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Letting Go of Past Pains - Full Moon Scorpio Eclipse

Full Moon Scorpio 14°58' Penumbral Eclipse on May 5th at 10:33 am pdt

The Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in Scorpio at 14°53’ highlights the second decan of the fixed water sign, which is connected to the 6 of cups. This card in the tarot comes after the 5 of cups which speaks of knowing when to walk away from a situation. The 6 of cups then allows us to reflect on the past in order to deepen the understanding and lessons for having let go. Scorpio is resilient, bounces back from adversity very easily and chooses the path of transformation rather than stagnation. Scorpio would rather die than to stay the same while at the same time Scorpio holds the same resiliency that Taurus encompasses for intensity. Uranus is a key figure in this eclipse cycle as the Sun in Taurus sits just 4° away from the high voltage transformer. The need for Uranus’ electricity to ground is high and we can feel like we’re floating in the ether with so much of our focus on the changing tides. The excitement can inspire some and burn others out.

The polarity between Taurus and Scorpio through the feminine and masculine cosmic bodies teaches us how to integrate duality from the subconscious and conscious minds. The transiting Sun has been highlighting where we have the most patience for growth, gentle care, and where we tend to move with caution. When the light of the Sun reflects off of the Scorpio moon, it is projecting our insecurities for taking risks and letting go. Where in your life right now are you the most afraid of letting go? Letting go of all the clutter in our lives that ties us to the past which can pertain to past pain, literal stuff, old ways of relating, and or the people we’ve met along the way. Transmuting the old into the new. Adjusting your values and understanding what deserves your attention for preservation and what is ok to die by the wayside. A simple and more tangible example of this could be relationships to food, clothes, etc. brands that are more economically sustainable vs. luxury or simply for pleasure. Choosing products and foods that are made out of long lasting quality ingredients and materials that have longer shelf life and won’t get old and break immediately. Learning how to preserve what you already have ie: various ways to take care of clothes so they last longer, how to store food in the fridge so it doesn’t go bad too soon. These are ways that Taurus / Scorpio work together to get THE MOST bang for their buck. This can also be the case for friendships and relationships, work projects, family, and personal hobbies. The way the eclipse shows up in your life really is dependent on where the Taurus / Scorpio axis is in your chart. To read more about the eclipse through the houses / rising signs to get a more pinpointed perspective on how the eclipse may show up for you, read the article The Eclipse Through the Houses HERE.

Uranus sends an electric shock to activate buried emotions from the somatic body that have laid dormant for years

Eclipse energies are never short of unpredictable events and this one is even more so the case with how close in proximity to Uranus it is. The Sun conjuncts Uranus 4 days after the Full Moon on the 9th. When the Sun and Uranus meet, Uranus sends an electric shock to activate buried emotions from the somatic body that have laid dormant for years. The new bodily awareness thrusts us into a process of historical repatterning. We have to then connect the dots of the history of things to unearth the understanding from where the emotions came. Trauma originates from various places: early life / childhood, the womb, inherited through the DNA / lineage, and past lives. Doing the work to identify where the stress originates is majority of the work in the healing process. The rest is coming to a space of forgiveness because once we can understand the circumstances of our pain, we can open the door to having compassion for those involved in creating the painful experience. The beauty of Uranus’s involvement with this full moon is the role of disconnection and dissociation it plays in allowing us to view these past experiences with a level of emotional detachment as if from a third person perspective.

General Themes

Letting go of the past

Overcoming the past

Restructuring your opinions of the past

When the Moon in Scorpio is opposite Uranus the need to integrate the shadow self with the collective is high, and the ability to see outside of personal biases opens up pathways for understanding. There is a possibility however that the lunar opposition to the planet of disconnection can leave us feeling so isolated and alone that it forces us to find ways of reintegrating back into society or experiencing fears / triggers around abandonment. Be careful to notice if you begin to feel this rejection of others and start to have thoughts of criticism and judgement towards your community or a group of people as a whole. This is a sign that the shadow self (moon in Scorpio) is being projected onto the collective (Sun Uranus conjunct).

The birth of the new self + the body as conduit

Sun / Uranus aspects have all to do with who we see ourselves as among the collective. The integration of our identity with the group or collective and how the collective helps to build our sense of self. Uranus is the electrical planet that shocks us into higher states of awareness through its waves of cosmic energy by teaching us to disconnect from false senses of self. It is the co-ruler of an air sign and when we consider how air affects energy and has an intimate role in it such as lightening, we can understand the nature of Uranus. It is often commonly

thought that lightening travels from the storm cloud to the ground, but in reality, the high voltage of electricity travels upwards from the earth through a conduit to reach the negative charges that are shooting down through the storm cloud. Our physical bodies are the conduit for the electrical energy of the earth to meet with the heavens. The need for us to let go of pent up and stagnant energy in the form of emotions from our energy or ethereal bodies is a large part of maintaining stasis with the earth and sky. Uranus has been transiting the fixed earth sign Taurus for the last few years, since May 15th, 2018 to be exact, so our awareness of this type of erratic and powerful energy has been integrating in our psyche. The eclipses throughout the last year have also been eluding to what Uranus in Taurus means for us on a global and social scale as many of us have seen the tides change in our social dynamics and how we get our need for security met within a community or group of people / friends. The rattling effect of the Sun and Uranus shakes us into a new era of self, a spontaneous realization of who we are now through the awareness of who we used to be. The Moon helps to magnify this projection of the new self through the Scorpionic waters which are reflective of our inner psyche.

One thing that Uranus knows nothing about is time. The all controlling, dictating patterns of time are what the Uranian desires to rebel against. As a concept, time is an illusion which can be molded and bent to fit one’s present moment. As a practice, time is used as a tool to document moments and experiences, as well as distance. Taurus appreciates slow and methodical progress and time is a useful tool for the Taurian’s need for structure but this pace that Taurus craves dramatically shifts for the duration of the eclipse, it either speeds up or slows way down. Our notion of time may become distorted as the past and future become the present. Situations from the distant past come back in the rear view mirror and sneak back into our conscious minds and dreams of the ideal future merge with our currently reality.


My past does not define me

I call all of my lost parts back to me

I let go of identity attachments that no longer serve my highest good

I am fearless

What I choose to focus on determines my future

I welcome the spirit of forgiveness into my consciousness

Begin restructuring the foundation for something new to emerge. What that new thing is may be very obvious for some, for others it may be a work in progress but it is no less a continual path that we are all working towards. What I love most about Astrology is that it has become a shared language among many who would otherwise never see eye to eye. It, as a very Uranian and Aquarian science, is showing us how we all in our unique and individual ways play a role in the larger picture of collective conscious evolution. Astrology teaches tolerance for others who hold differing views, it validates our experiences and explains deeply held emotional realities. As we navigate this intense eclipse cycle, please keep in mind that we are all going through the rushing tides together. That not any one individual’s experience is more or less impactful than the other and that goes as well with our views and beliefs on life. May this eclipse illuminate all that is important for your soul growth with gentle, compassion.


Full Moon Scorpio Tarot Spread

The Full Moon Scorpio Tarot Spread is meant to help you identify where your ego state is in the process of repatterning and what it is that will be helpful along the process. This spread will also help to identify what it is that you are truly desiring in your life so that you can continue to build those foundations and what in your life can use less of your energy.


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Her quest for personal healing exposed her to a myriad of energy practices and lifestyle changes, which inspired her desire to guide others on their own life journeys. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.


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