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Your Weekly Forecast 5/4-5/10

Updated: May 6, 2020

May the 4th be with you! 

May will be a powerful shift as Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all join the retrograde party with Pluto! This is going to be an interesting time for us all as we may have to backtrack and rethink plans that most likely, again, will not be working out the way we had anticipated. 

 Mercury, our planet of communication is another heavy hitter this week making aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune! This influences how we perceive our world, and how we articulate that to others. We may be working through our mental process around our productivity levels, having to strategize how we are going to get through this next month financially and emotionally. I know for myself I am already experiencing delays around finances in a way I was not thinking I was going to have to worry about. I am having to  heal fears and anxiety around that and get more practical about how I move forward financially over the summer months. One way I am coping with the anxiety was to schedule some much needed self care appointments with my therapist, reiki master, and physical therapist and am trying hard on my down time between work to take care of my mind, body and soul, as I feel extremely fragile, as many of us do during these uncertain times. 

I have been fortunate enough to have many people in my life support me and give things to me I couldn’t have ever imagined! I am just trying to remain open hearted, hopeful, and grateful as that is all we can do right now. 

The first stage of alchemy; Calcination, Cabala mineralis manuscript.

What helps us to lean into this energy right now will be our Full Moon hitting at 17 degrees of Scorpio on Thursday at 3:45 am PST. This moon is often referred to as the "Flower Moon." Flowers are a great symbology for the full moon. The full moon is often the culmination of all of the energy we planted during the new moon finally coming to fruition. After a flower blooms, it dies, and like a flower, the full moon begins to wane once it has hit its maximum brightness. This cycle is reflected within all the planets, but most significant to us visibly with our Moon.  

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This full moon will highlight insecurities under the surface around our ability to provide for ourselves materially, as well as what egoic attachments we have that we are being forced to let go of during this time. We may feel issues of jealousy and resentment begin to surface, a shadow quality of Scorpio. We need to go deep and reflect upon any of these feelings coming to surface, as they are calling out parts of ourselves that need healing so that we can grow past these mental and behavioral patterns that stunt our growth. Scorpio in its positive manifestation embodies wisdom and clear sight. I wrote a song with very Scorpionic themes a few years ago, and one of my favorite lines I wrote was “ I can read your heart through your eyes, telling tales of deception and lies.”

 This intuitive perception is a signature of Scorpio when Scorpio is operating in its wisdom state. We are able to intuit the truth when we have worked through the three levels of Scorpio. The first level of Scorpio, the lower level, is found within the symbology of the scorpion and other animals/insects that are considered “bottom feeders.” This is where we are easily ran by feelings of envy, jealousy, vengeance, and a need for power. When Scorpio evolves past the lower level it reaches the totem of the eagle. The eagle represents being able to transcend our lower levels of feelings and perceive them from above with clear sight, without reacting. The third level of Scorpio is found in the symbol of the phoenix. When we are finally able to completely burn away the entirety of any pattern or dynamic that is holding us back from spiritual growth. 

We will typically always be in a perpetual cycle of burning away some sort of dross of the lower realm, rising to the eagle, and starting over at the scorpion. It is part of the cyclic journey we go through in this life. Learning to live in harmony with this cycle is positive for us all, as we collectively burn way the dross of the previous world we once knew. Nothing will be perceived the same as it was pre-covid 19, and in my opinion we needed this. We needed this to find gratitude in the little things. This is a time to burn away the dross of your identity, especially if there are echoes of victimization and suffering. It is time to reclaim our power and rise to meet adversity with confidence. Harness your inner warrior (Mars) and fight for your future with love in your heart. 

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Come Sunday, we have an opportunity to unplug from ourselves and focus on the mothers of the world. The Empress ( ruled by Venus) is considered the mother in the tarot. Venus is ruler of Taurus season, and enables us to connect to the nurturing and loving qualities that are represented in the mother archetype. For some this holiday is difficult if your mother has passed on, or if you yourself do not have a healthy relationship with your mother. It is important we find ways to connect to our own inner mother, whether we are male, female, non-binary. The mother archetype is one that promotes life, nurturing, love, and growth. If you are unable to be with your mother today, or do not have your own mother in your life, acknowledge a mother who you do admire, and maybe just send her a text saying how much you appreciate the job she is doing in the world. 

