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Full Moon Taurus Eclipse ~ A Little Knowledge is A Dangerous Thing

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Full Moon Taurus – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

October 28th at 1:23 pm pdt at 5°9' Taurus

It is impossible to escape the intensity of the times that we are in and this eclipse will not let us look away. Every Scorpio season is intense as the name would imply however not only is it the start to a new astrological season, it is also the last and final eclipse in the Scorpio / Taurus axis. Throughout Scorpio season we are presented with our own shadow selves, experiencing a little mini ego death. Scorpio season is a time when we shed the outer layer in order to expose the vulnerable and soft underbelly of the newborn self.

This partial eclipse also features explosive Mars energies which is sure to tear down the remnants of whatever indolent structures are lazing around our orbit. On the same day as the Full Moon, Mars and Mercury oppose Jupiter rx, which will force us to pivot dramatically how we think and what we believe regarding our own personal political and religious views. We may also be forced to communicate and speak out against religious / political hypocrisies. Another huge topic on the table will be of finances and how money is being used as a manipulation tactic to control and oppress those who have less and are in need. On the mundane front, we may also see how large amounts of money have been moved around globally to gain control over certain political agencies. It is no secret that there has been scrutiny over how much financial aid the united states of America has been sending Israel over the last 50 or so years. Since 1973 the United States has sent Israel over 120 billion dollars in aid while here in the US its own citizens can barely afford to pay for their own health care, food and shelter, amongst the rising national debt which has hit 33.6 Trillion as of writing this article. The Full Moon in Taurus Eclipse will highlight the financial injustices and disparities that have continued to grow over the last few decades with the rich and wealthy continuing to get richer and the poor finding less and less. The Sabian Symbol for 5° - 5° 59’ Scorpio is

“A Gold Rush”. There are large swaths of money being delivered somewhere, whales are moving their money into new bank accounts, companies are going bankrupt and others are getting filthy rich. The pendulum of the dollar will swing dramatically with this Full Moon and you’d be smart to keep a watchful eye on potential opportunities and windfalls.

We will have to face what we have lost, what we are losing and what we need to let go of.

The Sun will be in the first decan of Scorpio while the Moon will be in the first decan of Taurus. This polarity within the zodiac pushes the collective consciousness to realize the imbalance between the haves and the have nots. When the Sun journeys through Scorpio, it faces obstacles of the shadow self and brings up issues of jealousy, greed, lust, and desire through the Taurean urge ‘to have’. Taurus aims to seek reassurance in the material plane through resource security with food, money, and comforts and Scorpio seeks to overcome the power struggles that come with the deep desires. Scorpio does not want to be consumed by or controlled by the corporeal, animalistic addictions but rather to overcome and prove that it

does not “need” as the Taurus archetype does. But the irony of it all is that there is still an underlying force that is driving the polarity from one side to the other and that is power. The first decan of Scorpio is associated with the tarot card the 5 of cups which shows a person hunched over, wallowing in the 3 cups which are poured over and empty while there still remains 2 cups behind them. This card’s meaning may change depending on who you ask, but overall it isn’t the most optimistic looking of them all and the number 5 in and of itself, which is the catalyst within the sequence between 1-9, represents the point in which the problems which we face become known or conscious. We will have to face what we have lost, what we are losing and what we need to let go of. I love paring the Tarot with Astrological transits because it oftentimes corresponds too perfectly with the energies, which of course for me just proves the validity universal patterns which are mapped through the art of divination. The Full Moon Eclipse also features a very intense and potent Mars situation which will be impossible to ignore. Mars is in Scorpio, its traditional co-ruler, within this sign shows up as stealthy, sneaky and masterful fighter. Mars also rules the first decan of Scorpio and thus, is corresponded with the 5 of cups. Mars can breed contempt in the fixed water sign, slowly building tension and power through ruminating on the past. We are witnessing the birth of a villain and the psychological processes for which a villain gives in to the desires of overcoming powerlessness through ruthful means, via trickery, deceit and manipulation. During this Full Moon we have a choice to either go down the road of holding on to the pain and suffering, to hold on the lustful feelings of greed, jealousy and contempt or to let go of the carnal rage within in order to take back control, rise above the monkey mind and animalistic bodily urges.

