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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Through the Houses

Updated: May 2, 2023

The Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in Scorpio at 14°58' on May 5th at 10:33 am pdt conjures up a polarity within us that questions what we think we want vs what we really need. Everyone will experience the eclipse differently based on where the Sun and Moon falls in their chart. To know where the eclipse will be, you will have to know what your rising sign is. If you use the placidus house system it is important to know the degrees of the houses so that you can best calculate how the eclipse will show up in your life. You are looking for 14°53 minutes Scorpio in your charts, this will tell you where the Moon will be illuminated in the chart.

In general, the Taurus / Scorpio axis has been activated for all of us since January 18th, 2022. This will be the last eclipse where the nodal axis is in Taurus and Scorpio. The October eclipse on the 28th will be a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus at 5° but by then the nodal axis will have shifted into Libra/ Aries so this is the last official eclipse cycle in the fixed earth and water signs.

This is a big time for renewal and healing. The main theme for the second decal of Scorpio is the past, so many past situations will come up for you to work through emotionally, mentally and physically. For each person, what this situation is will be different but it will bring up parts of yourself that you thought you had been done and over with. The Sun conjunct Uranus is opening us up to reinvent who we are around this situation from the past, to let go of old identities and make ourselves a new. If you would like to read more about this eclipse you can read the full New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio article here.

The eclipse through the houses:

Scorpio Rising / 1st house – Overcoming old identities which are held on to a belief that there must be pain, drama, or intensity in order for relationships to make progress or to feel like there is passion / substance. Building new ways of relating to others where there is a healthy level of detachment. Letting go of old hurts and pains from relationships in order to move forward.

Libra Rising / 2nd house – Acknowledging spending habits and behaviors. Taking stock in what you need vs what you want. Building healthy detachments from what others expect from you so that you can build greater intimacy in your life. Letting go of your own pain and attachments to old values which hinder greater connection with intimate partnerships.

Virgo Rising / 3rd house – Working towards building a future based on your belief systems. Letting go of old long held ideologies that were learned in early life. If there were any traumas around learning / early education or teachers, being able to detach from those judgements which were developed in childhood regarding your intelligence.

Leo Rising / 4th house– Building a reputation for yourself which will have long lasting effects. Learning to let go of guilt or shame which may have been deeply buried from childhood regarding being seen or showing up and shining your light. Detaching from the need to be recognized in a certain way which frees you from the burden of other people’s (and family’s) judgements. Overcoming deep abandonment wounds.

Cancer Rising / 5th house - Learning to build lasting relationships with those in your peer group that can be seen as equals. Allowing your vision of society to be rebuilt and letting go of any pain or deep fear of rejection. You are cultivating and establishing your role within society that will remain for years to come. The associations that you make now are helping to secure your sense of self.

Gemini Rising / 6th house – You are building a new spiritual foundation which helps you to access a greater understanding of health and wellness. Letting go of any wounds of being left out or not knowing all of the information for the sake of staying grounded and balanced in your subconscious realm is the process that you are experiencing. Creating new daily rituals that elicit peace and harmony.

Taurus Rising / 7th house – Moving away from partnerships that do not align with your vision for yourself while also learning to let go of any pain or trauma that was picked up in relationships along the way. Doing a deep purge through the act of forgiveness so that you can move forward with a lighter and lifted psyche.

Aries Rising / 8th house – Working on practical and tangible ways for personal transformation and learning that you don’t need to always do the deep interpersonal work in order to feel balanced. Taking a break from the intensity of inner transformation for the sake of focusing on the here and now, what is physical and experiential.

Pisces Rising / 9th house – Building stronger mental associations with what is practical and tangible which ends up being what is the easiest concept but the hardest to execute. You are moving away from the need to deeply analyze and bring all information into an all-encompassing big picture of truth while being able to settle for the simpler resolutions. You are learning to use new skills to make life easier.

Aquarius Rising / 10th house – With huge shifts happening in your home life, the need to let go of responsibilities helps to ease the load of the deep transformations that you are going through. Settling into stability in the home life and detaching from deep bonds which hold you from the family line so that you can rebirth a new public persona of self.

Capricorn Rising / 11th house – Overcoming any social dilemmas which tested your sense of security in yourself. Learning to let go of any fears around rejection and building a stronger creative aspect to your expression. Connecting with your sensuality and what brings you joy through a healthy amount of detachment for expectations on yourself.

Sagittarius Rising / 12th house – Letting go of any subconscious fears around being controlled through identifying where the immediate sense of entrapment stem from. Overcoming the need to control your own subconscious and allow your mind to run free without shame or judgement. Building a new daily routine which allows you to be in the body and connect with the material plane.


Evelyn Zuel - Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, Taurus Moon - is a Korean American Astrologer, Consulting Hypnotist, Mystic, writer and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. Her quest for personal healing exposed her to a myriad of energy practices and lifestyle changes, which inspired her desire to guide others on their own life journeys. Residing in Yucca Valley, she works out of her office offering Astrology readings, Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis sessions.


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