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Full Moon in Aries Ritual

Aries Full Moon Ritual

Fixed with Lillith and powered under Mars and a Scorpio Moon

Full Moon Aries 9° at 2:05 pm pst 10/1


This ritual was created originally for the Full Moon in Aries that took place on October 1st 2020. You can do this ritual any time you feel you need help in releasing resentments and finding your personal power in your life and relationships. We hope you enjoy.

Zodiac: Aries 

Color: Pink, Orange, Red

Herbs: Rose petals, Lavender, Chamomile

Oil: Lemon, Grapefruit, Digize

Goddess: Artemis for the East, Kali for the North, Cordelia for the West, Ixchel for the South

Supplies you’ll need: Aries Candle, Paper, Matches or Lighter, Pen, Burn Bowl or Cauldron, Incense ~ Clove or Neroli 

The Aries Candle is meant to aid you in  harnessing  your will into action towards your immediate goals.  Because our Full Moon in Aries always takes place during Libra Season, sometimes the goal we have may relate to other people in our life. The astrology during this Full Moon holds a lot of emphasis on our relationship dynamics and how we assert our needs, boundaries, ideas or self onto others. This Full Moon was conjunct with the planetoid Chiron, the wounded healer. For this ritual we are focused on healing wounds around identity. Lillith has also been conjunct Mars retrograde in Aries during this period, adding an intense influence to our Full Moon energy.  Juno, our asteroid that represents partnership, was conjunct Mercury, our planet of communication,  in the sign of Scorpio. This energy asks for us to confront dark parts of ourselves, where we hold resentments or frustrations, and how we work through releasing that honestly with those we love.  With Lillith conjunct Mars, anything we have been holding in will begin to express itself in the days surrounding this Full Moon.  Not all of us are comfortable with being assertive in our relationships.. Libra is the sign that is all about balance, and Aries is all about the will. During this Full Moon we learn how to integrate both. We do well reflecting on where we can take responsibility for our own lives, and our half of any dynamic we find ourselves in. This ritual will be centered around reflecting on any patterns not in service to your personal growth, and where you can take responsibility for your part. What do you bring to the table of your life? How does that impact others? How do others impact your perception of self? How do you define the difference? How do you forgive, let go, and move on?

With this candle we are setting intentions towards taking ownership over ourselves in our lives, and in relation to others. We are also reflecting on where we can be more assertive, decisive, and empowered in our relationship dynamics. 

Ritual Instructions

Step 1

Cast your circle by calling upon the 4 corners North, South, East and West and ask for your guides, higher self, higher power and all spirits you work with to participate in this ritual. We pulled goddess oracle cards for this specific ritual and pulled cards Artemis for the East, Kali for the North, Cordelia for the West, and Ixchel for the South. Since these goddesses were already invoked for this candle you are free to work with them for this ritual, but if  you are called to work with other deities, do as you wish. 

Step 2

On a piece of paper write down the names of anyone you wish to reconcile any dynamics with at this time.  Write down in a list of feelings you have about this person. You can write good feelings, negative feelings, neutral feelings. Write down what patterns or dynamics you find yourself in that you wish to transmute or shift in your life.

Step 3

Once you have spent some time writing down energy patterns that you wish to work through, write a list of things you feel you contribute to this dynamic, and a list that you feel the other person contributes to the dynamic so that you have two columns, one for you and one for them. Ask yourself what you bring into the relationship, both positive and negative, and do this for the other person.  Ask yourself  ( you can write this down) whether you have let the other person know what your needs or boundaries are in the relationship dynamic. Ask yourself if they have done the same. Ask yourself if you respect their boundaries, and if they respect yours? Often we assume what others' needs or boundaries are, based on our own perceptions of what those things mean. Ask yourself, is this something you are doing? Are you aware of your projections within the relationship dynamic? Have you made known what your needs are? Have you confronted what you need? 

Step 5

Now that you have brought these things to the forefront of your mind, go into a meditation. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Imagine yourself meeting this person, or people, on the ethereal plane. Imagine yourself asserting what you want out of this situation with that other person. Imagine them being receptive and compassionate towards your needs. Meditate on this conversation going exactly the way you would want it to do if it were in the material realm. 

Step 6

Once you have completed this meditation of reconciliation, imagine yourself alone without the other person. Ask yourself, if you were able to give to yourself everything you needed. If so, why must we need it from another person? We may have an easier time blaming an outside person for our inability to move forward in our lives, but once we have forgiven ourselves and that person, or they have forgiven us, we are only  left with ourselves. Ask yourself, “Am I ready to let this story go?” You are now able to give yourself what you need without reconciliation from that relationship dynamic.

Step 7

Take your paper and light it with the flame of the Aries candle and put in the burn bowl and then say allowed three times:

I forgive you, I forgive me

I release myself from needing retribution

I provide my own peace, my own happiness

I have reconciled with the Divine

I am one, I am all

So mote it be! 

At the end of your ritual take the time to sit in meditation and envision everything coming to fruition in your life, the world, and the lives of those you love. Send these blessings out and beyond for the days to come. 


Analisa and Evelyn


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