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Divine Revelations Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The Divine Revelation

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius ~ At 23° 8’

December 14, 2020 at 8:17 am pst (-8 gmt)

“A Bluebird Perched On The Gate Of A Cottage”

Eclipse portal full release, unearthed messages and the bigger question,

“Will you be silent long enough to receive the message?”

Tarot cards: 6 of pentacles reversed, Strength, The Fool, 10 of wands reversed, 10 of swords reversed & Queen of Cups reversed

Solar Eclipses have a long-lasting effect on us that lingers into the next few months. Think of Eclipses as big cosmic doors opening and closing every 6 months, letting go of the bigger projects we have been working on and bringing in new ones. The Solar Eclipse is stationed on the south node of the moon or Ketu, a ruler of Scorpio as per Vedic Astrology. Knowing the reputation that Scorpio has for dispensing, letting go, purging and unearthing, we can paint a picture with the backdrop that the south node brings to the canvas. The Solar Eclipse happens at 23° 8’ in Sagittarius and makes an exact semi sextile to none other than the ruler of the underworld Pluto, Scorpio’s co-ruler with Mars. Not only do we have two Scorpionic elements to this Solar Eclipse, but we also have an easy flow of energy (trine) between the sun and the moon and Mars. As mentioned above, Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and also rules Aries. There is a strong urge to take an initiative in adjusting to the circumstances which mean letting go of what we had started back in July during the last eclipse cycle. Endings can also mean accomplishments though; schools are on break now and many courses are coming to an end for the year. We are starting to tidy up and finish off remaining jobs, contracts and relationships to start anew come January 1st. We are cleaning out the karmic closet so as to not bring that luggage with us into the new year.

Sagittarius, the Centaur half man half beast points its bow and arrow towards the Galactic Center, which is a point in the sky to indicate the very center of the galaxy. The top half of the centaur is a human form, and the bottom half is an animal to represent man’s continual desire to know the truth to our very existence within the cosmos, while still being grounded as an animal of the earth. This has an interesting correlation with the upper and lower triangles of the human energy meridians. The top chakras connect us to the cosmic energies of the universe, downloading information from the collective consciousness, alternate dimensions and the source of all. The bottom chakras connect us to our animal self, the body, the earth and is where we inherit all of our DNA via the sexual organs in the sacral and root chakras. When we are imbalanced, focusing too much of our energy on the top portion of our being, through the throat chakra, third eye and crown, we experience disassociations, fantasies, foggy or unclear thinking. Sometimes we disassociate through the third and crown so much that we don’t even feel connected to our bodies. This sometimes comes when we try to expand too much with the desire to be one with the mystery of mysteries, losing the grip of reality. The lower 3 chakras: the root, sacral and solar plexus, or the animal half, receives the ancient wisdom of the land, the earth and ancestors. Teaching humanity how to balance the animalistic, hedonistic desires of the body and the desire to transcend the physical self to reach a state of enlightenment / bliss has traditionally been the responsibility of the church or a religious order, priest, shaman etc. For the sake of sanctity of the knowledge, these religious leaders share their wisdom cautiously so as not to confuse the message. Wise teachers understand that the silence between words carry far greater depth than the words themselves. There is a responsibility that comes with knowing a thing.

“silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.” ― Rumi

We all know and love our Sagittarius friends, the ones who can’t bare the be tied down, searching throughout the world for the answers of the universe. The ones who will defy the rules for the sake of freedom. The spirit seekers, who travel the world to find themselves in all that they see reflected back to them from the varied and vibrant cultures they find. The forever students who need just one more degree, one more accredited title, one more certification that proves that they’ve learned it all. They can never know enough and yet the search seems endless. Sagittarius is continually in search for the truth, the origin story of its existence. Sometimes however, all they really need is to settle with the proposition that they are just unique and rare hybrid beings. And in order to experience their own existence all they have to do is practice stillness and just be.

Mars fire trine with the new moon. We will be pushed to expand beyond our comfort zones and to challenge the belief systems we have surrounding the physical reality we live in. Unlearning indoctrinations, letting go of old belief systems that no longer serve and confronting failed relationships of the past by confronting infantile parts of ourselves we thought we had outgrown. This new moon eclipse is a good time to sit in reflection. Be in silence with the self and open up to the sounds of the universe, the cosmic silence and listen for any messages that come from within. New moons are times to plant the intentions we desire for ourselves but with the added element of the south node Ketu and Pluto, this eclipse is asking us to let go first in order to plant new seeds. Till the soil for worms and aerate the mind. What limiting beliefs are holding you back from being able to truly express your truest self? What adjectives are you still using to describe yourself that aren’t relevant anymore? The Sagittarian desire is to expand its awareness far and wide. What are the things you haven’t yet done in life that seemed wildly untaggable because money, time, work, excuse, excuse? Plant the seed now to reframe the way you see yourself achieving that goal.

