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Lead Me Into Temptation ~ New Moon Taurus

Mithra slaying the bull, bas-relief, 2nd century CE; in the Städtisches Museum, Wiesbaden, Germany.
Mithra slaying the bull, White marble relief (H. 0.88 Br. 1.20), found on the Esquiline near S. Lucia in Selce. Vatican Museum, Mus. Chiaramonti, XIV, 1.

New Moon Taurus at 28°25’

May 19th at 8:53 am

Building a foundation based off of trust, pleasure, beauty and truth

The new moon in Taurus falls just two days before the sun takes us into the new astrological season of Gemini. When we go into the dark moon of Taurus, we are meeting up with unseen facets of our relationship to our physical bodies, the sensual plane and material world. It is an opportunity to re-meet ourselves, and nurture the body’s needs. Of course we know Taurus loves love, luxury and all things corporeal but why is that? What is it about stuff that gets a Taurus’s heart beating. Having a conversation with a friend led me to think about the sentience of objects and how all things which were created by humans incorporate the soul of its creator because that thing was given a transformed or new life. It reminds me of how the gift of wisdom through original sin had forever changed or evolved the human consciousness into a new form. There was a distinct before and after version of human which could never go back to its original way. Much like a tree can never be a tree after it has become a chair. Taurus has a knack for seeing the preciousness of something, the value in an inanimate object. Coveting material things, is it shallow or is it a way to revere the beauty and craftsmanship of an artform? Taurus though maybe not outright, would agree with the latter. The divine lives within all if only it can be recognized. Art is merely an expression of something that was once hidden within. It is a channeled message from the ultimate source which is colored through the individual unique lens of the consciousness that it has fallen out of.

New Moon in Taurus Astrology Chart
New Moon Taurus Astrology Chart

Thinking of the moon phases and how each year we have a new moon in Taurus, then Gemini, then Cancer and so on, the cyclical nature which we are caught in the throes of leads me to question how this one can be different than the last. Time is not linear but a spiral and moves with the turning of the solar system through space. And with each pass along the spiral we look back to see the progress we’ve made which quantifies the differences from then to now. What is different for you this New Moon Taurus? What has remained the same? Last year the New Moon in Taurus was at 10°28’ conjunct Uranus on April 30th. What’s changed? It was a penumbral eclipse and set the standard for your value system, have you built upon that since then? If not, then what can you do now during this “New” Moon Taurus to reinforce the foundations that you had started laying down last year? The cycles, they help us to orient ourselves in time and space, reflecting on the last time and the time before last when the Moon and Sun met in union also ingrains within us the intimate connection we have with the planetary bodies.

As above so below amirite?

New Moon Taurus Aspects
New Moon Taurus Aspects

This time around the New Moon in Taurus makes a sextile in Mars, trine to Pluto, sextile to Neptune and a semisquare to Venus. Meanwhile Jupiter and Pluto are still square at 0° of fixed signs. There’s solace from the world’s problems even if for a small moment in time. The Sun and Moon blending energies and meeting with each other to seed within our consciousness the feeling of safety, stability and belonging gives us the boost we need to face the greater challenges we may be facing in our outer worlds. The knowing that within yourself, there is a stable force that is always constant and where you can always fall back on is what helps you to push yourself forward into the chaos of life. The stillness before the curtains are drawn and the lights turn back on, that is the feeling of the New Moon in Taurus. It is a solitary breather to reorient the sun dial due north. The semisquare to Venus has us waiting, waiting for what we long for in love and romance. An irritating notion, to wait for something when it feels like it is right at the tips of your fingers but through a looking glass only.

The third decan of Taurus, 20 degrees - 0 degrees Gemini is ruled by the planet Saturn. The act of waiting patiently for something incredible to sprout forth is what we are longing for during this New Moon. It puts us in a stationary position, a holding pattern even though we feel the need to make big moves. There is a famous study that tested children’s ability to withhold instant gratification called The Marshmallow Experiment. What researchers did was put a kid in a room by themselves with one marshmallow on the desk and told them that if they waited for the adult to come back into the room they could have two marshmallows or they could eat the one now. The study showed that the age of the children significantly affected their ability to withhold instant gratification. That control mechanism lives within the prefrontal cortex* and is developed as we age. Since the study was tested multiple times among many different age ranges, socioeconomic backgrounds and geographic locations, researchers were able to deduce that the prefrontal cortex is shaped largely through our environment and that the way that it is molded is not a product of our genetics. So our ability to withhold instant gratification is developed through culture, and social dynamics we find ourselves in. We are influenced to over indulge. How often do you bend your own rules only when someone else is around but when you’re completely alone you have no problems maintaining your diet for instance? The Venus semisquare the New Moon is sort of like that, it is a test of our willpower to withstand the temptations that are pulling us on an emotional level.

We have to wait for the reward rather than take the easier route because if you pick the fruit off the tree too soon, all you will get is a mouth full of bitterness.

This New Moon is under the influence of the 7 of pentacles, Saturn in Taurus. The card depicts a person standing next to a bush of beautiful almost ripe coins. The farmer is waiting to reap what he has sewn and is doing so with a begrudging look on his face. We have to wait for the reward rather than take the easier route because if you pick the fruit off the tree too soon, all you will get is a mouth full of bitterness. Sometimes we have to sit with discomfort in order to receive the golden reward at the end of the tunnel even if we aren’t so sure that the reward will come. Trusting that there is a higher order that balances out the laws of karma on our behalf is the art of withholding instant gratification from ourselves out of respect for divine order. Knowing that we are deserving of something greater but that it will come in due time and that there is no need to push or prod forward is the lesson that this New Moon in Taurus is teaching us this year. The other thing that this New Moon is teaching us is the importance of the environment we find nourishment from. If our environments are not conducive to growth, well-being and balance then our fruit cannot grow full and plump. The fruits of our labor will be a small pittance but that doesn’t mean that it is due to our lack of will, it very well could be that the environment that the seeds were planted did not cater to what we needed in order to grow into beautiful abundance.


I patiently wait for what I truly want in life because I trust that I am deserving of it

My body teaches me what I need to know

I trust the future

I seek environments that support my growth

I have all that I need to build a successful life



Evelyn Zuel Astrologer and Hypnotherapist
Evelyn Zuel

Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Her quest for personal healing exposed her to a myriad of energy practices and lifestyle changes, which inspired her desire to guide others on their own life journeys. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.

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Evelyn, this post has just saved me from TOTAL DISASTER. I had decided my waiting was long enough if not way overdue - but who is "I" that decides? and at what cost? I deleted the email that would have cost me no less than everything. Bless you.

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