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New Moon in Taurus ~ Worthy of More

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

New Moon in Taurus at 3° 24’

4/22/2020 at 7:26pm pdt

What bears the highest reward for withholding the most pleasure?

With each careful step that the bull takes towards stability comes a shaky Uranian whirlwind. It has been said before that we must change our relationship to our material world, to mother earth and it makes sense logically. When we talk about the grotesque pillaging of our abundant mother and the piles of waste that will never decay, we can accept that it is a problem. And then we ask ourselves, “what can I do?” I’m just one person. We do what we can, and it still doesn’t feel like it is enough. The restrictive forces of Saturn are real and can depress our efforts for building a stronger foundation. The New Moon in Taurus is met with a square to Saturn in Aquarius, it’s a battle of the wills. Saturn traditionally rules Aquarius and the Moon is exalted in Taurus, they are both highly placed in their positions within the zodiac and are pulling on each other. Taurus new moon says, “I want to feel good; I want to look beautiful, freely create” and Saturn in Aquarius says, “but you must wait longer and it’s not just about you but about the people around you.” This is for the sake of building a stronger community. We must withhold the pleasures that are normally so readily available to us and replace it with something constructive.

Needs vs. Wants

We need to eat but we want sugar. Venus rules Taurus and is a sweet planet. In medical astrology Venus is related to sugar and other carbohydrates. What do we run to when we want to make ourselves feel better during a rough day? Typically, it will be those sugary and carb filled treats. The reason is because when we get a hit of sugar it releases dopamine in the reward centers in the brain. We get a mini burst of pleasure from consuming sugar and this part of our chemical reaction to external stimuli is continually manipulated by advertisements, likes, blinking dinging pleasant sounds that signify a reward like phone games. The way that marketing works on us psychologically is very Venusian and some might say just another form of taking advantage of the feminine receptive parts to our human existence. The second house in our charts which is associated with Taurus and Venus is what we consume, what we value and our own possessions. The opposite is the 8th house: what we release or let go of, other people’s stuff and our own relationship with that (hence jealousy in some cases). The New Moon is opening us up to take a very critical look at what our habitual dietary patterning is. There is no need to place shame or guilt on what pleases our senses, leave that to religion. But it is important to, without judgement, examine our relationship with pleasure.

“We must withhold pleasures that are normally so readily available to us and replace it with something constructive.”


Again, this isn’t about shaming or guilting you into conservation, the astrological alignments are probably already doing that. The purpose is to overcome the guilt of feeling good in order to have an honest conversation with we and to be open to receiving rewards of substance. Venus is once again one of the only planets in the chart making harmonious aspects throughout the zodiac. Her easy flow with Mars opens an invitation to use our words as a form of sensual connection. Since the energy is already there to help, speak up about what you need whether it be from a partner, a boss, a friend or a sibling. We’re planting seeds during this time so for the Full Moon in Scorpio in two weeks we will be ready to let go of old patterns gracefully and graciously.

Let’s talk about the money♉︎

Because of its rulership over 2nd house matters, Taurus relates to everything earthly as in commerce, retail, food and finance. We will and must talk about what our time is worth. We must value ourselves enough to want to ask for more. This month we are talking about money, another traditionally taboo subject. So, clearly there is a huge restriction for us to receive finances, (Saturn Aquarius Square the Sun Taurus). Saturn just entered Aquarius and it feels like we’re on the precipice of some sort of universal income system. However, the financial markets have proven to be plumped up by monopoly money and small businesses are being screwed out of financial aid from these large corporations (yet again). The United States Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who previously was a hedge fund manager and investor recently told the press that he believes US citizens should be able to live off of $1200 for 10 weeks. Can there be a more disconnected soul overseeing finances for the United States of America? If we break down the work week to 40 hours and divide $1200 by 400 hours that brings us to a laughable, are you ready? $3 AN HOUR!!! Let that sink in.

During this New Moon in Taurus, lets plant the seeds within our subconscious to value our worth, to take ownership over what brings us pleasure and to not be afraid to ask for more. On this New Moon in Taurus, let’s set the foundations for a stronger community, a more peaceful relationship to the earth and stability within our hearts. We are strong, we are resilient, and we are worthy of more.

New Moon Mantras

I am worthy of more

I invite pleasure into my life

I honor the Earth

I am a part of a mighty and strong community

I am a valuable member of society

☾☥ Evelyn Zuel


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