I am fortunate to have an amazing mother, aunt, and two amazing grandmothers, one who passed on last year. I feel blessed for the amazing matriarchs in my life, and they have helped me to honor those qualities in the world, even if I myself do not see myself ever becoming a mother of a human child. I will always be a dog mom though! 

Happy Mothers Day to all moms, of all species! 

Tarot Cards of the Week:

Ace of Swords, 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, 4 of Cups, 5 of Cups, 6 of Cups, Knight of Cups, Queen of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, 8 of Wands, 9 of Wands, 10 of Wands, Page of wands,  The Empress, The Devil, Justice, The Lovers, The Hierophant, Death, Judgement. 

(All times are Pacific)

Monday 5/4

Moon enters Libra 12:09 am

Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius 3:15 am

Moon inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 11:32 am

Moon opposition Chiron in Aries 12:23 pm

Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus 2:41 pm

This is a good day for being productive around work that needs to get done. While some things may not go according to plan, whatever changes take place help us to see what else needs to be done. We benefit from getting in front of any tasks that need our attention and taking a methodical, grounded and pragmatic approach to them. 

Tuesday 5/5

Moon in Libra

Moon inconjunct Sun in Taurus 12:39 am

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Taurus 1:34 am

Moon inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 8:43 am

Moon trine Venus in Gemini 9:23 am

Moon square Pluto in Capricorn 4:05 pm

Moon trine Mars in Aquarius 4:13 pm

Moon void of course  square Jupiter in Capricorn 7:31 pm

We may feel some tension and challenges when it comes to our emotional process today. Inner resistance towards work that needs to get done is likely, but it's important we remember that feelings are often illusions the brain is projecting to validate an egoic pattern that validates our personal narrative we want to tell.  We may feel victimized by what we perceive to be unfair during this time. While I believe that all feelings are valid, because it is the response we are having to this experience, they are not things we need to perpetuate or be enslaved by. Feelings are represented within the Moon in our charts. Because we have many hard aspects with the Moon today, it can feel “off” in the atmosphere if we are sensitive to the energy of the Moon. That is why I think it is so powerful to follow and track the Moon in these blogs, not because I enjoy writing so much about it, but because, as someone who is extremely sensitive myself, it can help me to put context into certain vibrations that pass through me, that may not be my own. When we are ignorant to vibration, we can mistake feelings as ours, however, it is quite often that they are just frequencies of energy passing through. And that is what a feeling is. It is a valid frequency, but it is just here to pass through. We do not have to react or respond to every feeling that passes through, but some days are harder than others, and some frequencies we DO project from ourselves, as we are also capable of creating our own frequency around us, just like celestial bodies. 

Be mindful of your frequency today, find inner peace and balance ( libra) by acknowledging the feeling, and letting it pass through. 

Wednesday 5/6

Moon enters Scorpio 12:05 am

Moon square Saturn in Aquarius 3:10 am

Moon opposition Uranus in Taurus 11:31 am

Moon inconjunct Chiron in Aries 12:20 pm

The Moon has its fall in Scorpio and is making its way into its fullest phase throughout today. We have some tense aspects hitting the Moon. These may cause us to feel ungrounded emotionally, and potentially insecure with things that are coming up for us at this time. We could feel envious or jealous of others who have things we want. We could feel vengeful or spiteful towards anything getting in our way of what we are trying to accomplish. Pay attention to the ugly feelings, face them, own them, and ask yourself what helps you to transcend them? We do not need to feel shame or guilt for having the  feeling as long as we are self aware enough to take ownership of what we need to work on and begin finding ways to heal unresolved feelings or triggers that are not helping us have an empowered relationship to ourselves and others.

