being given opportunities to cultivate new meaningful relationships during this time! Allow the self to be open and willing to receive a new connection with someone. Take the time during this New Moon to set intentions for who that person could possibly be, visualize what the relationship would entail. What type of personal reflection are you looking for right now? Someone to help you learn to communicate your needs more easily. Maybe you are looking for a comrade to co-create a new project idea that has been stirring around in the brain. Gemini, the sign of the twins plays host to the facilitating a mutual and beautiful type of relationship that is. When we let go of that which is holding us back, we are able to make room for the new.

A New Moon in Cancer writing prompt: Re-write The Introduction You Give to Strangers.