Just one day before the Solar Eclipse, Mercury meets up with the South Node. This cosmic meeting initiates communications, revelations and disclosure for previously known information that changes our perceptions of how to handle moving forward into the future. This results in quite a bit of confusion and feelings of being lost. This is the time when that inner compass is so necessary because the outside guiding forces that once maintained the fabric of society is in disarray. We are still in a ‘4’ year (2020, 2+2=4) which works to rebuild structures, foundations and reignite within us the understanding of how to be independent and self-reliant. Waking up to having to be our own sovereign rulers to the kingdom within when all others have failed us is like losing a parent and their loving guidance, but then brings forth the will to manifest a reality that suites you. The newfound independence thrusts us into the pits to test our courage.

The trine from Mercury to Mars offers a lot of pathways and different solutions, like the 3 of wands, we look off into the distant future of the unknown without a clue of what is to come but the possibilities are endless.


The Great Conjunction

One week after the Solar Eclipse, Jupiter and Saturn come together in Aquarius in what is known as The Great Conjunction. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is among us. It really doesn’t matter what exact year we enter the Age of Aquarius because every single person is resonating with the energies of the cosmic flow in their own unique ways. The empathic, sensitive ones can feel a shift in consciousness happening. If you are one of them you may be experiencing more and more psychic phenomenon, opening up to your abilities and feeling into what makes you stand out as unique or ‘weird’ in modern society’s terms. For detailed information on the discussion on when the astrological Age of Aquarius starts click here: Age of Aquarius we won’t be going deeper into it because what’s most fascinating is the symbolism of this monumental configuration.

This aspect between Saturn and Jupiter happens every 20 years. These two planets signify a shift in the collective that changes the culture, economy and political landscape. Fun fact, Apple Computers became a publicly traded company the last time Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in an air sign 40 years ago. Our economic structure is radically shifting, 20 years from now when we look back to this time, we are going to think it is a completely different realm. The Mayans explain the growth of human consciousness to be an exponentially evolving process with plateaus that last fewer and fewer years in between each pinnacle of technological advancement. The speed in which we are pushing out new scientific discoveries is tenfold from a decade ago. AI is just around the corner for the mass public to participate in and the way we exchange valued goods and labor is shifting into a more and more technological medium (cryptocurrency). Aquarius is an air sign and represents all things ideological, non-tangible and scientifically centered. If the Age of Pisces brought us the concept of a unified God head via monotheism, the Age of Aquarius could bring us some sort of technoGuru aimed at merging the human psyche with the unified field of collective conscious thinking. The godhead then would be the network that all human minds create together, the collective, the group hive mind. My prediction is that there will be polarity with those who identify with the lower chakras and those who identify with the upper ones. Merging the human consciousness with AI would pull us further away from our physical bodies, (the lower 3 chakras or the lower half of the Centaur) if done hastily.

On top of the Great Conjunction, the 21st of December is also the Solstice, the day when the Sun moves into the cardinal sign Capricorn. So, while the Sun is at 0° acquiescing into a first quarter square with the Moon at 0° Aries, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0° in a new sign and Mars and Pluto will be at an exact square in two cardinal signs as well. I mean, holy bananas what day! The eclipse seems to be prepping us for this massive shift, guiding us to open up our minds and expand our horizons: to release any rigid ideas of how things “should” be. Mars in its domicile Aries and Pluto in the sign of structure Capricorn work together to force out putrefaction. Together they burn away any decay so we can have a clean canvas. It might be a tense day to be completely honest. Tense but productive. Connect with the people you love, and ground with the earth. Listen to the messages with humbleness and grace to learn the

They say that when you can teach your trade to a 3rd grader then you have mastered that skill. Maybe the Universe is also learning with us, how to pass off deep truths without it getting lost in translation.

Visualization meditation ritual for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Connecting the Upper and Lower selves

Sit on a chair, on the floor or somewhere comfortable in front of a mirror not lying down if possible. Try to find a mirror where you can see your entire body. Start by connecting to the breath. Call in your spirit guides, ancestors and all else whom you work with to guide you through this visualization meditation for self-healing through self-reflection. In the mirror visualize a golden rod of light entering the top of your head or crown chakra. Move the light down into the third eye really try to see or imagine the light filling your chakra and head. After a couple of deep breaths move the light down into the throat chakra, watch as it infuses its healing energy into the throat, dissolving tension and discomfort. With the breath, move the light down to the heart chakra and see it fill up your chest in the mirror. Move it down to the solar plexus which is just two fingers above the naval. After the solar plexus move the light down to the sacral and then the root or the seat. See the light in your reflection grow until it envelopes you completely, pulsating with every breath you take. You can do some gazing which is where you slightly blur your eyes or focus on the space right in front of you to induce a trans like state on yourself. While you are fully covered in the white light, speak the mantras below.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Affirmations

I am a teacher and humble student

I believe in myself

I am connected to the wisdom of the universe and the ancestors of the earth

I am both spirit and flesh, one with both

I have faith the universe will direct me on my rightful path

Evelyn Zuel

Astrologer, Mystic & Hypnotherapist

Co-owner of The Mystic Parlor



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