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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Your forecast 6/1-6/7

It is hard to find the words for this week's forecast when there is so much happening in our country and world right now.  I feel so much sadness, grief, rage, for our black communities.  Right before I moved down to the desert, the Moms 4 Housing group in Oakland was fighting for their right to affordable housing, and trying to not get evicted with their children.   The gentrification that has been happening within major cities has displaced many black families, black neighborhoods and people of color. We have not only seen the displacement of lower income black families, but we have also seen a rise in violence towards them. This is extremely unsettling and not a direction we as a country should be moving in, nor allowing to happen in our communities.  For it to even be happening in Oakland, which has been predominantly black for decades, is heartbreaking and shows a major problem happening within the country right now. 

  Astrologically we knew this year would be hard on the global economy, and that our systems would be challenged. The ways in which the dismantling of the system is happening is hard for many, but it is time we use this as an opportunity to fight against inequality and demand more from the people in power, otherwise, power should be taken away from them, for the people, by the people. 

I don’t know what to say, or when  we will wake up in a world where injustice and racism is a thing of the past. I fear that based on our history as a species, we are plagued with the inability to see passed our differences, and often incapable of choosing love over hate. But what I can say is that until there is equality for all, and that our systems stop prioritizing a white agenda, the work will never be over, and we should all rise to face injustice in whatever way we can. 

This week astrologically is another doozy. We have a hard aspect between Venus retrograde in Gemini and Mars in Pisces hitting on Tuesday. This square between our planet of love and relationships, and our planet of war, action, and drive, causes us to have tensions when it comes to our fight for peace, and gauging what proper action should be taken. Where do we compromise? Where do we push back? 

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini on Wednesday may help to resolve some of the conflict we have had the previous day, but only if we feel who we are on a soul level is being recognized by those we are surrounded by. We may feel a need to connect with people who make us feel grounded and safe in who we are and our perceptions of self. This is a good day for reflecting on what you believe about the world and others.

Friday we have a penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of  Sagittarius, as well as Mercury in Cancer making a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. Lunar Eclipses are powerful portals for releasing and letting go of powerful energy that is not serving us. In Sagittarius we are being asked to question our value systems at this time. Who are we? What do we believe in? What divine truths need our attention right now at this moment? Are we living a life that is in harmony with the value systems we project outward? Do we walk the talk? These are all beneficial prompts for reflection for this week's Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 

While a lot of us may be fearful for what the future holds, try to find hope in our ability to persevere and change the world for the better. Sometimes the road to getting to a better world is painful, hard, and full of strife. But if we all hold the vision of a world full of equality, love, peace, justice for all, and communities where people of color, black people, women, children, can walk down the street feeling safe, the fight will have been so worth it. 

Places you can donate to support Black communities and the fight for equality:

Tarot Cards for the week:

The Tower, Judgement, Justice, 3 of swords, 5 of swords, 5 of cups, Knight of Swords, King of Swords, Queen of Swords, 10 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 8 of Cups, King of Cups RX.

Monday 6/1

Moon in Libra

Moon trine Sun in Gemini 2:28 am

Moon inconjunct Mars in Pisces 5:15 am

Moon trine Venus RX in Gemini 8:20 am

Moon inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 6:05 pm

With the Moon in Libra starting the week out, we benefit from educating ourselves on ways we can advocate for social justice. Libra represents the Justice card in the Tarot, which is a symbol of karma, and the natural laws of the universe. We experience the consequences of our actions in Libra, often mirrored by an external symbol, whether it be a person we are in a relationship with, or a situation that enables us to look in the mirror and see both sides. Gemini also possesses a quality to this, and with transits between the Moon, the Sun, and Venus, we are reflecting on the perceptions of duality, and what it means for things to truly be in harmony, balance, or equal. 

Tuesday 6/2

Moon in Libra

Moon square Pluto RX in Capricorn 12:22 am

Moon void of course square Jupiter in Capricorn 3:40 am Moon enters Scorpio 9:06 am

Moon square Saturn RX in Aquarius 11:38 am

Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces 5:41 pm

Moon trine Mercury in Cancer 7:41 pm

Moon opposition Uranus in Taurus 11:17 pm

Moon inconjunct Chiron in Aries 11:30 pm

Today is hard. There is a lot of room for conflict in our relationships at this time. We may feel we need to voice our feelings and opinions in emotional ways. It can be hard to contain what we are feeling right now. While this may feel cathartic, we also need to be mindful of who is on the receiving end of what we are trying to assert. It is also possible that we are easily feeding off of media that is not totally grounded in reality. We need to be mindful with what we allow ourselves to consume energetically today, as well as mindful with our emotional reactions. With the Moon in its fall in Scorpio, we could feel victimized and frustrated easily. We benefit from grounding meditations and exercises that help us process any trauma we are experiencing in our lives during this time.

