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New Moon Virgo ~ Following Nature's Call

New Moon Virgo 25°

September 17th at 3:59 am pst

Sabian Symbol: “A Boy With A Censer Serves The Priest Near The Altar”

The Sun and Moon are once again aligning in the sky to signify their sacred union with a new emotional cycle. This union becomes manifest in the sign Virgo who is service centered and driven towards purity. What sorts of new practices have you taken on during this Virgo season? Oftentimes we feel a pull towards tidying up, cleaning the cobwebs and organizing our external world so that the internal can breathe and think with clarity. Reconnecting with the earth element is a beautiful process and it's been hard to do that for a lot of people because it feels like any time there is an opportunity to go outside, a natural disaster pushes us right back indoors. Staying grounded and focusing on the day to day can be a huge help and is a skill Virgo is no stranger to. The 8 of Pentacles and 10 of pentacles are strong Virgo cards that teach us how to home in on our craft or skill in order to work towards the bigger goal (Pisces). Virgo focuses on the tiny details that it takes to make a project functional while the opposite sign Pisces puts the pieces together to create a beautiful image. The idea of attaining perfection is a weighted issue with Virgo, the sign that strives for enlightenment through dedicated efforts compounds stress with achievement. Moon in Virgo people tend to function with a low level of anxiousness that is often times not expressed outwardly. This low hum of mutable, static electricity gets built up in the mental space, pestering the mind to solve the problem as if all of humanity relies on it. Being a feminine / yin sign, Virgo often focuses on the negative or what has been omitted from the scene. Because of the ability to see the negative space that remains, they function as phenomenal editors, curators, refiners and critiques. They see where there is a void that needs to be filled, the void that Pisces lavishes in. All pieces must fit and function properly or else that low level anxiety will get released.

There are three energy patterns in astrology that we talk of, cardinal, fixed and mutable. The cardinal signs usher in the new season while the fixed signs work towards stabilizing and strengthening and the mutable signs begin to melt away and infuse the last season with the coming turn of the next. Virgo is the last phase that we experience before we shift into autumn. Oftentimes overlooked, the humble sign Virgo continues to diligently pick away at the remnants of summer, tidying up what was left like a crawfish cleaning quickly cleaning up the algae from rocks and other sea creatures. With Mars making its way backwards in the sky, what are some past projects that were put on hold that are coming into the horizon to be worked on again? What leftover business do you have that needs to be tended to before we transition into the new Libra season? New Moon in Virgo offers us a time where we can set intentions for building healthier work patterns that are in line with our bodily and mental health needs.

Image of Demeter and Persephone made at Myrina, north-west Asia Minor c. 100 BC

There is also an association with health and daily maintenance that is associated with Virgo, the asteroid goddess Ceres is a parallel myth that ties into the nurturing qualities that Virgo possesses. The goddess Ceres (Roman) / Demeter (Greek) / Amaterasu (Japanese) / Cybele (Anatolia) archetype relates to the harvest, fertility, agriculture and motherly themes. In the Greek myth, Demeter had a daughter Persephone who was tempted by Hades to live in the underworld. Because Demeter was distracted by the loss of her daughter, she was unable to tend to the crops and inadvertently caused a famine. When Persephone was returned to Demeter, she rejoiced and brought the land back from its infertile nature thus naming Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. This story symbolizes the shifting seasons from abundance to barrenness and how the cycle repeats every year. Because of the natural rhythm of the earth’s cycle, we will always experience a moment of lack and a moment of excess. Virgo season teaches us that we must not take our moments of abundance for granted because we will soon enter the winter months where we will hopefully be prepped from all the work we accomplished during the Virgo harvest season.

During this New Moon we experience a square with the North and South nodes. This indicates there is a very real need for adjustment in our outer world in order to clear away and confusions that have been dormant within. The process for which we move our daily work online and shift how we learn / teach is a very clear shift we are dealing with during the north / south node journey through the two signs of education, learning, siblings and philosophy. We may be feeling like we need to re-do some of the work we had accomplished already in order to re-think how our message comes across. A heavy emphasis on what the “facts” are and what the scientific, most logical explanation is creates an imbalance with the mind and body. We do have a strong trine with Saturn retrograde who is in Capricorn though and this helps to keep us grounded while we navigate all of the incremental details. We’re in the process of learning how to build lasting systems that can weather instability from societal shifts and earth changes. It may not feel like we’re making progress because we’re still in the thick of sussing out all of the moving pieces but with the help of Saturn we will problem solve ways in which we can create structure that isn’t just a short-term form of gratification. Virgo has high standards and in order to achieve those nearly impossible terms of perfection, we have to stick with the daily grind to see out the main goal. That same Saturn retrograde makes a square to Mars retrograde which is validating the need for us to focus on the plan rather than the action. Work out all of the kinks and possible mess ups before implementing something that can fall flat.

Mercury square Jupiter

This New Moon features a loose opposition with Pisces’ contemporary ruler Neptune, fogging up the mental sphere and making it noticeable that we are working towards clarifying some confusing messages. The planet Mercury rules Virgo and is the messenger of the zodiac. Also known as Thoth and Hermes, Mercury works to bring us information and guidance from the heavens. Looking to what Mercury is doing during this New Moon will offer us some clues as to what messages we are to expect in the coming weeks. Mercury in Libra is making an exact last quarter square to newly direct Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a cardinal square so we will be seeing some extreme examples of closed mindedness, fierce judgement and some flat-out rude comments coming from the social spheres. When everyone is an expert pushing their opinions, it makes for a very difficult time receiving information that can be actually quite helpful. When the information is tainted with a haughty attitude, it is very less likely that it will be taken in a serious manner. The planet of intellect, Mercury is the current ruler of the north node and Jupiter, the planet of knowledge is the current ruler of the south node. What this all means is we are going to experience a phase when we are using facts / intellect to argue deeper knowledge or truths in ways that can come up short in evidence. Watch for people taking what little knowledge they have about a topic to come off as experts especially in the political and judicial realm. Halloween must be early because there are a lot of opinions flying around dressed up as facts. With the due diligence that Virgo provides, and Mars rx slowing us down, we are able to take a step back and acknowledge when the details don’t add up. If it doesn’t make sense, it is because it isn’t supposed to!

Venus square Uranus

Our lovely Venus in Leo lights up the eastern morning horizon as she commands our attention to notice her glory. Standing out from the crowd is not on Virgo’s to-do list, however with Venus in the joyful sign of Leo, we may be noticing ourselves diverging from the task in order to incorporate more play into our aesthetic. Uranus in taurus continues to rock our mother earth with unpredictable weather changes which dampens the Venus in Leo’s need to have fun. Leisure plans get sidetracked and changed last minute, our desires aren’t fully realized because of the unstable nature of Uranus. Best to be as fluid and open to change as possible when it comes to your own passions and expectations, this is where synchronicities emerge, and life is kismet.

New Moon Virgo Mantras

I am abundant

I attain perfection through rejoicing my imperfections

I cut through the fog with my intellect

I am not the judge of what I do not know

I create healthy work / life relationships

With Love,

Evelyn Zuel


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