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New Moon Pisces ~ Swim into the Void

New Moon Pisces 23° 3’ ~ "On A Small Island Surrounded By The Vast Expanse Of The Sea, People Are Seen Living In Close Interaction” The New Moon in Pisces is extra dreamy this year with Neptune close by, affecting where the boundaries lie within ourselves and our relationships. The Sabian Symbol for this Pisces degree offers an image that many of us can relate to. For the last year the idea of being socially distant from one another has left many feeling isolated, on an island and surrounded by a vast ocean to which there is no lifeboat to journey on. But at the same time, surrounded by new faces and old alike in one small screen. The image of someone sitting on an island with their computer screen changing faces comes to mind, the zoom chats and technological video hang outs, leaving us feeling less alone mentally, but the physicality is still struggling to catch up. These are times when sinking into a cloud of golden hugs lulls the heart to trickling sounds of rivers filled with love. The energetic healing properties of the heart and the imagination play wildly together, dreaming up ideal scenarios, vision boards galore. To be bound by the weight of gravity now would drop a soul to the bottom of the well like a rock. The bottom of the well is only a place we must travel to when The Tower card appears reversed. Refusal of the new, of change and of complete surrender can trick the soul into misleading fantasies. Purifying the heart in the healing waters of Pisces cracks the shell of our cosmic egg, such a gentle shell to begin with that we feel the need to cradle it. We fear that once the egg has cracked, we can no longer contain what lies inside, the soft, gelatinous goo of vulnerability. How much do you give of yourself and where have you sacrificed the most this moon cycle? Follow the cracks within your reality and test the barrier, are you ready to unleash the life- giving yolk onto the world or is there still time remaining in the incubation period? We all have our own timelines and the cosmos validate where we are on the journey of breaking the parameters of our realities and the ethereal.

Sunrise by the Ocean, painting copyright Vladimir Kush

Pisces represents the end of the Astrological year before we start a new cycle with the equinox in Aries. The 12th house and Pisces offer us the time to look into what parts of ourselves we have been allowing to lay dormant within. Pisces season beckons us to peer over the ledge of our subconscious and drift like a leaf into the lake of dreams. When the Sun moves through the water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, there is a definite sense that the veil is slightly thinner and that we are able to access whatever emotions have been dwelling below the surface. The intuitive properties of water open us up to the mystical, it works as a channel, is conductive of electricity and there may be more activity from the other plane poking through into our waking lives. Keeping one foot on the ground during the very airy and fluid astrological space we are moving through, is a conscious effort. If you are feeling a bit lost, a little directionless at this point in time, it is understandable. While we navigate the end of our astrological year, we can focus on what we are grateful for rather than where we are headed next because Aries season is right around the corner: March 20th and once that Sun hits its home turf of fire, we’re putting it into full gear!

Because we are now in the process of shedding, washing and renewing ourselves for the coming season, take note of some of the old ways, habits and relationships that are going through a cleansing. Are you holding on out of a fear of the unknown? The emotional well of Pisces runs deep, so there may be some reserves that are bubbling up to be healed when it comes to matters of the heart. The earth signs out there, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo may be feeling extra raw and a bit fragile navigating the limitless confines of one’s own emotions. Its ok to let go and its ok to feel whatever pain that needs to be healed. Open yourself up to receive with gratitude and graciousness now for it softens the heart. Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo may be noticing where their energy is leaking. What sacrifices are you making now that are in detriment to your well being? On the flip side, since Pisces does ask us what are we willing to sacrifice for love, what is it that needs to be sacrificed in order to make room for others?

Mars entered Gemini on March 3rd. We have been feeling the fidgety, flighty energy of Gemini unfold within our movements and the restlessness of being still is starting to stir. The god of war enters the sign of communication. Words are quiet powerful tools and can move mountains. Learning new ways of communicating for the sake of proactivity is supported with Mercury and Mars both in air signs. The flow of ideas and suggestions are boosting those verbal skills. The listening skills come later when mercury moves into Pisces on March 15th. Mars and Saturn are moving into a harmonious aspect with one another, promoting the idea of ingenuity, sound advice, thinking outside the box and actually finding the ways to accomplish it! When Mars and Saturn were square back in January, it was a very constructive time to get started on a new endeavor, it could also have exposed weaknesses in thinking and faulty projections. Basically, it was a hard reality check of what was and was not realistic. Now that these two are working in tandem with one another to accomplish a shared goal, we see more progress regarding the way we are communicating our ideas and how it is landing. It doesn’t feel like we’re some discombobulated word basket trying to make sense of nonsense anymore but that the concepts we are working with are becoming more real. Key concept is patience, the fruit is still growing to ripeness.

New Moon Pisces Affirmations I am boundless I straddle the two planes of existence with ease Healing energy is available to me at all times I am not a victim, I am a co-creator My intuition guides me exactly where I need to go

Evelyn Zuel @Evelyn.Zuel Astrologer + Certified Consulting Hypnotist Owner of The Mystic Parlor


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