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Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Radical Awakenings

Full Moon in Scorpio 7° 6’

“A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight”

Releasing wounds around persecution.

Radical awakening to engrained behavior patterns especially in love and romance.

The polarity between give / take, save / throw away, preserve / destroy lie within the Taurus - Scorpio domain. When the Sun is in Taurus it is illuminating all that is required for us to get steady footing, feel grounded and secure in life. The moon in the opposite position is reflecting the sun’s light and projecting it through the deeper, darker qualities of Scorpio that desires to rid itself of all unnecessary baggage. What is it that you are truly and willing to fully let go of that is riddling your mind of unnecessary worry? Maybe it’s as simple as making the decision to stop responding to a specific pet peeve you have or letting go of the anxiety surrounding feeling secure in your personal space. The thing that you let go of doesn’t have to be a huge, life altering experience but something that offers you more steadiness as you move through accomplishing the bigger goals in your life.

Do you tend to infantilize your romantic partner? Do you associate them as your boss, employee, mother, father? Do you have certain expectations of them that stem directly from how you did or did not receive nurturing? Many of these ways of relating to our romantic partners is so deeply ingrained into our subconscious framework that we don’t often have opportunities to stop and dissect the why. This full moon in Scorpio is offering you the time to slow down and get really balanced with your inner and outer realms. Do you still have moments of vulnerability that get projected onto other people? We all do, it is such a foundational part of how we evolve psychologically. Unearthing these hard to confront realities of our behavior patterns is the first step towards releasing built in wounds that get stored into the physical body and that is just what the Scorpio / Taurus axis is all about. Catch and release.

Consumption and what goes in and exits our bodies is a theme for this full moon as well. What are the eating habits that you have that are not serving you? Are you using food to compensate for how you feel inside? If so, breaking down the reasons why that mental pattern began in the first place will help you to understand your subconscious processing even more, allowing you to feel free from the need to use food as a comfort mechanism, trusting that you will always have enough and that the earth is an abundant place. Same goes for spending money. Money activates the reward centers in our brains and when we receive money, it turns on a light in the brain that says it wants more. When we spend money on items that are for pleasure vs a need, that same light goes on. Many of us have turned to consumption as a form of self-soothing during the whirlwind of a year that was 2020. Seeking external pleasures to fulfil what we were missing inside makes sense, since we went through an extensive period where we were restricting physical, human contact. Physical contact also creates the same chemical reaction in the brain in the reward centers as does eating pleasurable foods and buying tchotchkes. Without shame, release the need to consume external pleasures and replace them by connecting with someone you care for but don’t get to see often enough.

The moon has a hard time fully expressing itself in Scorpio since it is exalted when it is in Taurus and Scorpio being the opposite sign, puts the moon in what is called its “fall”. When a planet is in its fall it connotes that it has less mobility to express itself freely due to the limitations given by the zodiac sign’s characteristics. The emotions we release through the full moon in Scorpio can come out intensely at first and as a surprise to those around us. This moon placement will either force us to eat our words and suppress the feelings even deeper for the next come around in Scorpio or it will be released with so much power that it intimidates, opening us up to the shame we have been hiding those intense feelings under. The moon loves Taurus because the expression of the soul is productive, grounded, and reasonable but when the emotional self is expressed through the lens of Scorpio it can come out in a harsher manner than we anticipated. Just like a baby learning to walk, we must first learn to fail at expressing the more difficult emotions. Sometimes it comes out all wrong or in a way we didn’t mean and that’s perfectly ok! Allowing yourself to let go of the grief, shame, fear and guilt will feel uncomfortable at first because the habitual process has been to suppress, but the more we do it, the easier it gets.

It’s time to clean house of emotional baggage. Looking around your home, notice any of the objects that are beginning to just take up space. Taurus tries to preserve something if it deems it valuable enough but can get in the trap of not using something because of the desire to keep it perfectly and impeccably pristine. Scorpio full moon comes in and says “Why do you have that unopened, unused box of stuff? What are you waiting for? Use it!” Taurus tries to preserve its resources while Scorpio wants to use what it can. It’s a time for ingenuity and cracking open that closet door to see what has been collecting dust. Reduce, reuse, recycle! The full moon is perfect for putting earth materials back into circulation to be transformed and renewed. Give old clothes away, if you are a creative minded person, spend this full moon dreaming up new ways to use what you have that is sitting around the house taking up space. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and the rise of the phoenix. Transforming old, wasted materials into shiny new usable ones is a highly elevated aspect to the Scorpio archetype. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Moon in Scorpio Square Saturn in Aquarius

Self-expression is best suited when used to build infrastructure for the community. Saturn in Aquarius is teaching us how to put our efforts towards community and group-oriented systems. The way of the individual no longer serves society. We are finding ways to get our needs met collectively and in a co-collaborative and industrious way. Technological advancements allow for us to connect with one another in ways we never imagined, changing the concept of insurance, education, and finance. The privatization of such agencies will allow for more competition within the tech sector to come up with innovative ways for the collective to share resources easier than before. The hurdle however is a tail as old as time, the older generation who does not care to see change out of fear of being left behind. The more we can offer outreach and education to the older generation to not fear this new change the easier it will be for the collective to advance and evolve spiritually, culturally, and politically. For those who have a fear of rapid evolution, this full moon will show you where those fears can be subdued through proper education. We often fear what we don’t yet know and when it comes to scientific advancements, it is no different, no matter the age.

Venus conjunct Mercury

These two personal planets govern much of our day to day lives. What these two do in the zodiac affects us much more specifically and varies from person to person. The main theme to watch for is communication within romantic and business relationships. The way in which your parents speak whether it be mom or dad or both, will be reflected directly to you in these close 1 on 1 type relationships. Notice any key words or phrases surrounding needs that are or aren’t being met between you and your romantic / business partner. The communication might eerily reflect that of your parents’ way of communicating around this time.

Full Moon Affirmations

I allow myself to feel the deeper parts of my being

I am strong enough

I honor the earth by circulating my resources

I let go of all that weighs me down

I choose to reward myself in healthy and meaningful ways

Evelyn Zuel

Astrology & Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist



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