Wednesday 6/3

Moon in Scorpio

Moon inconjunct Sun in Gemini 7:05 am

Moon inconjunct Venus in Gemini 7:28 am

Moon trine Mars in Pisces 8:44 am

Sun conjunct Venus RX in Gemini 10:44 am

Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 7:14 pm

Sun conjunct Venus is a hopeful energy when it comes to finding peace, resolution, and harmony. We may feel like we are able to find reconciliation on past issues or problems we have had with others. This is more in relation to ourselves on a personal level, and our personal relationships. This is a good time to work things out with another and discuss your thoughts, feelings, ideas. Use today as a day to hit reset, find inspiration, connect and ground to the principals of love. 

Thursday 6/4

Moon in Scorpio 

Moon sextile Pluto RX in Capricorn 1:27 am

Moon void of course sextile Jupiter in Capricorn 4:36 am

Moon enters Sagittarius 10:17 am

Moon sextile Saturn RX  in Aquarius 12:43 pm

As we get closer to our Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius hitting tomorrow, we could feel ungrounded and a sense of urgency to be productive when it comes to our priorities, whatever they may be. We could be questioning a lot about our current reality and the decisions we are making in our lives. How do we stay inspired and motivated when there is so much chaos happening in the world? What does progress even mean at this moment?  It is beneficial for us to begin taking action towards aligning ourselves with our values. 

Friday 6/5

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Cancer 12:38 am

Moon inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 12:50 am

Moon trine Chiron in Aries 1 am

Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus 4:05 am

Mercury square Chiron in Aries 6:40 am

Moon opposition Venus RX  in Gemini 6:57 am

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 12:12 pm

Moon square Mars in Pisces 12:44 pm

Moon void of course square Neptune in Pisces 9:10 pm

Sagittarius energy is all about the quest for wisdom, knowledge, and truth. With our Lunar Eclipse hitting at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, we are smack dab in the most difficult part of the sign. Light is being shed on the parts of our world that are not in line with the higher value systems we as soul beings know to be true in our hearts. The ego often creates a veil of illusion that plunges us into fears that are not always rooted in reality or what is best for the collective consciousness. In Sagittarius we learn to see passed the ego, and we begin seeking something higher than ourselves. During times of strife or unrest, we need to evaluate whether our actions and belief systems are helping or hurting those around us. This can affect large things, like who we support in our community on a political level, to more mundane things like where we spend our money, and who we are associating with in our social circles. 

Mercury in Cancer making a trine to Uranus in Taurus today calls for change. We are able to communicate what changes need to happen. We are ready to leave behind ways of the past so that we can move things forward. Reflect on where you have been, but welcome where you are going. Let the old perceptions die.

Saturday 6/6

Sun in Gemini square Mars in Pisces 12:11 pm

Moon enters Capricorn 12:44 pm

Ego is on the chopping block today with our Sun making a hard square to Mars in Pisces. We may feel inner tension and a large need for escape from current reality. We may feel disassociated from self, and it could be hard to feel clear about what is really going on within and around us. It is important to maintain a healthy level discernment in regard to the media. Do not believe everything you read.

With the Moon entering Capricorn today, we need to stay level headed about our responsibilities and find a balance between any anxiety or restless energy.  We benefit from physical activity and finding ways to connect to ourselves spiritually. 

Sunday 6/7

Moon in Capricorn

Moon trine Uranus in Taurus 4:08 am

Moon square Chiron in Aries 4:14 am

Moon opposition Mercury in Cancer 7:06 am

Moon inconjunct Venus in Gemini 8:11 am

Moon sextile Mars in Pisces 7:07 pm

Moon inconjunct Sun in Gemini 7:51 pm

Plans are likely to be disrupted today, but we should push forward and keep doing what we can to stay productive. We benefit from taking a more practical and logical approach to our emotional process, although it may feel hard to do that. We could take things personally today if we are too wrapped up in ourselves. Be mindful, let go of any need for control, don’t be attached to any outcomes.

Love, Peace, and Power,

Analisa Six


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