The first decan of Taurus corresponds to the 5 of pentacles which is ruled by Mercury. The sabian symbol for the 5th degree of Taurus is “A Bridge Being Built Across A Gorge”.

The symbolism and rich depictions of overcoming distress through this point in the zodiac is what is being reflected within our core through the light of the Moon. The 5 of pentacles depicts two characters walking barefoot in the snow, looking down trodden and SOOL. They are

seeking refuge from the extreme conditions that they have found themselves in. There is no backstory as to how they got there, and that may not be what is important such is the case for most of our stories, but what does matter is how these characters will respond to their environment. See this polarity between Scorpio and Taurus doesn’t give us any tools, or lessons it really is just opening our eyes to the problems, making them clear as day so rather than offering solace or comfort. That comes after the point of realization. The solutions are obvious at this stage because we are still just becoming aware of all the minor details of the issues we are facing.

The reality of what we see and the separation of truth.

On the day of the eclipse Mars and Mercury come into contact in Scorpio creating an eruption of information that had been previously unknown. Mars and Mercury send our minds into a tailspin of potentiality, ideals, conspiracies, and truth seeking. There will be so much that comes out to light during these times that it will be so hard to make sense at first what exactly is going on, but the Mars / Mercury connection is like strength training for the mind and building our mental agility, allowing us to think in ways that we have never thought of before.

The amount of information that is readily available at our fingertips without any historical context is sure to spring forth another unyielding witch hunt, fueled by superstition, ignorance, and fear.

There is a pressure to make as deep of an impact as possible through tactics which manipulate the mind and heart through shock and awe. – I write this considering the current geopolitical climate that we are faced with which has permeated into the social realms. The intensity of opinions and force for which we feel the need to be seen or heard becomes even more polarized during Scorpio season, the traditional sign of black and white thinking. Scorpio is proactively searching, seeking, and analyzing for the answers and finding itself in cave after cave, digging deeper down into the realms of no return. Mars the planet of force, war, initiation and endings, commingling with the planet of information, wisdom and words, blend into a cannon ball of opinions and ideas. People will be fighting tooth and nail for their opinion to be heard and for their ‘truth’ to be seen no matter how painful or hurtful they have to be to get it across. Be cautious to engage in disagreements and discourse online, or you may get a push back that you weren’t prepared for. And be mindful of the information that is coming out as there will be a lot of fresh new conspiracies that people are entangled in. Not everyone has their thoughts in right order to be able to see their own biases and so to be aware of the intentions behind someone’s provocation will keep your mind above water.

The powerful expressions of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio are reacting off of Jupiter in Taurus during the Eclipse. With Jupiter in Taurus bringing awareness to ancient beliefs and practices such as the Abrahamic religions, there is much awareness and understanding coming into the collective around the foundations of these beliefs and whether they are to be defended or not. In my practice, I have distinctly seen strong Taurus, Scorpio connections with the interest in dead or hidden traditions. The way that the collective and new age beliefs like to pull from their limited resources to fabricate a world view around these secret or hidden religions and philosophical views makes me cackle. But it oftentimes gets misinterpreted out of context and viewed as evil or dark. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and when that little bit of knowledge is integrated with one’s own bias and the energy of fear, it manifests within the collective like a wild fire of panic. The amount of information that is readily available at our fingertips without any historical context is sure to spring forth another unyielding witch hunt, fueled by superstition, ignorance, and fear. The intensity of the oppositions between Mars, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, and Jupiter force a new paradigm of thinking. This is the era of a new way of investigating the information that the media and the news puts into our feeds. A new way of integrating information and intelligence. Be sharp, be mentally agile, and do not fall into the traps of someone else’s fear.


I see the intent behind all of the information I receive

I discern what energy I choose to take into my consciousness

I rise above all fear based thinking

I readily let go of all comforts which hold back my evolution

I am more than just my body’s responses

I decide what to focus my attention on at any given moment


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean / German American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.

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