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New Moon Taurus ~ I Persevere Through the Changes

New Moon Taurus 21° 17’

“White Dove Flying Over Troubled Waters”

This new moon in Taurus represents the year 2021 as a whole and is a very powerful new moon to set our intentions to. Within this Taurus moon cycle, we will experience a total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius so the steps we make now will ripple out energetically in a multitude of pathways. In the Tarot, we pair Taurus with the major arcana card, The Hierophant. The association is in connection with Taurus’s ability to maintain order within chaos. The bull was once a deeply sacred symbol that reflected fertility, abundance, and respect for the natural order of earth’s cycles. She is the divine feminine which houses our desires. Desire, lust, and cravings push us towards manifesting our dreams in concrete and tangible ways. Sometimes we need to feel the buildup of such energies inside first until we can’t handle the tension and that’s when we feel charged to make changes. The bull takes steps forward in the same ways, taking exorbitant amounts of time to make any alterations because of its natural tendencies towards maintaining structures and systems that already exist. The Hierophant represents conservativism and the status quo. With all the massive shifts we have gone through collectively, the lessons of flexibility during times of change have us all seeing conservatism in a rather negative light. It is this rigidity, refusal to change that has put many people in conflict within themselves.

Taurus is also associated with three other cards in the tarot, the 5, 6, and 7 of pentacles. These cards show up for us when we are moving through the lesson of tenacity, letting go and or continuing with our projects. Five initiates distress, six teaches the lesson of overcoming such distress and 7 teaches the importance of perseverance and patience. The suit of pentacles pertains to the earthly realm, money, finances, personal art projects and business.

Beginning new cycles and relationships with food, money, and security in the material plane.

What are the most basic needs for the human body to survive and why do we as human have this innate desire for adornment? To attract a potential lover, to stand out and impress the self upon the outer world draws us to attach meaning to the material objects we inevitably leave behind once our time here on earth is done. A beautiful, bright red fruit attracts a hungry passerby, with the intention to plant its seed far from the fruit’s origin. We make love with nature; we procreate when we ingest its sweetness with the promise to spread its DNA on the earth by passing along its progeny once the fruit has gone through our digestive systems. To put it bluntly, we are meant to spread the fruit by eliminating it out of our bodies and onto the land, allowing the seed to germinate in our shit, thus becoming human recycling machines. The relationship between consuming the sweetness of life with how it is eliminated through our excrement is the quintessence of the Taurus / Scorpio axis. That’s alchemy baby!

Taurus shows us how to discern the value of an object by weighing out the element of attraction vs. practicality. We can start fresh by setting higher standards for what we choose to bring into our homes on this new moon. Maybe you have been considering eating cleaner, more conscious or using products that last longer than 3 months. This is a great time to reassess what you have around you and declutter the space so that you can refill it with intention. It’s no coincidence that we celebrate Earth Day when the sun first enters the constellation Taurus. Our precious resources are meant to be used yes but with intention and with a standard of sacredness. Conserve, preserve, reuse is the bull’s moto! Have you ever seen a Taurus willingly throw away leftovers? It takes a lot for Taurus to let go of an object that has come into its orbit because it knows that it still has a purpose beyond its one-time use. Scorpio is the eliminator while Taurus tries to preserve. One of the biggest problems facing the future of humanity right now is waste management. Once the nodes shift into Taurus / Scorpio, which is by February of 2022, we will be well beyond our limits of how much resources we have excavated out of the earth for the simplest of pleasures. Pleasure that lasts but 3 minutes and then we are finished.

as Robert Frost says: “Nothing gold can stay”. We must begin to reframe our thinking when it comes to how we interact with the earth’s raw materials with the awareness of where it will end up when we’re done ‘using’ it.

Taurus is one of the most patient signs of the zodiac, it has the tenacity and determination to withstand great pressure for long periods of time. The energy of the bull is relaxed, moderate and steady. We can learn where in our lives we need to slow down, where we may have been withstanding more pressure than we really need to for the sake of productivity and maintaining the workflow. When the bull reaches its limit, it can get aggressive, feeling suddenly extremely uncomfortable with the constraint. Look at where the new moon falls in your chart. It will show you where you could lighten the load in your life by releasing any pressures or perceived constraints. This is the area of your life where you can cultivate more beauty, harmony and ease. Remember, this is the new moon, so you are planting the seeds which will take time to germinate. They will show their flowers to you when the full moon Lunar Eclipse shines the sun’s light onto the Sagittarian moon 2 weeks later.

New Moon Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

The planet Pluto works as the great eradicator. With the new moon making a harmonious aspect to this intense planet, we are much more apt to seeing what in our lives is weighing us down, hindering our growth rather than elevating us. What sorts of relationships, objects, work experiences are we deal with because it’s just what has been done for years and years? You know how when you enter a new job, and you get a sense of apathy from your co-workers because there remains a system in which has been put into place that is just supplementary for the boss? You can see a better process, an easier one but you cannot enact it because its “just not how we do things around here.” – that infuriating energy is what this new moon in Taurus is working to eliminate. We’re not doing things the way we’ve been doing it just because it’s something that has been around for ages. We are finally course correcting old systems to be easier, simplified, and efficient, which is the Taurean way.

New Moon Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

With a little bit of magic, we can dream up something stunning that has been knocking around in the brain for a while. Is there something you have been hoping to manifest into existence that stems from your own personal fantasies? Why not go for it! With the practical applications that Taurus offers, the steps seem to be more accessible now. When the watery world of Neptune in Pisces is paired with the grounded approach of Taurus, you can realize those visions with useful and applicable actions.


New Moon Taurus Affirmations

I am resilient and can withstand the times of change

I maintain my heart center with ease

I respect earth’s resources as sacred gifts

I realize that I own nothing

What belongs to me belongs to all beings

I am grateful for all that I have

I am the divine incarnate

Evelyn Zuel

Astrology & Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Owner of The Mystic Parlor


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