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Tarot Spread ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

This New Moon in Aries is a big one and getting some tarot guidance can be helpful to understand what the specific energies are initiating for us. This tarot spread is created based off of the astrological transits that are associated with this New Moon Solar Eclipse which features a square with Pluto along with Saturn sextile the North Node. If you would like to read more about this Solar Eclipse in Aries and what the general themes are you can read about it HERE.

The main theme of the spread focuses on what is being transmuted through the alchemical process of transformation to reveal the new part of your being. As the New Moon in Aries is squaring Pluto, there is a definite aspect to us that is being burned away and we can navigate the process with confidence if we are aware of what is being let go.

Tarot spread card meanings

1. What sparks my fire? What is emerging from within me now – the part of yourself that is being cultivated, what stokes the flames and excites you.

2. Vulnerabilities I am overcoming - by focusing on the now, we train our minds to connect with the now, we harness the Aries trait of being in the moment and not dwelling on the past, what we aren't doing and the negative associations of immobility.

3. How I can use this new aspect of myself most efficiently – In what areas of your life can this new part of you be put to good use?

4. What old way is dying? – the part of you that is being transmuted through the alchemical process of dissolution. Could be a personality trait, a way of being, lifestyle or general focus.

5. My divine inspiration - this can be a message of encouragement from your guides, or a card that represents your ultimate goal for transformation.

I am offering tarot spread interpretations. If you would like to have me interpret your spread, you can send me an image of your spread to and venmo $33 to VonZuel I will send you an audio recording of your spread interpretation within 72 hours.


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Her quest for personal healing exposed her to a myriad of energy practices and lifestyle changes, which inspired her desire to guide others on their own life journeys. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.


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