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Virgo Full Moon ~ Catch & Release the Strain

Full Moon in Virgo 8°

“An Expressionist Painter At Work”

The 8 of pentacles shows a person hunched over, working diligently, etching an image into a coin. The worker is focusing only on the singular task at hand, as if with blinders on, nothing else exists around the artist. Getting lost in one’s own creative space is a meditative artform. It pulls the consciousness through a tunnel of exploration that is neither here nor there. When we get so focused on perfecting a brush stroke or a pluck on a guitar, something starts to happen as if by magic, the world around us begins to dissolve. Where does this skill to sit in one space and hyper focus come from? Is it learned or is it an inherent aspect to being a being? Getting lost in the creative ethers is like time traveling, you don’t realize the sun has set and that your tummy is rumbling from hunger until you come back into your physical vessel. Where do we go when we are journeying in this liminal space? If we were to illustrate the Full Moon in Virgo, Virgo would be the physical act of creation while Pisces is the imaginative space we transcend to when we are fully in the groove. The two signs, though so wildly different, work off of one another in beautiful symbiosis. Virgo balances the floaty Pisces and as an earth sign gives structure to the imaginative creations that Pisces dreams up. Pisces pulls Virgo out of tunnel vision and broadens the view to show what the point was for all of the hard, devotional work.

Virgo full moon shows where you could refocus and get grounded in life. The house the moon is in in your astrology chart will indicate where you are feeling overwhelmed and need more organization. What are the projects you have put off for a long time because the idea of the task is too daunting? Perfection Paralysis is a mind game that happens when the ego is trying to protect itself from the idea of failure or a rejection. The ego creates an image of the ideal outcome that seems unsurmountable and just the thought of putting out a piece of art, work, project, etc. freezes the self from releasing it into the world. Acknowledge where anxiety resides within the body regarding projects you know you need to finish but just have been putting off. There is a reason the mind has been blocking you from the completion of the project and the full moon may conjure up what that reason has been. To help propel the release of the block visualize in your mind the project that you would like to complete. While you visualize the project make yourself smile while thinking this thought: “I complete projects with ease. What I put out into the world is exactly as it should be. I am completing this project feeling lighter and lighter the closer I get to finishing it. I release any anxiety around not doing enough. I release anxiety around not being perfect.” With the Sun in Pisces, the imaginative realm is easily accessible.

They (Virgos) say that cleanliness is godliness

One of the benefits of following the moon cycle is to create structure within your life around when and how to move through certain energies. The full moon in Virgo shines as the last full moon before we enter a new cardinal Sun sign. These are times when we begin clearing out the cobwebs of the Winter / Summer months and begin to prep for the turning of the seasons. We experience this energy during all of the mutable full moons: Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. Clearing away all the gunk that has been building up since the beginning of Capricorn season can free up some much-needed mental space. What are the details that you have been obsessing over that you can just let float away? What long lost pairs of socks are swimming around in the underwear drawer with no other half? Sprucing up the space and dusting out the mind, body and soul will enliven you. The nervousness of the Virgo moon wants to busy body its way around the house, taking action on every thought that pops into the mind; so, consider writing it all out and getting the mind chatter out of the head and onto the paper.

Virgo rules over the small intestine which disperses and considers where nutrients will go in the body*. When our stress levels are high it is difficult for our bodies to digest food properly and when we are unable to receive the nutrients, we need then the immune system starts getting sluggish. Purge the mind of stressful thoughts that lean towards criticism, it only hurts the body and causes ailments in the guts. Virgo’s association with anxiety has a direct correlation to its rulership over the small intestines. That’s why noticing when you are experiencing anxiety during this full moon is productive in offering healing solutions for not just your mind but also your body.

Moon in Virgo opposite Venus in Pisces

We can feel a little off balance with this full moon. Just about all of the planets are opposite the Moon, making the moon float on its lonesome doing double time and carrying a lot of the workload. While the Moon is opposite Venus, how we feel about our work may not match with how it appears to others. There is a desire to balance how something looks to others and how we are feeling about it on the inside. Some revelations regarding the practical advancements can pop up to the surface. Stay open to other people’s opinions, they genuinely want to help even if they don’t know how to. Maybe you can try and guide someone by showing them how you need them to help you. With the mutable nature of Virgo and Pisces, when one person decides they are going to be the one that offers solutions and structure, it can have a long-lasting effect on the relationship, creating a sense of reliability and trust. Sometimes the people we love just don’t know what we need unless we verbally tell them.

Moon in Virgo inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius

The inconjunct aspect between planets requires some real adjustments. The Moon is in a mutable earth sign and Saturn is in a fixed air sign. These two signs don’t see eye to eye. They really don’t even ‘get’ each other, so we have to figure out creative solutions to work with both of the energies. Sometimes that means we have to compartmentalize the two into their own categories to make sense of it and that’s totally ok! The Moon and Saturn are expressing differences between personal needs and the responsibility we feel to other people / friends and co-workers. It can feel like the community requires more of us at this time while internally it feels like we need some quiet alone time to do self-care work. Maybe a group self-care night is in order! Virgo is fantastic at editing out the flaws omitting and cropping.

Since Saturn in Aquarius is signifying where we feel a mounting sense of pressure within the collective, figuring out where in our lives we need to begin omitting the collective experience whether it be through less screen time, less social media or more structured and organized forms of group gatherings. You can take this time to restructure how you want to show up in the social spheres.

Full Moon Mantras
I am healthy
I purge all thoughts of criticism from my body
My thoughts are not me and I am not my thoughts
I move through life with calmness and grace
I offer my services to help evolve the consciousness of humanity
My intuition shows up in my body
I am healed

Evelyn Zuel

Astrologer + Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist

Co-Founder and Owner of The Mystic Parlor




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