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New Moon in Aquarius

Article originally published on the Magic of I blog

New Moon in Aquarius 4° 21’

1/24/2020 at 1:41 pm pst

Congratulations to all! We faired the torrential cosmic weather of last week well. We took a big hit with the Full Moon Cancer Eclipse on January 11/10thand now the eclipse wave is receding from the shores. Do you feel more confident to move ahead now that there is room to breath? Mercury is now in Aquarius; our minds are free to explore the unwarranted and wacky possibilities of an ideal outcome. Our imaginations roam and consider solutions to previous problems that were too difficult to swallow before. If you can think it, you can create it. Lovely Venus is graced high on a pedestal, swimming in a dreamy Piscean state towards a conjunction with Neptune. Nostalgia, the 6 of cups, lost loves, getting swept in a sea of musical bubbles can make for a nice reprieve from the intensity of the previous weeks. Venus is exalted in Pisces for her ability to express pure, unconditional love and she grants this to all who are open to receive. Saturn is now 1 degree away from the Pluto conjunction, waning from the immense tension that these two planets create. The conjunction, as we know is a moment when a seed is planted so we are not finished with these two, however we now have more insight and clarity. Moving into the air element from earth can feel like a window has been suddenly opened in a stuffy room. Our thoughts are carried further than the tips of our noses and travel beyond what we can see. Aquarius, an electric sign who is keen on networking opens the pathways of communication.

The New Moon falls on January 25th- 24thdepending on your location in Aquarius at 4°21’. Our beautiful mother moon is met with the father sun yet again to turn the wheel of time one notch forward. The friendship moon is when we rekindle and clear out any cobwebs with friends and make collaborative efforts with people in the community. What is community? Many of us crave this experience, of being in a network of people who share the same values and goals. Finding these things should be easier than before with the advent of the internet and the plethora of social networking platforms but we sometimes find it difficult to come to terms that we can be pigeonholed into a category by doing this. The Chiron in Aries wound that we are all navigating currently is about self-identity.

Who Am I Though?

To belong to a group is to conform to that group’s identity, killing the idea of individuated self. The opposite sign of Aquarius is fiery Leo, the king of charisma and standing out from the crowd. Is it really better to burn out than to fade away? The Leo Aquarius axis dilemma. The New Moon does not make many aspects, but it does meet with Chiron and Uranus in a minor way which asks the question “Who am I within the group dynamic?” or “what role do I play within my community?”

Learning how to navigate a group of friends is way more complex than the one to one. Sometimes we must sacrifice ego in order to save the whole. We see this self-sacrificing and humbling structure playout in humanitarian relief efforts, when the good of the group trumps the individuals’ survival needs. There are times when we must swallow our pride and admit we were wrong because the larger picture is that we in fact do need each other. Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius and these two planets appropriately are hypocritical to one another. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and was assigned this zodiac sign before Uranus was discovered. Appropriate that the eccentric, non-conforming sign Aquarius would have such a dueling planetary relationship to rule its expression. Uranus is a radical and unpredictable planet that uproots and creates revolutionary changes while Saturn placates to the tried and true, scientific method. These two archetypes seem wildly different but when they work in tandem, they create a revolution of values that allows for a sense of freedom from judgement.

This New Moon is a perfect time to channel those radical, utopian dreams of your perfect community. Imagine what it would look like, how the dynamics of the people would play out. Manifesting isn’t just about generating wealth and physical gain but about actively using your mental powers to fashion the reality that suits you. Have you ever had the synchronistic experience of thinking about someone and then receiving a text from them immediately after? It’s actually a real and valid way of communicating! Practice psychic communication with your friends, play around with sending each other images and messages with your thoughts. The Sun is in Aquarius until February 19thwhich gives ample time to explore the collective subconscious realm. There’s a reason Aquarius is likened to telepathic alien experiences, and its ability to channel other dimensions through creative and artistic outlets is one of them. The tarot card The Star is associated with this anomalous sign emphasizing the process of channeling down our highest hopes and wishes from the firmament.

New Moon Aquarius Themes

Conscious clarity

Efforts towards collaboration


Freedom from judgement

Revolution of values

Channeled Inspiration

With love


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