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Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius ~ Portals are Open

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius at 5° 25’

May 26th at 4:13 am pdt

“A Game of Cricket”

This Full Moon Eclipse is all about releasing what we thought we knew to be true for curiosity to reign. This is a potent moon. We are halfway through the Gemini / Sagittarius nodal axis. The last eclipse cycle we experienced was mid-November 2020 when the sun was in Sagittarius. It has been 6 months and we are experiencing the release from what we began during the last eclipse portal. Think back to that time and see where you were, what you were going through and track how you have progressed since then. This is the time to be fully honest with yourself and connect the dots to where your thinking process might be holding you back due to long held beliefs that just do not serve your progression any longer. We sometimes ignore the truths that we feel deep within our being to continue with our external goals and maintain a status we are trying to achieve but, those false narratives are what keep us on a path that was paved by someone else’s dreams. With the sun in Gemini, the moon in Sagittarius is illuminating within us where we have been lying to ourselves – this is the shadow work that emerges with the eclipse. The moon reigns over the night sky. She fills the once dark landscape with her eerie glow, lighting up the trees and foliage, making it look like an underwater seascape. To see the world clearly in the middle of the night is quintessence of the full moon’s process for our soul growth. The moon casts shadows as well, making the contrast so recognizable it’s impossible to ignore the new shapes that create a once hidden reality. Like a lightbulb in the night sky, we see vividly what we once feared.

Eclipses aren’t all wrought with shadow work however, they can assuage a pressure that has been mounted on our shoulders, offering relief and an opportunity to exhale. We look to the themes surrounding Sagittarius and Gemini to find more meaning in this eclipse season and allow the hidden recesses of the mind to illuminate what it is that we must no longer fear within ourselves.

The moon works her magic in Sagittarius through the art of storytelling. A natural orator, information flows freely through Sagittarius in ways that please the ear. We see preachers, teachers, marketing mavericks and journalist use the Sagittarius archetype to convey a narrative that grips our attention. This is the click bait of all moons, with a flash of insight, inspiration, and motivation the story teller’s moon dazzles us with beautiful linguistics. Easy to talk not so easy to listen. The Sagittarius archetype likes to be heard, seen, and recognized for its intelligence. With excited enthusiasm, we hear the information spread like wildfire whether it has been verified or not. What was most important was that it was set free to roam through the collective mind. You can see how this full moon expression can cause drama quickly. The tarot cards associated with Sagittarius are the 8, 9 and 10 of wands. The 8, 9, 10 succession reflects upon us the nearing down to the end of a cycle. The Eclipse will be situated right in the middle of the first decan of Sagittarius / Gemini, which is connected to the 8 of wands and 8 of swords. The 8 of wands is a rapid-fire movement, activating sudden changes and gaining momentum the reversal is the fear of stagnation, losing momentum and slowing down. If you have been feeling burnt out, it may be that the projects that were placed into motion during Sagittarius season are naturally gearing down. The 8 of swords depicts a person with a mask covering their eyes in the middle of a grouping of swords with their hands tied. This depiction indicates feeling mentally blocked, restrained, and trapped in a mental loop. Sometimes we need to initiate change in our environment to free our minds from the limiting beliefs that we feel chained to. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to explore beyond the horizon expands the world in ways that inspires creativity. The energy of this eclipse can leave one feeling stagnant, desiring something new and exciting, we are learning what it is that we need to feel mentally stimulated within us to keep the spark of inspiration alive.

Dogma is an unquestionably held belief that creates a mental block we sometimes hold in place for a sense of safety and security. The word dogma was translated in the 17th century from Latin dogma meaning "philosophical tenet" or principle, derived from the Greek meaning literally "that which one thinks is true".* As children we are told many things that aren’t always true because a parent didn’t feel like explaining themselves after a long day at work or because the teacher didn’t have enough attention span to dedicate to one particular topic. We hold on to these micro beliefs as truths until we learn from experience that it was in fact not a truth but just someone’s opinion, which changes over time. As we get older, we learn the difference between opinions and facts and how easily blurred the line is between these two concepts. During Gemini season we learn that what we think, we can will into existence and that the reality we create within our minds is just as real as the third dimensional space in front of us. The almighty powerful mind plays tricks on us and can consume us with repetitious thoughts. Breaking out of a redundant thinking pattern is not dissimilar to breaking free from dogmatic beliefs. Every single person is susceptible to dogmatic thinking no matter how right they think they are there is always a gray area. The more we accept the gray areas and allow humans to be fallible the more we can radically accept ourselves and others through their process of growth.

Jupiter square the sun and moon

Jupiter in Pisces is opening us up to question whatever it is in our lives that instinctually causes us to retract. Jupiter is gracious, abundant, and giving openly so much so that if you are withholding your creative self, resources, aid, healing from your fellow beings, you will be nudged to question why that is. Jupiter trine Venus offers us the platform to share ideas, collaborate and explore the possibilities for expansion through partnership.

Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

Neptune loves the freedom is has when in Pisces. The possibilities are endless and the two archetypes that connect us with the subconscious are having a grand ole time freeing up the limits in time and space so we can connect with alternative methods for healing. Neptune trine mars is lovingly and gently, bracing mars for some uncomfortable circumstances. Mars in Cancer comes in defensively at first, reactive to emotional triggers and initially putting up some barriers for how far one can push the boundaries on the crab. This Mars eventually meets up in an opposition with Pluto on June 5th. If we don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zones now we will painfully be ripped out of the shell come June 5th when that Mars meets the opposition with Pluto. Start out soft and with tenderness first. The crab needs to feel safe but eventually it does find its way out to sea.

Full Moon Affirmations

I welcome the winds of change

I release the dogma which binds my evolution

I choose to be honest with myself and others

I am open minded

I am free to change my opinion


A note to the dear readers. This past year has been such a whirlwind of a journey for me and of course the collective. It has been such a pleasure being able to keep record of this slingshot of a ride as we all navigate the shifting tides we’ve found ourselves in. I have been writing these new and full moon posts for Magic of I since January 2020, beginning with the full moon Cancer eclipse. All while we were abruptly being shown the collective shadows we were also navigating the uncertainty of our future. There were times when I was unsure if this was the “big one” humanity was waiting for, the mass extinction of our century. Through all of the political upheaval, humanitarian injustices, environmental concerns, and authoritarian overreach, I somehow managed to get on the computer and type up a two-page article on the phase of the moon. At times it was difficult to separate my emotional self, to get grounded and write from a genuine place of care while the outside world seemed ultimately doomed. But it was because of the moon that I was able to do just that. I want to thank Kerry for offering me this platform and for believing in my ability to offer astrological insights during one of the most confusing and difficult times of our generation’s history. To be able to collaborate with a business that cares so deeply for the evolution of humanity is a gift I wish upon all creatives. Using this Sagittarius full moon eclipse as my send off from the new / full moon blog feels so right. After being within my masculine for over a year I am looking forward to stepping into the feminine and welcoming in a much-needed germination period. While writing astrological articles, I do not read other astrologer’s work so that I can keep a clear mind free of other opinions. I am now ready to receive, learn and listen so that I may reemerge with an evolved voice. Thank you deeply

Evelyn Zuel

Author, Astrologer, Hypnotist

owner of The Mystic Parlor


* The word dogma origin - Wikipedia


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