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Solar Eclipse in Aries 29°50'

New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Aries 29° 50’

April 19th at 9:12 pm pdt

That’s right, you heard it, the second new moon in Aries is a Solar Eclipse and is at the very last degree of the fire sign. The first new moon in Aries was at 0° 49’ on March 21st so to have this second new moon in Aries turn out to be at the very end of the Aries sign along with it being a solar eclipse is quite powerful! Not only that but this New Moon makes an aspect to the planet of the deep transformative powers of Pluto, so there is an intense amount of epiphanies, awareness and awakenings that are accompanying the energy of this eclipse. This is an eclipse to prepare for as it will awaken and illuminate hidden aspects of our personality and identity that have been lying dormant for quite some time.

Since the north and south nodes of the moon are still in Taurus / Scorpio and will be until July 18th, we have to marry Aries themes that arise with flavors of seeking stability, transformation, and growth. It’s impossible to identify exactly what the New Moon eclipse will bring if we isolate the sun and moon and solely consider the themes of a new moon in Aries since there are a couple of intricate details to consider, such as Saturn, and Pluto’s placement in the chart. Saturn is contacting the north and south nodes in a supportive fashion, setting us up to build upon what was previously created. Saturn making a trine to the south node helps to secure a path back to where we came and justifies past actions. We are also able to objectively judge our work up to this point. The beauty of Saturn that is less talked about is its ability to shower us with rewards when we have been doing ‘the work’. It is often forgotten that Saturn is the lord of karma and karma swings both ways, it either holds us back to remain in the pits of focused labor or it releases us from our duties, with right discernment.

Look back to January 15th in 2014, specific, I know but this is when the nodes were last at the 4° point of Scorpio / Taurus. Back in 2014 however the North node was in Scorpio and the south node was in Taurus. With Saturn’s influence creating a pathway to stability, it shows us how we are able to transport ourselves to that place and time when we may have subconsciously or very consciously made personal efforts to change our psychology through proactively letting go of some thing. That thing could either have been a job, a bad habit, toxic forms of relating, or seeking the deeper meaning of self. To let go is not a simple act of opening one’s hands and letting the air fall out of our palms, it requires active persistence towards something else. When we let go of anything we’re leaving room for an opening of some kind and this opening then must be filled. We are now in the time where we see what that empty space has been filled with.

Main aspects:

Jupiter and Chiron in Aries.

Square Pluto at 0° Aquarius

Saturn sextile NN, trine SN

Pluto’s extreme position in all of this is indicating a very clear need for some kind of adjustment. Pluto at 0° Aquarius has been hovering over the critical degree for a couple of weeks, exposing holes in society’s logic and unveiling the collective’s shadow through various forms; artificial intelligence, group think, social media, shady organizations, and the toxic parts of collectivism. As Pluto’s journey through Aquarius shows more and more of the underbelly of society, we have the pleasure of becoming aware of our own shadows as it has been made manifest in our culture. The NM makes an exact square to Pluto, making it impossible to avoid the inevitable confrontation with our own inner psyche. The way our psyche is being projected for us to see is through how we show up in our collective spaces, social media, community, etc. We get to see how our actions or inactions cause a ripple effect unbeknownst to ourselves. There may be some revelations from the community that come to your attention, friends, acquaintances can show up with details to offer you a mirror of your behaviors, good or bad. This can also be the best time to confront any fears that you have around showing up in a community which may have an underlying karmic history. Those of us who were bullied or outcast for being different, unique or just existing may feel a surge of inspiration to combat online harassment or reassess how our own behaviors model / reflect hazing culture. Did you ever reject or ostracize someone because they embodied a part of you that you feared within yourself? Human behavior is bonkers, especially so when it comes to the group vs individual.

There is an inherent fear of being outcast and this fear alone can drive people to participate in cultures that don’t even serve them or have any basis for humane activities which goes against their own well-being. We all have something we can apologize for that we did in the past out of peer pressure. As Saturn opens up a pathway from the past, it is an opportune time to sit with and atone for any mistreatment of another out of fear of the group.

There is an old part of us that is dying away or needs to be adjusted with the influence of Pluto at square with the NM. An alchemical process of rebirth is also a major part of this NM journey. Through bravely opening up to our vulnerabilities, we can contend with the shadow parts of our being in order to let them go in peace. Lay them to rest and teach the inconsolable parts of ourselves that we are more than capable of taking charge here and now. If you would like to explore what is being unveiled for you now you can enjoy the tarot spread that I created for this NM in Aires HERE.

"This New Moon activates the need to take responsibility for our own lives, actions and behaviors."

The warrior archetype is being called in through the NM in Aries and once the nodes shift into the Aries / Libra axis we will get our fill of crusade like activity. You may be feeling the inclination to be more active in your body already, desiring to feel stronger, faster, braver. Moving from the fleshy, soft and gentle slowness of the Taurus eclipse focal point, we’re done with lazing around and waiting for permission. This New Moon activates the need to take responsibility for our own lives, actions and behaviors. Without seeking outside validation, we can begin to build the bridge between our current form with the desired version of who we intend to be by this time next year. The last decan of Aries is connected with the 4 of wands, Knight of Pentacles, and the Emperor cards in the tarot. If you have been pulling these cards lately, well now you know why. You are attuning to the energies of the season which is pulling you towards activating your inner authority by taking concerted efforts towards maintaining your personal resources. The 4 of wands shows up in our spread when we need to take a moment to oversee the efforts we have made and to make any slight adjustments which can keep us steady on our path. The Emperor teaches us to rely on ourselves, take accountability and to be responsible for our own actions. We cannot change anyone but ourselves and we cannot control anything but our own thoughts and feelings.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is showing us how to take ultimate responsibility for our own lives, and see that there is no one else to blame outside of ourselves for our own behaviors and past actions. Saturn is allowing us to take an objective look at the past so that we can readily identify what part of ourselves needs to be burned away. Take charge of your life, take control of your path and be not afraid to initiate intimacy where it is being asked of you.


A new aspect of my personality is being revealed to me now

I welcome the process of transformational change

I take ownership of my own life

I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and behaviors

I find validation from within

The only person I can change is myself


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Her quest for personal healing exposed her to a myriad of energy practices and lifestyle changes, which inspired her desire to guide others on their own life journeys. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.


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