Thursday 5/7

Full Moon in Scorpio 17 degrees 3:45 am

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 3:42 am

Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 8:40 am

Moon opposition Mercury in Taurus 9:30 am

Moon inconjunct Venus in Gemini 10:04 am

Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn 4:03 pm

Moon square Mars in Aquarius 6:33 pm

Moon void of course sextile Jupiter in Capricorn 7:39 pm

May’s full moon is called the Flower Moon. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerful time for acknowledging our relationship to Mars and Plutonian themes. What does power mean to us? Do we feel empowered within our lives at this time? Do we feel connected to our inner masculine and feminine energy? Scorpio is a fixed water sign in the zodiac, but also has a strong relationship to fire energy. The Scorpio / Taurus polarity is one of the most esoteric polarities of the zodiac in terms of how it manifests for us on a vibrational level. The Hierophant in the Tarot rules Taurus. The Hierophant is often referred to as the Pope of the deck. The Hierophant is guardian of  ancient wisdom and knowledge, teaching and passing this down to disciples and adepts. Representing the exoteric systems in place, the laws, the boundaries between the earth and the spiritual realm. Scorpio is represented in the Death card. When we have let go of this earthly experience, and our attachments to identity, ego, and life, we walk into the alchemical fires of Scorpio, where we transcend the body and return back to which we came. 

Full Moons are a time of release and letting go, with the Full Moon in Scorpio we are being called inward to uncover what we need to let go of in regard to our physical world. What attitudes or beliefs prevent us from stepping into and embracing the alchemical fires of calcination. What egoic desires that are rooted in fear or lack mentality,  can we release so that we can step into alignment with change, transformation, and rebirth?

Friday 5/8

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:15 am

Moon sextile Saturn in Aquarius 3:27 am

Moon inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 12:15 pm

Moon trine Chiron in Aries 1:04 pm

Our need for expansion and freedom is enhanced with our Moon entering the sign of Sagittarius. We may feel a need for adventure. It could be hard to stay inside or sit with ourselves during this time. Our plans may get disrupted in the afternoon so we benefit from staying mutable and going with the flow. 

Saturday 5/9

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn 6:17 am

Moon inconjunct Sun in Taurus 8:35 am

Moon square Neptune in Pisces 10:14 am

Moon opposition Venus in Gemini 12:13 pm

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Taurus 8:03 pm

Moon void of course sextile Mars in Aquarius 11:11 pm

It is a good time for us to slow down and get financial plans and strategies in place. Our investigative abilities are at all time high with Mercury in a trine to Pluto. We can read between the lines and see many different beneficial ways to improve upon ourselves and the work we are doing at this time. This is a good time to start a new routine when it comes to your health, as well as how you run your day. This energy can enhance our intuitive abilities, so listening to your gut feeling is advised. Not a time to be neglectful or lazy. Take advantage of this energy to get on top of your responsibilities in a way that will help you down the road. 

We could feel ungrounded emotionally throughout the day and be easily swayed into illusions about ourselves and others. Maybe not the best day to be trying to seek emotional support from another. You will do best focusing on improving yourself rather than trying to change someone else. 

Sunday 5/10

Mothers Day! 

Moon enters Capricorn 2:39 am

Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn 7:36 am

Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 9:16 am

Moon trine Uranus in Taurus 3:38 pm

Moon square Chiron in Aries 4:28 pm

Saturn stations retrograde 9:09 pm

Extravagance around spending is likely but not advised, unless it's for your Mom of course! Happy Mothers day to all the Moms out there! Human and non-human Moms included. 

 Today calls for a need to be mindful and grounded in reality with resources during this time. Saturn is stationing retrograde today and will be retrograde until September 29th. When Saturn stations retrograde things slow way down. We may experience a lot of delays in the area where Saturn is transiting in our charts. It can be a time where previous insecurities and fears around where we need to be more disciplined or structured in life come up to haunt us. We typically have to face responsibilities we have been putting off, and if we don’t we experience the consequences of that procrastination during this time. Get on top of past due bills, legal documents, servicing your car, little things that can become bigger problems down the line. 

Love and Peace Profound,

Analisa Six


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